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  1. Hi I am a mother of three children and we booked a flight to visit Morocco on the 28th July 2016 to see my elderly mother who just had a heart operation. This was our first ever visit to Stansted, normally we fly from Manchester but this year the ticket prices were so expensive. We arrived at the airport and checked in time. As we went into the departure lounge a train carrying passengers to their Gate pulled in front. So we went on to the train thinking that it would be take us to our correct gate. As the train made it stops at the different Gate it became apparent that the train will not take us to our gate. We found this later whilst being on the train as the speaker announced which destination is for each Gate. We got off the train and immediately informed one of the security personnel over the phone and they advised us that we remain in our position and somebody will come and collect us. It took them twenty minutes before any help was received. By then we were so tired we travelled the night before setting off from Burnley at 23.00 to arrive in London Stansted before 04:00. The security personnel that came along was not very helpful, all he did was that he give us a set of direction which we could not digest wholly at the time and went away. We started panicking and started running with my three children to get to our gates. It was so undignifying and humiliating as we ran around the airport asking people for help. Along the way we met a very kind security personnel who walk us to our Gate only to find that our Gate was closed. Learning that our gate was closed I broke down in tears and my kids also could not hold their tears. All three of them hugged me and cried with me. I felt so saddened in my heart that my kids holiday had been ruined. By then they were so tired and hungry, they've been awake since early hours of Thursday morning. We were then advised to go another zone to collect our luggages. The personnel who was working at the time was so rude and horrible. He was not helpful at all, we asked were to collect our luggages and he misadviced and we had to wait nearly two hours for our luggage. It appeared that he was annoyed by me asking for his help and spoke back to me abruptly and instructed me harshly that I go and sit down. Later I contacted another personnel and she made few phone calls to trace the whereabouts of my luggages and it went missing then it was later found. No apologies no sympathy were ever shown towards me or my children. There were no point of help, we suffered from dehydration. We could not not use the vending machines as it swallowed the money that my daughter inserted into the machine. We were 225 miles away stranded without any support or help. Whilst waiting for my luggages my husband was worried and concerned as to what happened, so I passed the phone to my the gentleman who was rude to me so he could explain. I could not speak very well because I was in a state of shock and could not believe what just happened . So my husband spoke to the personnel and he seemed extremely annoyed as to why he had to repeat the whole information back to my husband. My husband the shy man that he is remained silent and turned around and came back to the airport. I have travelled many times to Morocco from Manchester, never did I miss my flights. It is not the case that we cannot read or speak English, we are very fluent. in English. There were lack of signs and information in the departure lounge in the airport. The time between getting off the train and not waiting 20 minutes we could have easily walked to our correct Gate. When we arrived home could we just crashed into our bed with blisters on our feet, my son who is only 5 felt so exhausted was in the bed for nearly two days. As we write to you for help and advice my kids are seeing tears streaming down and my eldest girl who is only 9 is comforting me by hugging me. I feel I have been mistreated unfairly, at worse shown extreme rudeness by selfish personnels and £1440 ticket has been wasted. Please can you advice what i can do? Thanks
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