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Found 6 results

  1. Our car was involved in an accident a few years ago to the front of the car. Other party admitted liability and was repaired, that part is all settled and no problem. However during the collection of the car for the repair to be carried out, the recovery vehicle driver had to fit the tow bar on the car (it has no tow hook and was stuck) and was very vigorous in his attempts to put the tow bar in place. On return of the vehicle, it was noticed that there was a hole in the panel above which surrounded the access cover to fit the tow bar. I took photographs and said that the car was not like this before it went to the garage. So the attempts to fit the tow bar resulted in cracking of the panel and subsequent falling off. They agreed to replace the parts. And the car came back with a rear bumper with no holes in. However, now comes my problem, I have had no need to tow anything (I don’t have a car trailer) and the car hasn’t been stuck anywhere necessitating use of the tow bar to pull it out of anywhere. Today I did need to fit the tow bar and cannot because the aperture to put the bar in is partially covered by the new surrounding and it is not possible to open the electrical cover for attachment of a trailer. To use the tow bar now requires the dismantling of part of the bumper which is very difficult and time consuming and so far have not been able to do it. So the part they used is not the right one to use with the tow bar that is on the car and the small access panel is useless to access the tow bar fixings Unfortunately my insurance company says they have limited details of the repair as it went through the other party’s insurance but would have been 5 year warranty (within this time scale) if we had gone through our insurance. I have looked up the repair warranty details and it says 3 years and not within time scale. But this wasn’t part of the accident claim, it was damage the repair company’s driver did to the vehicle, so I am a bit unsure if it has been left too long to claim? I am familiar with small claims procedure. Any ideas? Thank you
  2. Just starting a thread on Electric Cars. I have noticed a Taxi Firm in my town has gone fully Electric. Can you believe this news. As i looked around Great Britain to see what was going on other towns have done the same. Just a quick look around but sure i read that cost of electric v fuel was roughly 1500.00 Electric per year v 7500.00 for fuel a saving of 6,000 pounds.This was a Taxi and i will have to find the article again. Also that batteries are improving and most motorway service stations have recharging points now. Better put a couple of articles on as i have not looked at Electric Cars before. Electric cars could rule the road in just over 10 years say motor industry experts Sales of the vehicles are surging so fast the market looks set to meet government forecasts for the end of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040 http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/motoring/electric-cars-could-rule-road-8305609 How the all-electric Leaf is becoming a favourite of taxi drivers http://nissaninsider.co.uk/how-the-all-electric-leaf-is-becoming-a-favourite-of-taxi-drivers/ One dramatic chart shows why electric cars are about to become mainstream http://www.techinsider.io/electric-vehicle-battery-cost-decreases-2016-3 Taxi Built In Britain known to us as a Bomber,well was when i last used one about 20 years ago. Metrocab Electric London Taxi- Made two years ago so probably technology has moved on much more since then. Another reason to switch to EV...there are plans for electric cars to drive in bus lanes http://bit.ly/292fWiL Electric cars are so refined and quiet, you can record a song in one. Here’s how Cerys Matthews and her band did it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNfyVHbn3xE Have you got a electric car. Sounds like you are saving a few bob if you have.
  3. Always happy to look around the charity shops.And spend a pound or two or even three. And donated as well. But increasingly finding it difficult to find not a bargain but a fair priced item. As the Great British public donate things free i would have thought the policy would be stack it high sell it cheap. Charity shops are now everywhere on the high streets of Britain and would have thought competition was fierce. Shoes,clothes household items at prices that you can now buy at certain stores cheaper.New. Charity shops are places where the poorer can go to find things cheaper,are things changing,have they changed do you think in the last few years. Now i do have Yorkshire origins and do not want to appear tight and am willing to pay a fair price. And opening this thread i do expect a little criticism perhaps.I can take it been round long enough. Maybe i am getting older and grumpier as time goes by. Also some Tips have now opened Tip shops usually in metal containers where articles that the British Public have thrown away are sold. Now once again some of the prices i have seen are priced at silly prices and you usually get the response well that is the price. Have you had any dealings. Have you noticed things have changed. Bring it on.Have your say. God bless the volunteers in these charity shops.How are the prices arrived at.Who decides.
  4. I've never dealt with these guys, but I had to see who on this green earth called themselves 'Toothfairy Finance'... Anyway, a quick Companies House Webcheck showes their Entity name: Web Loans Processing Limited seems to be listed as their accounts being dormant. Last time I saw that DORMANT was when I first opened my business. I opened it, put it on the shelf, told HMRC that it wasn't trading and boom, that appeared... They also state that they are 'Intermediaries' (in their small print) i.e. at the bottom of most of their sites: So I looked further into this 'Toothfairyfinance.com'... To notice this: So I dug even deeper. Looking up the above companies details, on the IOM companies registry, I came up with this oddity: Company Name COSTAIN SERVICES LIMITED Company Number 121654C Company Type PRIVATE, LIMITED BY SHARES Registered Office 36 Hope Street Douglas IM1 1AR Date of Incorporation 06/02/2008 Presence of Charges N Status LIVE ...and get this... Here is th previous names of the only 'Costain Services' (or anything remotely like that on the IOM: COSMIC PROPERTIES LIMITED PREVIOUS
  5. Hi, I am new on here and would really appreciate some help/advice if possible. I have recently checked my credit file and noticed I have 2 defaults on there. I knew I had these debts years ago but thought it has been longer than 6 years. I am sure it is to be honest. I have a £407.00 debt with Lowell financial limited and another £209.00 with Marlin financial services, the first debt was with T-Mobile over 6 years back I am almost positive but on my credit file it shows Lowell have defaulted me from 2008 which is atleast 2 years after missing payments with T-Mobile. My 2nd debt is similar in that it was with Clydesdale bank also over 6 years ago but have a default from Marlin in 2010, so why are these defaults appearing from these debt collectors years later than they should? I am not sure exactly how this all works but it seems I should have been defaulted shortly after missing a few payments with the original companies and not years later by these debt collectors. Please correct me if I am wrong in any way. These are small debts in essence and are now causing me problems as wanting to get a mortgage soon, all my finances have been back on track for some time and feel its a harsh punishment for so little amounts. But does this sound legit? What can I do if anything? Just so annoyed as these defaults have only been placed 2 years ago for one of them and 4 years ago for the other when surely should have been defaulted alot longer ago, no? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. hi am new to site and could do with advice. have several debts but are all due to drop of by october latest, have noticed on my credit file that on one of my debts its showing a payment of £5 made in 02/11. this is with activ kapital. i have not acknowleged or communicated with these people, what i want to know is this some underhand trick to get sb clock ticking again thanks and would appreciate help from you guys
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