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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have old style student loans. My income has always been below the level required for repayment. I had not recieved any mail from them for a few years. Then a few months ago i started recieving " we have lost contact with you get in touch" letters. they were sent to me then to my mum. This struck me as a little odd. They had not " lost contact" they simply hadnt been in touch. I emailed them enquiring as to what they wanted. They now are claiming i owe them 3 years worth of repayments. They say my last deferment expired in 2010. i emiled them back explaining that this was the first contact i had had from them , that they had not informed me of the arreas and that they had an admin problem at their end. Frank
  2. I really need some advice before heading to the bank tomorrow. I wanted to get a loan for a new car so i thought id better check my credit rating first, ive recently finished university so have moved around a bit on the electoral register, but have been registered at my dads for the past year and have always had my main bank account, phone bills etc and all inland revenue letters go there. I opened a lloyds account in 2006, which had an interest free overdraft of £500, i never made this my main account as i had an account at abbey which my salary went into, it was a platinum account costing £10 a month i just opened it for the perks really. i used the overdraft sometimes and always payed it back. The last time i recall using the card i believe was in 2009/10, at which time i registered the card to mums address in london as i wanted the correspondence going there due to me going off to university. I am pretty certain once i cleared the overdraft i cut up the card, along with the credit card that came with that account as i didnt want to take any debt to university with me. But i checked my credit report on 'noddle' today and there is default against my name for this account! The account opened in 2006, and up until february 2011 the account was 'green'meaning 'OK' i did use the overdraft during this period but as i said i never went over the limit and always cleared it. In January 2011 the balance on it was £0 and then in february 2011 it went up to £557. and precede to go up every month until April 2012! And from february it shows up as 'orange' until april meaning it was over the limit and 'agreed repayemnets are up to 2 months late and standing orders, direct debits or cheques have bounced'!!!! Then in May its in the 'red' meaning 'agreed repayments are now three months late and you have agred new repayments with the lender', it stays like this until Januray 2012 by which it then goes 'red' meaning 'DEFAULT', consecutively until April 2012! I have NOT used this card, i am pretty certain i destroyed it along with the credit card but it was a few years ago so i cant be 100% certain but i mean i am 95% sure. I am So worried, i am distraight that i now have defaults against me, i have worked really hard all during university to ensure i kept good credit, and have never ever had a default before and that with having taken out 2 loand previosuly and never missing a payment on one, and paying the other back early, im good with my finances. this has taken me for 6, im scared for my credit score now, and dont know where to begin with fixing this, i havent got the card anymore as i said earlier pretty certain i cut it up with c/card. (the c/card btw was also with lloyds tsb and thats been inactive since 2008 with nothing outstanding) and got rid of the paperwork, the only paperwork i have is of the c/card. On the noddle report in a tab called search history, it shows up my mums old address and a search was done by moorcroft debt recovery on th 02/02/2012.. ..which is a month after the first default on the account, is this who i need to get in contact with? or do i go straight to the bank? please any advice i would greatly appreciate. very lost right now and scared!
  3. Hi there, I found a computer repair company in the phone book and so I took my laptop there at the end of March. The guy said that he should be able to fix it by the following day. I didn't hear from him for a couple of weeks, so I tried to get in touch with him to find out what was going on. When I eventually managed to contact him by phone he said that he couldn't find the problem but he would keep trying. He then called a week later to say that he needed to order a new part for it and that it would cost around £40. It has been at least 3 or 4 weeks since I last heard from the repair guy. I have tried calling the shop at different times of the day, pretty much everyday but no one answers the phone. I visited the shop last week and the shutters were up but the shop was closed. So I popped in to the shop next door to check if they had noticed whether the computer shop had been open recently. The lady said that she hadn't seen anybody in the shop recently, but the guy doesn't always bother to open up the shop, but he diverts calls to the shop to his mobile (which he clearly doesn't do anymore). I wrote a note to express my concern about my computer and left my contact details again just in case. I posted it through the letterbox of the shop, but I still haven't heard from him yet. Obviously I'm really concerned about my laptop and I plan top visit the CAB when they are next open, but I was hoping somebody may be able to offer me some advice on here?
  4. How do I find out which companies are the same company under a different name? Dabs.co.uk currently have a product delivery issue, something quite familiar to them so our order was cancelled. The same product was found at "BT Shop". We don't have an account so I telephoned to check how they respond before making our first order. It was discovered they are the same people, same database and had the same 45 minute wait time to speak to a service representative. Is there a website which shows listings or a place to find parent companies and associations of on-line business? Is it the law that associated companies disclose this information?
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