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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, Around mid November, I got a part time job at a sort of concessions stand in a shopping centre. I worked there for an agonizing month where I was expected to do things which put my personal safety at risk and I was not entitled to a break (even a toilet break!) when working for over 5 and a half hours as only 1 person works there at a time! I also ended up on most afternoon shifts working for an extra hour and a half (unpaid) and so would get home at ridiculous hours of the night. I had not been provided with any sort of contract which stated anything on the details of my employment, my pay, notice periods etc. My employer also lied to me about how much I would be getting paid. (In hindsight I realise i should have demanded some sort of written contract in order to be sure about pay etc). So one night after a particularly bad day I decided to quit- I sent an email to them telling them I resigned. The next day, I got texts from them asking where I was etc and I told them I quit- they claimed not to have received the email, so I resent it.(not sure if this is relevant lol) Any-who, the point is that its been nearly a month since I emailed them and they still have not paid me. Since I had not signed a contract I was under the impression that they could not withhold my wages from me. A few days ago I emailed them politely asking for my money, including a breakdown of the hours I worked and the money I was owed. They have not replied, and I get the feeling they are going to ignore me. What can I do from here? Should I send a written letter to their main headquarters or to the concessions stand? Should I take them to a small claims court? I might seem a bit bratty to have quit for these reasons and in hindsight I do feel a bit silly/bad for not giving them any notice but if they were to fire me they wouldn't have given me any notice! The job was soul destroying and was having an extremely negative affect on me- physically and mentally and so I ultimately have no regrets on quitting like this. Thank you so much for reading all of this! I would be greatful for any advice you can give!
  2. Hi, on my first day of work experience i had to get the train to highbury and islington, getting on at my station i topped up my oyster card with a tenner and thought i wiped in passed the sensor but obviously hadn't (there aren't any barriers at my station so wouldnt have noticed). When i arrived at highbury and islington there was a woman at the foot of the stairway checking peoples oyster cards. Believing i had paid my ticket i gave her my oyster card to check and it beeped showing i hadnt paid. she started reading me my rights and told me that i had to pay a fine. I said i didn't have the means to pay it as it was on the oyster card that i thought i'd paid with and so she took my address and let me be on my way. I walked off from this a little ****ed off but i thought when the fine comes ill pay it and its done. 3 weeks later im receiving a notice of intention to prosecute saying they're taking me to court. I have no idea where this came from and its completely shocked me, i was under the impression that i'd be receiving a penalty fare in the post and now apparently i might be getting a criminal record. Please can you give me some advice as to what to do as i'm really confused and worried that if i get a criminal record it could severely damage my career, and as to why i wouldn't have recieved a penalty fare first? Thanks in advance
  3. I parked outside my gym on Saturday, as I have done for five years knowing the parking bays are Mon - Fri ending 6:30pm. Returning to my car I was surprised to see a parking ticket for 'Contravention 06 - Parked without clearly displaying a valid pay & display ticket'. Upon checking the white parking signs in the street, I saw that they'd been neatly re-stickered to display Mon-Sun ending 10pm! I don't doubt Brent Council's right to change the hours of parking bays as such, but surely there must be some kind of formal notification that regular visitors can see, e.g. a second big yellow sign attached to the post below the hours saying 'New Hours In Force - Please Check', similar to what I've seen for forthcoming suspension of parking bays. A permanent change of hours is AT LEAST as significant as a temporary suspension of the bay for the regular motorist, so surely a 2cm x 2cm white sticker on a white background up at 10ft on a lampost isn't notice enough? Any advice on the above greatfully received!
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