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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Longtime no speak. I am after a little advice. The back ground is as follows:- My wife has two CCJ's going back to early 2008 for HSBC Loan & Credit Card accounts. The original defaults/last payments on these accounts go back to Jun 06 and Jan 07 consecutively. These payments were made after the accounts were transferred to the DCA CL Finance. Recently, these accounts have been chased by the DCA's Zinc Recoveries and Lowell Portfolio I Ltd. I sent a CCA request to both of these DCA's on 17/10/11 and neither have been able to produce any CCA's etc. I received a reply from Lowell Portfolio I on 11/11/11 saying that they had not received a CCA from HSBC and were therefore putting the account on hold. Since then I have received a "Notification of Oustanding Account" from UK Default Recovery for the same account. Zinc Recoveries continue to bombard the telephones with nuisance calls from 'Mr Allen'. On 21st March 2012 I escalated matters by sending "Account in Dispute" letters to all three DCA's still no CCA's have been forthcoming? However, Zinc recoveries are still actively pursuing her with threatening calls and letters. What is my next best course of action. Also, how do I determine if one of the accounts (last payment date Jun 06) is 'statute barred'? Can I get these debts written off as they are unenforceable and can I get the CCJ's removed from my wife's CRA report? Is it a case of waiting until Jan for both of the original debts to become "statute barred" or do the CCJ's mean that the period for this would extend to the date that these were imposed? Any advice would be most helpful.
  2. Hi everyone, I am finding myself in a sticky situation, I have been renting a 1 bed house since January this year, privately and not thru an agency. Me and my girlfriend did not sign a paper tenancy agreement, knowing the landlord and having rented from him in the past. We have been told that the rent was all inclusive and not told "bar council tax". We received a letter from council asking us as we are the occupier to pay for the 3 unpaid months of CT. The verbal agreement was all inclusive, and the landlord did not tell us at anytime that we had to pay CT. Who is then liable to pay the council ? as we thought part of our rent was being used to do so. We then learned the SAME DAY, that the property was being repossessed in june... Now in the situation where council is asking for around 400 pounds and need to pay rent this month.. plus find a deposit and month rent for a new property ( about £1700 in seaside Exmouth where we live ). What are my options regarding the payments to the council ? regards.
  3. Hi all, Its only a very small victory, I know, but I got a lovely letter from The Apex Credit Management & Bulls*!t Production Company today telling me that Egg could not provide them with the signed credit agreement, or the default notice that was allegedly sent before assignment and therefore have returned the account to Egg and removed all CRA activity they have put on! Is there anything that I can claim from Apex (like all the payments I have made to them) to donate to CAG? I couldn't have got this far without reading the excellent advice from this site and would love to give back somehow... I still have my MBNA struggle and realise that I will soon be dealing with Egg again, but I SAR'd them yesterday and am not expecting anything new. It is just so lovely to get rid of the DCA, I find the original lenders much easier to deal with. Didn't think a bit of happy news would go amiss here! Feel free to comment RobboM
  4. Hi all, thanks for helping. I have been lurking here for a while, waiting for MBNA to come up with my SAR, which they did, on the 40th day! SAR Reply 08-10002.pdf It came with all statements since MBNA took over the account from HBOS and a copy of MBNA's current agreement which doesn't even have a signature page, let alone a signature! (It does have my address printed on it tho!) I had been having problems with Allied International over this one and sent THEM a CCA request first, which they replied by admitting that they had not been sold the debt, but were "acting on behalf of MBNA". Heard nothing from them since replying with a statement of their legal duty to comply and asking them to contact me by post only. My question is, what do I do now? I have not previously done a CCA request directly to MBNA, should I do it now, or take it that they do not have a copy of the original as they have admitted and send them an 'Account in Dispute' letter? I really would appreciate some guidance. Many thanks RobboM
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