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Found 4 results

  1. Hi not been on here for quite a while as thought all the dcas had finally gone away - only to receive today a notice from Hoist regarding old HSBC loan The first paragraph of the letter is as follows. " We are writing to notify you that MKDP LLP has assigned all of it's respective rights, titles and interest in respect of the above referenced account (Ex HSBC) to Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited effective 26/10/2015. The total balance sold they say is £25,392.20 but curretn balance £25082.20" I stopped paying this back in 2008 due to financial difficulties and although over the years received various DCA chasing letters have had no contact with any of them. Is this statute barred and if so, do I need to do anything? Or do I need to prepare for a court battle? Can anyone advise please? Thank you
  2. Trying to ascertain if it is possible to claim back PPI on statute barred debt that has been sold on with Notice of Assignement please? Have some imminent SB that I have paid PPI on (unenforceable in the main exc ept EGG credit card) many thanks
  3. Hi all, I am looking for advice regarding Arrow. I recently got a letter from them after sending them a CCA request saying that as this is a mobile phone debt (didnt know that when i sent it) they do not have to provide a copy of this as they are exempt. This i understand to be true. So i sent them a prove it letter as they have registered a default on my CRF. Asking for a copy of the default notice issued and a NoA of assignment as i know i was never sent either. Proof I owed the account and a statement of account with a breakdown of charges and interest ect. I received a letter from them yesterday stating that they are not required by law to provide proof i owe this debt (I dont i cancelled the account and returned the handset within 14 days). They also state that unless I provide a copy of the law that states they must provide me with a true copy of the original default notice and NoA I am basically not getting it. (I think this means they dont have one) They are now demanding full payment. Can someone help me on what letter I send next. They are refusing to remove the default too. Regards Lx
  4. Helping out a few family members/friends with debt problems. This week one person rec'd a NoA. First time I've ever actually seen one. How much more fun is there to be had? And yes, its from the Leeds Losers lol.. Shall I send them a sarcastic reply thanking them for paying off the debt? something along the lines of: Dear PERSONS, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for interesting yourselves in my financial affairs. It has been brought to my attention that you paid an outstanding debt on my behalf to ( bank name) I cannot thank you enough for doing this as I was unable to do so myself. You have restored my faith in the goodwill of others and you sir are truly a good Samaritan. If I may be so bold as to mention, I do have some other outstanding financial matters that you may wish to take a look at and having spoken to some friends and family they too would like you to look into their financial affairs. I believe that the sum (bank name) accepted from you as payment of the debt was around £20.00, well done to you sir for managing to reach such an amazing deal with the bank. I had tried in vain to get them to accept that amount from me but to no avail, you sir have clearly mastered the art of negotiation. I have already written to the queen asking that you be considered for an award for services of charity to the people, I do hope it is acted upon. Yours most thankfully, (this was posted by a regular on here a while ago..)
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