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Found 14 results

  1. How populist are you https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2018/nov/21/how-populist-are-you-quiz I've done it. Results as I expected although a few mates think I cheated. I didn't - I think thats more a comment on their perception of their politics. (They think they are centrist - THEY aren't.)
  2. Anyone heard from this lot? (No idea what it about obviously and not replied) and obviously won't be stupid enough to phone them either btw name been edited Dear j_semple Our Reference: 5424/97692 We have been instructed with regard to this account and have been provided with this email address for you for the purposes of communication. If this is not the correct email address for you, or if you do not wish us to communicate with you by email then please contact us by telephone on 0844 858 8888. This email is automatically generated, please do not reply by email OperationsTeam External Email Account Email: OperationsTeam@legalrecoveries.com Telephone: http://www.legalrecoveries.com
  3. Hello all, I am using BTHH5 and every night my broadband is dropping from 35MGB to 3-4MGB after 7pm. I am having a nightmare with BT understanding what I am trying to tell them and have an Engineer coming out tomorrow morning to look at the fault. The problem is, the broadband will be fine when they come out to look at it. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Ryan
  4. I am a private house hold and have an ex-directory private landlines telephone with BT. I am 64 years of age with health problems. I do not run a business from home and this telephone number has been with me since 1966. On the night of the 24th October I started to get telephone calls from mid-night onwards which got picked up by the answer machine that I have no sooner the answer machine started the calls were cut off after giving a fax signal and then the process was repeated again up to seven or eight times call after call then after a twenty minute break it started again. This was kept up all night long. When I dialed 1471 to find out who it was it said caller withheld the number. However, after five days and nights of this nightmare harassment, I managed to get the two telephone numbers that the calls were made from. They are 01 452 378 483 and also from 01202 406 090. I contacted BT and asked them to check these two numbers as I did not want to dial myself in case they were some soft of international [problem]. They told me the numbers were for Barclays bank and it was Barclay's bank that were making these endless harassment calls to my number. I then called the first number and I wast old by a very rude Indian man that it was Barclay's Call center in New Deli and that I was placed on what he called a Hit List. and he told me that I can not be removed from the Hit List. I then had to make seval calls to Barclay bank to be told on several occassions after being given a complaint number that they will look into the matter which takes three days and mean while I will just have to put up with whatever they dish out such as these calls all night long. I had five days of this from the 24th until the 28th October all night and all day. I was not able to use the telephone most of the time as they also managed to block the line making it unusable each time they made a series of these calls as the phone line would go dead for a while. I am ill with Ostio Arthurits plus heart problems as I had a heart attack last year due to stress and this was the last thing I needed as I also had lost my elderly aunt who passed away at the end of August. I have now been told that Barclays have put a stop to the calls however, I had a further two days of calls on the 13th and 14th of November when it started up again after being told that they had taken me off the list. Barclays have just contacted me and made me an offer of Fifty Pounds which I refused for all this harassment they then made an offer of Two Hundred pounds which happens to be twenty pounds per night and twenty pounds per day for all this aggression. I have told them I will not accept that sum of money and I will now taken this further to the Ombudsman. I find Barclays the most outrageous, and ruthless bank that could not care a dam for their customers and I hope that this helps any one that reads it to stay away from Barclays as they are the most rude and unhelpful bank I have ever encountered. When asked a very simple question to why did they do this to me they said that they have no answer to this question and they were really not concerned about health situation.
  5. God isn't that Mel B a common and crass woman and twice as ugly. Just because she was in some skank group doesn't mean she knows anything about the business.
  6. I have a recurring flatmate (he comes and goes). I know him very well and we usually get along. This time he has been scratching himself all night for a few days. You can hear him scratching from the other rooms, even just the noise is irritating. I jokingly asked him if he's got scabies and he's suddenly become defensive. He says it's only a bit of rash. He only scratches himself at night but it can last all night. Mind you we share bathroom and communal areas. Yesterday I confronted him and suggested it was a good idea to see the doctor. As a reaction he's become violent and started threatening me and other flatmates. Landlord couldn't care less. Rashes as localised to one area only. It might well be a sexual transmitted infection, in which case it's his business. Otherwise I fear it could be scabies. Where do I legally stand on this? RE:my earlier post: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?389704 In this case the symptoms are different. Thanks and sorry, I'm starting to panic a bit.
  7. Guidance for saying goodbye to the Crimbo decs The 5th referred to in article is today this year. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/4126725/Christmas-ends-in-confusion-over-when-Twelfth-Night-falls.html
  8. For years I could not find a decent light that did not cost more than my second hand bike. Then I found a Cree one with external batteries for under £30 (incl postage) on the Internet. It does the biz. Light on the right in the photograph (left when viewed on the saddle). Attachment is simple but effective. Not seen in the shops. I still use a cheap headlight for town riding and as a spare. On the left.
  9. OK, so it's 3am and you're up for whatever reason - would you have your downstairs windows/backdoor open for relief from the hot weather? I had my front living room window open last night, and a regular guy in work clothes tried to pull the window wider from the outside - I assume with the intention of a theft of opportunity. What do you think?
  10. The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a payday lender for sending text messages that encouraged people to borrow £1,000 for a night out. The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a payday lender for sending text messages that encouraged people to borrow £1,000 for a night out. It also rapped Akklaim Telecoms, which sent the message for customer First Financial, trading as FirstPayDayLoanUK, for making the messages seem like they were from a friend. The ASA received 13 complaints about messages that stated: "Hi Mate I'm still out in town, just got £1,000 in my account from these guys www.firstpaydayloanuk.co.uk". A second said: "Hi Mate hows u? I'm still out in town, just got £850 in my account from these guys www.firstpaydayloanuk.co.uk". Some of those complaining said the messages were unsolicited while others complained that it was irresponsible to try and promote a social life funded on payday loans. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/loans/10129741/Payday-loan-ad-banned-for-1000-night-out-offer.html
  11. What a fantastically well done bit of scriptwriting and acting. So real in every way. I had to laugh at the dad who was kicked off ESA onto JSA and did a deal with the young guy to have his hand damaged by a nail gun simply to get back onto ESA and get a bit of compo in the process! Is this a common occurence - it wouldn't surprise me?
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2255587/New-Year-celebrations-turn-ugly-cities-country-country-lives-Binge-Britain-reputation.html?ICO=most_read_module
  13. Have a great day - and night of course!
  14. Was very shocking report. I didnt know that Poland had such a problem,although I have seen the graffiti when been there I didnt know what the slogans meant. The Ukraine report was equally damning and I was shocked to see the videos.I have never seen any examples of this race hate in either Kiev or Kharkiv and how the Police chief said there was no problems when he was interviewed was typical. I think these things in Ukraine are only seen inside stadiums. I have been in Moscow twice and seen running battles with the police and skinheads ...it is a big problem there which is not restricted to football. In fact there are big divisions between North and South,the South being with large Muslim populations and terorist links by factions from the South regions which have made a number of attacks on Moscow in the last few years. It is a war in which Putin has tried to win without much success. I think many people in UK whatever ethnic origin or background will think twice about going to watch any of these games after seeing Panorama. And who can blame them ?
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