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Found 4 results

  1. I supposedly purchased a phone and TMobile contract via mobiles.co.uk (part of Carphone Warehouse). All T&Cs I agreed to related to mobiles.co.uk and at no point were there service contract documents from TMobile to review and agree to. I received the phone and SIM card and a further copy of the T&Cs regarding mobiles.co.uk but yet again nothing from TMobile to review or sign. Unfortunately I was kind of duped by Mobiles.co.uk by being led to believe I was being provided with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (deal was the same price, similar photo) yet only provided with a Note 1 (2 year old phone!). I cancelled the purchase as the deal was misleading and not as described (not least of all because I was taken to the deal via a comparison website which stated it WAS a Note 3). Despite this, T-Mobile has continued to bill me even though the SIM card was never registered. They defaulted me (without the pre-requisit warnings) after one month so I've discovered on my credit file. Now they are charging me for the full 24 months.. (as soon as I was surprised by the first bill in the post, I cancelled the DD) So where is the contract with T-Mobile? Surely it can't exist as I've not signed anything, not even ticked a box? Neither have I been sent a T-Mobile contract in the post, nor presented with a T-Mobile contract online to review and agree to by Mobiles.co.uk. I' have taken myself through the purchase process again as far as I could without payment and again you are not presented with a contract to agree to. I seem to remember this was the case when I used MobilesDirect.co.uk for a Vodaphone contract - the terms came in the post but nothing was agreed to - I just let it be and got on with paying back then.. how do I show that no contract has been signed or been entered into with T-Mobile? Do I need to make an SAR request or is there another official way to see evidence of a contract? Has the contract been fraudulently signed by Mobiles.co.uk as if it were me? I'd love to nip this in the bud before it gets to a DCA stage as that will be much more difficult to remove from my credit file. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi guys My local water company is threatening me with court action regarding alleged debts. Since moving into my rented property 3 years ago I have been requesting a contract and a true bill all this time but to no avail. The water company is now threatening me with court action for refusal to pay... even though I have never refused payment. I have accepted to pay in full on condition they provide me with a contract and a true bill (breakdown to the penny of all costs). What is the best way for me to proceed if court proceedings are the only option. Should I prepare a 'letter before action' for courts, or keep asking water company for a lawfully binding contract and ignore their idle threats! Any help would be most welcome. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi there, Around mid November, I got a part time job at a sort of concessions stand in a shopping centre. I worked there for an agonizing month where I was expected to do things which put my personal safety at risk and I was not entitled to a break (even a toilet break!) when working for over 5 and a half hours as only 1 person works there at a time! I also ended up on most afternoon shifts working for an extra hour and a half (unpaid) and so would get home at ridiculous hours of the night. I had not been provided with any sort of contract which stated anything on the details of my employment, my pay, notice periods etc. My employer also lied to me about how much I would be getting paid. (In hindsight I realise i should have demanded some sort of written contract in order to be sure about pay etc). So one night after a particularly bad day I decided to quit- I sent an email to them telling them I resigned. The next day, I got texts from them asking where I was etc and I told them I quit- they claimed not to have received the email, so I resent it.(not sure if this is relevant lol) Any-who, the point is that its been nearly a month since I emailed them and they still have not paid me. Since I had not signed a contract I was under the impression that they could not withhold my wages from me. A few days ago I emailed them politely asking for my money, including a breakdown of the hours I worked and the money I was owed. They have not replied, and I get the feeling they are going to ignore me. What can I do from here? Should I send a written letter to their main headquarters or to the concessions stand? Should I take them to a small claims court? I might seem a bit bratty to have quit for these reasons and in hindsight I do feel a bit silly/bad for not giving them any notice but if they were to fire me they wouldn't have given me any notice! The job was soul destroying and was having an extremely negative affect on me- physically and mentally and so I ultimately have no regrets on quitting like this. Thank you so much for reading all of this! I would be greatful for any advice you can give!
  4. Hi All, I would really appreciate some advice with the following: Some background. In February I visited LA Fitness and enquired about a corporate membership. I filled in a form with my contact details and a sales advisor showed me around the club. Later that week the sales advisor contacted me to see whether I was interested. I returned to the club the next day and gave my debit card (physically at the front desk) to the advisor. He took the information and gave me my membership card. I don't recall signing a debit card form however I definitely didn't sign a membership agreement (LA Fitness has confirmed this ). Later that same day I received an email (I can only assume it was generated by the sales advisor) of my 'agreement' This email included the following information: - 12 month contract. - Agreed to the terms and conditions - The normal cooling off period of 7 days does not apply as you were signed up in club by a sales advisor. - During your induction you will be requested to sign a membership agreement, this will allow you access to the club. Upon your first visit you will be able to pick up your membership card, please bring a form of identification'. This month I contacted LA fitness to discuss my membership as the fees I am paying are much higher than my colleagues and the facilities I feel are declining. My intention was to discuss my fees and either receive a lower fee or cancel my membership. After two weeks of little progress and refusals to discuss anything through the member call centre I'm now in email discussions with member relations. Member relations have advised the following today: 'It states on the email that you have signed up in the club. The sales person took you through the contract in the club and explained everything to you. You then would have clicked to say that you agree to the terms and conditions which is legally binding. You do not sign anything on a self paid corporate membership as you agree via the internet'. The above is simply false. At no time did I see a contract, terms & conditions & didn't touch a computer. Frankly I don't actively pursue a company to sign a contract unless it is absolutely necessary and in the sales advisors exuberance he failed to ask me to. My position at present is that the original confirmation email from LA Fitness states that 'during my induction I would be requested to sign a membership agreement'. I did not have an induction and therefore if LA Fitness cannot provide a signed membership agreement, I would like a renegotiation of my fees or cancellation. Additionally the original confirmation states that the 'normal cooling off period of 7 days does not apply as you were signed up in club by a sales advisor'. If I had signed up over the Internet as they are suggesting I would be granted a 7 day cooling off period under the distance selling regulations. Therefore this suggests I didn't sign up online. LA Fitness are essentially saying that I signed up in the club over the internet (is this even possible?). Therefore I agreed to the terms and conditions and they do not require a signed member agreement. In conclusion, I've been very reasonable in my dealings with LA Fitness throughout. My main gripe is what I consider unfair fees. In fact my preference is to stay with LA Fitness, with a fairer fee, which is the position I've stated all along. However, if a mutually agreeable arrangement cannot be made I would like to cancel. Is this enforceable as LA Fitness are stating it is? I appreciate any advise you may be able to provide Dan
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