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Found 5 results

  1. HELLO Recently I had an car accident hit by the other car. I have the dash cam footage as well. the driver told me to deal with her wife (owner of car) and just gave her insurance company and showed me the email of the insurance. However after 2 days of that accident my insurance company told me that that car was not insured. Probably they might have cancelled the insurance before it commenced and they are not picking up my phone. I already filed a complaint against them with police . How can I get my car fixed? Do I have to hire the solicitor or can be done by myself? Can I get advices about it so I can fix my car without dealing with my insurance company.
  2. Hello, I am looking for some advice regarding a motoring offense I received a conviction of at the beginning of the year. Just to clarify, this was an honest mistake on my part - I was insured on my car and drove my next car thinking I was covered but wasn't. I mis interpreted the small print in my policy (as confirmed a common mistake by the prosecution during my hearing!) I had an accident and hit a parked car which was deemed a write off. At court, the prosecution charged me with driving with no insurance and I received an IN10 judgement. The prosecution then said they will make a claim through the Motor Insurance Board and the judge accepted this and deemed I was to pay the excess on the petitioners insurance policy (which I have). I then thought the matter was settled as I have been charged in court for this. I have just received a personal claim form from the owner's solicitor of the parked car claiming for the full amount of the damaged vehicle. I am wondering where I stand here as I have heard nothing for over six months and this has come out of the blue. Any kind of advice would be really appreciated as this is my first offense (I am over 40 years old!) Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everybody, not posted here for a long time, hoping someone can help please? I opted for the automatic renewal on my car insurance policy (have done for several years) and then moved house. I rang to let them know new address but for some reason they sent documents to my old address and then cancelled the insurance, probably because the new owners returned the post rather than holding it for us. Not their fault really, I didn't go round often enough to pick it up. renewal date came and went, new house, new stressful job and depression intervened and I didn't chase it up, thinking my new policy documents would be in the pile of unopened post in the hall. three months later stopped for no insurance. Reinsured on the spot and the police officer let me drive the car home. I am on a low income at £6.50/hr and have engaged solicitors who reassured me that I have a strong 'special reasons' case. Although it is a strict liability, a successful argument could potentially lower the penalty, from 6 points and £200 fine, to either an 'absolute discharge' which stays on license for 6 months, or discretionary short ban, or, if not successful, 6-8 points and £200 fine. So far my £500 to the solicitors has paid for a representation to the issuing police, unsuccessfully. If it goes to court I am looking at at least a further £360 for representation. I am not in the pink financially, neither am I feeling brave. I am struggling to make this decision and could use some advice pls. Thanks for any replies.
  4. My Son was pulled by the Police on 7/01/13 for driving with no insurance. He was unaware of the fact because we pay the premiums, or unfortunately not in this case, as the payment was bounced by our bank for insufficient funds and the insurer cancelled the policy. Is there any mitigation or precedent that can be used in his defence? Advice / comments will be very usefull at this stage.
  5. Hi All, I was travelling on a dual carriageway which has a speed limit of 60mph. The road conditions are wet and it is raining. It has gone past sunrise and visibility is good. As a precaution, I drive between 40-50mph taking these conditions into account being fully aware of braking distances / aqua-planing etc etc. As I go round a bend, some 700 yards up the carriageway I see queing traffic and decide to apply the brakes, not firmly but enough that I will know will bring me to a slow speed safely before I reach the traffic. However, the brake doesn't want to work and I now have my foot glued to the pedal and the pedal to the footwell of the car. I feel the ABS kick in yet it is having very minimal effect and the car is only slowing down as we are travelling slightly uphill and the fact I am no longer accelerating. I keep the brake pressed but to no avail, I hit a staionary car in front (which was unavoidable) at now 10mph whereby his car moves about 2 feet forward. Had he have had his handbrake on, it probably wouldn't have even moved. The 3rd party hasn't hit anyone in front, at the moment it is just between me and him. I get out of the car, pulling up my handbrake and switching on my hazard lights, he kicks off and starts becoming very aggressive. I have called the police at this stage. However, I inspect all round the front of my car and the rear of his where the impact has happened and I think, thank God, not even a scratch. No damage at all, as if the accident never happened. Whilst the other driver is calm, I offer to exchange insurance details. However, another car now ploughs into the rear of me, sending my car forward once again into the front car. This time, not so lucky. Both the front and rear of my car is extensively damaged. The 3rd party (front driver) that I initially hit has had his boot cave in but his vehicle is drivable, and he later proceeds to drive home in it. My car and the car that has gone into the rear of me look like write offs. Police arrive and by this time everyone has realised that there is a diesel spillage further up the road which has caused the accident to happen. The queing traffic I have seen was also due to an accident further up who had skidded on this diesel. The police put it down to a damage only RTC and obtain insurance details and exchange them with all parties. No one is complaining of any injuries and the front car (that I hit initially) has a boot that will need replacing leaves to go on his way. The driver at the rear who has hit me is showing INSURANCE NOT HELD on PNC and produces a motor insurance certificate insurance showing that he is insured. He gives an honest account of what has happened and seems like a decent bloke and signs his account as a true statement in the polices paperwork. However, 48 hours later, this bloke is reported for summons by the police as it has been established that he does not hold any valid insurance covering him for the vehicle he is driving. This is confirmed by my insurace company. Where does that leave me then? I was under the impression that if the insurance speak to the front car and he confirms that there was no damage on the first impact, and damage only occured when the second impact happened, me and him would claim of the guy at the rear. But the guy at the rear is uninsured. I have a fully comp policy witha £400 excess and my car looks like to be a write off. Any advice anyone who has been in a similar situation? I could claim off my own policy but I lose my NCD and have a "fault" claim registered on my name. As for the dual carriageway, it was closed off until Highways Agency could attend to grit the diesel and the reopened some 4 hours later. Thanks
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