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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Everyone, It took me more than 3 years to have the courage to write it and I wonder if any of you can advice me what to do. I had two credit cards back in 2009, I went through incredibly tough time and even had no place to live so eventually couldn't make payments. Eventually I went behind payments October 2009 on first credit card of £1545.00 and second one of £1445.00. I wrote to them asking to take £800 each as final settlement even this much a friend of mine was helping me with but never heard from them. (that was in October 2009). I had no place to live after March 2010 and since no permanent place to live, never heard from them (both credit companies) again after Feb 2010. I am a little better now, although not financially stable as owe about £15000 from friends and family who helped me during my time and I am obviously am thankful and paying them off little by little. I recently checked my credit report and found that the first credit card company defaulted on my credit file on August 2011 with £1856 and Second credit card company defaulted me for £1703 August 2011 too. I had no letters or discussion from them whatsoever as even if they were delivered, they were returned unopened as i am told. Now yesterday 16/09/2014 I received a claim from Northampton County Court for £2403.00 and I am asked to response to that. I do not have any money to pay off. I already am in debt from friends and family for about £15000 which I am trying to pay off as maximum I can, being able to live on bare minimum. I have two dependents - a child under 10 years and mother who are solely dependent on me. I do not want a CCJ on my credit file as I have just started to get a little better and possibly working towards jobs. A CCJ will ruin my options to get a job in a good industry. I am currently working on a temp contract with £23k salary. I thought after 6 years these will come off from my credit file and until then i will be better with everything and can start a new life. but this letter from NCC has ruined my sleep now. Any suggestions, any advice you guys can please give me. I do not know what to do.
  2. Hello all!!!! please help is needed here... I don't know what I would have done without this site... big Thank you for the team... I had a claim form from MKDP this week and stressed... again... The claim has been issued by the Debt purchaser (claimant): MKDP LLP - Original creditor: HSBC - Date of issue: 02 April 2014 - Value of the claim rounded up: £6700. Particulars of Claim reads as follow: The claimant claims the sum of £6700 being monies due from the defendant to HSBC Bank PLC under a bank account facility regulated by the Consumer Credit act 1974 and assigned to the claimant on xx/xx/xxxx. The Defendants account number was xxxxxxxxxxx. It was a term of the bank account that any debit balance would be repayable in full on demand. The defendant has failed to make payment as required by the statutory default notice served by HSBC Bank Plc. The claimant claims the sum of £xxxxx and costs. The claimant has complied as far as necessary with the pre-action conduct practice direction. Section 69 not included in any part of document. I received ONE SINGLE Default Notice back in 2009 from the original creditor HSBC. But no Notice of Assignment before this summon from MKDP. They referred to the balance as relating to a Bank account but it was a PROFESSIONAL STUDY LOAN taken between March and April 2007 to which they added £575 overdraft I used. The account was firstly sent to MCS then chased by a few Debt collection agencies including Moorcroft with which I had some dealings I was supposed to start paying it back in 2009 but could not afford it as I had a major surgery and could not finish the course thus same salary. I discussed it with HSBC on several occasions to either postpone the repayment or lower it. But instead they sent the debt to MCS. I went to CAB which sent a financial statement to HSBC in AUG 09. I was advised to pay £10 a month until my situation got better. Then I received a letter from MOORCROFT in JAN10 to which I responded explaining my financial situation then I came accross your site. I formally requested a copy of the credit agreement under s.77/79 of the CCA. MOORCROFT responded as follow: . ..we refer to your recently received letter requesting letter as per section 77-79 CCA 1974. We duly confirm that we have requested the relevant documentation from our client and once received we will duly forward the same to you. meanwhile, we duly duly confirm that all collection activity on the account has been put on hold and we will not seek to enforce payment of this debt until suvh time as the documentation has been supplied or we have advised you to the contrary..... I stopped all payment as the account was now in query. In MAY 10, MOORCROFT wrote to CAB advising them to ask me to to continue paying the £10. They started chasing back the full balance as if it was not in query. I knew there was a part of the debt (£575) which was the overdraft I used. I proposed to separate both debts and I will continue to make payment toward the £575 whilst the LOAN is in query. They refused and continued to chase the full balance. At this stage I started to ignore their threatening letters. Then I was receiving chasing letters from other companies such as Aktiv Kapital, Link, Wescott etc.. .and finally this summon which amount is incorrect to start with. I guess I need to acknowledge service then send some requests to the sollicitor and the claimant? I know you do that a lot but please treat me as an IT novice. Could somebody point me in the direction of the suitable templates please? And who to send what to who? Where do I want to go now? I don't know where to start or what to do. Even what I WANT TO DO. All I know is that I do not want a CCJ on my record. If HSBC had accepted my offer we could have gotten somewhere. I don't see how this case will make a difference since my situation has worsened. I don't even reach the current minimum wage at present. I am unable to pay. And I thought since I have tried so many times to sort it with no luck, and there is still no contract supplied and I was defaulted since 2009 preventing me to borrow, I do not think it fair to bring it to court at this moment in time. I don't know much about the law in relation to loans. I would like however, to pay off the overdraft if of course it is separate from the LOAN. DO I make sense???? I need as much help as possible.. . I have looked for similar cases as mine and could not find much similarities or maybe I didn't check well. Also how do you donate??? you are doing an important job here helping people like myself...
  3. Had a dispute with William Hill over my betting account, as they voided a couple of winning bets that I had and refused to payout on them, so I decided that I wouldn't pay them either. They kept sending me letters demanding I pay them £800, so I wrote numerous letters to them asking for a copy of the original credit agreement, which they have never supplied. Haven't heard anything from them at all for months, until this morning, when I received a claim form from Northampton County Court, made by their solicitors.Couple of questions. Firstly, should I make a defense out of the fact that they haven't sent me the documentation that I asked for and secondly, I was under the impression that gambling debts were not under the jurisdiction of the Courts, any advice from anybody would be greatly appreciated.Cheers
  4. Hi all, Help would be greatly apprreciated!! I have recieved a claim form from NCC on behalf of Bryan Carter & Arrow global. They claim i made arrangements to pay under a ref number and have defaulted. I have no knowledge of this debt or ever making an agreement with Arrow global. After reading some post on this forum i have completed the response pack stating i will defend the claim. Can someone please help me with what letters i need to send to Bryan Carter to get more info about this and how to proceed. Thanks in advance Graham
  5. Message: I need some advice. was shocked and distressed to recieve a letter out of the blue from the bailiffs for removal / seizure of car and household possession to the value of £540 approx in relation to a parking contravention AF89....6A issued at northampton court.I have never ever recieved any previous correspondence regarding this traffic contravention either from the council, court or bailiffs until today.would have paid if I was sent any pcn with evidence. There are a few things I need to point out. bailiff have sent a copy of court order/ warrant of execution. The car registration mentioned is not the correct registration of my car, correct digits but wrong order eg instead of A 123BCD, it is A 132BCD. The car colour or time of contravention or reason for contravention is not mentioned. However the name on the notice sent by bailiff is mine and so is the postcode and house number. I tried calling the council (which probably issued the cctv notice?) and traffic enforcement centre at Northampton county court today but both places were closed as it was a saturday. I did call and speak to the bailiff company. Even though the car registration is wrong and the address mentioned is not fully accurate, I was told by the customer representative at the end of the phone that this all could be a clerical error BUT I would still be liable for costs and seizure. I do not understand if all the above errors might have resulted in me not recieving any prior correspondence regarding the matter, but I cannot be held responsible for another persons errors or clerical errors resulting in wrong car registration numbers or letters sent to incorrect addresses which have contributed to the problem. This also might be the reason why I have recieved no previous tickets or letters at all, interestingly the person at bailiff company said I had been sent previous letters by them but I have not recieved any of these either. Whoever has made the clerical mistakes/errors should be responsible and held liable for all the increased costs. I also cannot see how the bailiffs company can sieze car/goods/assets based on a notice for another registration or wrong registration. Do I have grounds for appeal and what can be done? Can they still clamp the car/take away goods even if the wrong car registration is mentioned on the warrant? What are the total costs and charges involved? Will I need a lawyer/solicitor to stop the bailiffs? dont want car clamped. thanks a lot Zha
  6. Hey im new so please be nice I was visited at my home by an agent from Arrow Global an american company who i have never heard of or recieved any corrospondence from regarding a debt with Halifax bank (my old overdraft). He caught me off guard and i was unsure what to do so i told him the truth, im a single parent on benifits with two kids and i have no disposable income!!! JOY he left BUT....he came back again i answered as i thought it was my mum lol (silly me i know) telling me i needed to pay the £1500 patheticly low debt from 2004 within 48 hours. he also told me if i did not i would be taken to court and the proposed £5 disposable income i may have will be increased by the court by 75%.....so this is me getting confused now a court making you pay what you cant afford??. This agent who was at my door might i also add hadnt arranged to call and then decided to take a picture of my house (which i do not own i rent) and then tell me i would need to prove i lived alone to Arrow globel if i wished to set up a payment plan ???? is it just me or do they seem a bit of an odd debt recovery company. I was furious they took a picture of my house as im sure this is not allowed especially if i dont own it and the fact he had found out who i rented my house off by investigating me which has nothing to do with them, also he had finished talking he took out his phone and pressed something so im pretty damn sure he was recording me which yet again i doubt they can do!!! he gave me a card with there number on and a card with What happens if you dont pay on it! so now im stumped at what to do as the agent told me that if i set up a payment plan then i would have to pay £65 a month which i cannot afford and they will not accept a lower amount. please please help
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