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Found 6 results

  1. I can't get into contact with anyone at the TSB, not by phone, not by email. I was offended by a security guard at my local TSB branch (Aberdeen). I am trying to make a complaint but not getting anywhere. I tried to contact them by phone. The local branch don't pick up and I get an answering machine telling me to call back. The UK telephone line is an automated machine which asks me for my account number and sort code, which I can type in. Then it asks me for my "security number" or some such and I don't HAVE a security number. So I can't get anywhere with that. I made an online complaint and I get an auto-response only Blah, blah, blah. I'm a graduate scientist with all my faculties so if I can't get through to the TSB, goodness knows how anyone else manages.
  2. Hello and thank you, A friend has been summonsed in a private prosecution regarding a 'grossly offensive' comedy song posted on a political youtube channel. The defendant claims it is a vexatious litigation by political opponents. What is her best strategy for defence? She did not send this video to the complainant or address it to the group they represent, they sought it out and chose to bring a private prosecution because they don't like the message.
  3. What a load of politically correct rubbish, this woman it just out to make a name for herself, get a life, big ego trip, get her name on the front page in the press, nothing offensive in it these people will look to find fault in anything. Exeter Chiefs urged to change 'offensive' name by Native American expert Calls for Premiership rugby club Exeter Chiefs to scrap ‘Red Indian’ theme because fans dressing in headdresses with toy tomahawks is ‘offensive’ Calls for Premiership rugby club Exeter Chiefs to scrap 'Red Indian ... https://www.thesun.co.uk/.../calls-for-premiership-rugby-club-exeter-chiefs-to-scrap-r... 1. Cached 2 days ago - Exeter Chiefs premiership rugby team urged to ban fans dressing up as native ... Professor of early modern American History Rachel Herrmann has attacked their ... The Southampton University boffin said:”We need to remember that ... A campaign to get the Redskins to change their name has been going ... Exeter Chiefs urged to change 'offensive' name by Native American ... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-36965975 1. Cached 2 days ago - Exeter Chiefs should change their name and stop "playing Indian" according ... She said it evoked "Britain's forgotten imperial American past".
  4. http://www.clintoncards.co.uk/christmas/christmas-cards/council-estate-santa-clause-christmas-card does anyone else find this card offensive because I do! I would love to write to the CEO of Clintons but their website only gives email addis for queries about orders or stores!
  5. To cut a long story short it is now around 6 years since I was last on the forum and in that time I've got myself back on top except for the usual insistance by the DCA's that even though they haven't ever supplied any agreements they will continue to register details on my credit file. Well I now want to get each and every one of them to admit they haven't got the authority to process my data and to then remove all entries and defaults from my file. I know the first thing someone's going to say is that at nearly 6 years all this will soon drop off the file, however as many of them are assignees they are trying the trick of registering new defaults on the date of assignment. I've got the money and the patience now to take them on one by one. So the question is where do I start? Cheers Ho Chi Min
  6. The Bank of England was left red-faced last night after explosive documents dragged it into the heart of the interest rate-rigging scandal. Barclays released details of a phone call in October 2008 between its now departed chief executive Bob Diamond and the central bank’s deputy governor Paul Tucker. The note of the call purported to show that the Bank of England – having been lent on by ‘senior’ figures in Whitehall – hinted the firm could cut its Libor rates. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2168399/Bank-England-dragged-rate-rigging-scandal.html#ixzz1zeO2vpL6
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