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Found 2 results

  1. seeking advice on what to do...Hounslow council have written to me three times now in the last couple of weeks the most recent letter stating I owe them five months council tax from 1994-95. This is from nineteen years ago and this is the first I am hearing about it. Yes I did live at that address for a short period of time back then. I was newly married with a baby and a friend of my husbands let us rent his house while we got on our feet. If I remember correctly it was a somewhat loose arrangement without an official tenancy agreement or anything. When we moved from this house we were not aware that we had left any outstanding debts. Of course I have no records dating back then and so have no idea whether I am liable or not. The first letter I received from Hounslow Council was just literally a bill with an amount on it, no dates or anything and quite out of the blue. When I phoned up to inquire I was told that it must be a mistake as the amount outstanding was referring to 1997 when I definitely know I was not living there. I then received a letter stating that hounslow council had been granted a liability order and previous attempts to collect the debt had been unsuccessful and I am now under consideration for Committal Summons. Please somebody educate me, what is this? Again I phoned up and was informed that the debt was for 1997 and the matter would be looked into. Then the last letter arrived and states it was for 94-95 but with mention on the notes relating to 1997. Now I have lived at my current address for 14 years and fully visible on the electoral roll and this is the first I have heard about it. Surely it has not taken them 14+ years to track me down? I have also been separated from my husband for a few years now but there has been no liability order issued to him? I was told that this was because the account is in my name only. I don't have any records going back that far so I am unable to validate their claim. The latest phone call to them told me that the alleged debt may have occurred due to council tax re-banding in 2003 however they then informed me that the Liability order was granted in 1997 and attempts have been made to collect but have been unsuccessful. So far nobody at the council tax office is able to offer me any clarity or consistency as to how this alleged debt came to be. I have emailed them and disputed their claim and asked them for a complete break down of my account dating back to 1993 and have asked them to provide a copy of the liability order and any action that they have taken to collect the debt in order to prove that I am actually liable but was told I had to prove that I wasn't liable. Which just isn't possible from such a long time ago. I have also asked them to explain why it has taken so long for them to contact me regarding this alleged debt. I am awaiting their response. I am concerned that they will be able to send bailiffs round to my current address as they claim to have a liability order. In the mean time all advice gratefully received.
  2. Hi, Im not sure if this is the correct place to ask so please let me know if not. I will try and make this as brief as possible; at 19 I rented out a flat for approx 1 year,( this was 10 years ago) I was in a terrible relationship at the time he did not live with me officialy however did stay over alot. I was very young and naive and believe it or not didnt actualy know or think about council tax. I did not pay this at all I vaguely remember receiving a letter about it. Although so long has passed since then I havent a clue what the letter was now. I have not been contacted by the council for the monies owed. I am now worried about this and would like to be able to sort it out. In an ideal world Id go into my local council ask about it they'd give me a bill and Id pay it. Without any added hassle. I no longer live in the country however I might move back at some point and dont want this added stress.. Any advice on how to deal with this would be great. Ideally I would go to CAB but not living in the country proves difficult. I would like to know the best way to deal with it. I have no problem paying the amount and do not care to dispute what I may owe just simply wish to sort it out and never think about it again. and how the council would deal with it also..i.e will they interview me etc ? thanks any advice would be great...
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