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Found 4 results

  1. After 6 years of fighting the NHBC they are now trying to force us to accept their decision to implement a ludicrous repair, even though we have proven the following: 1. crib wall not built in accordance with British Standard 2. crib wall structural loading is outwith the maximum allowable as specified in design calculations. 3. crib wall has suffered multiple failures 4. the wall was damaged by the builder and repaired by the builder (who does not have a BBA certificate). 5. the original design and installation company have stated that the crib wall failures are due to bad workmanship. 6. crib wall built using different cross section of headers. 7. numerous areas where there is no overlaps of stretchers. 8. that the investigative work as specified by the NHBC was never completed. the independent consultant used by the NHBC engaged the original design and installation company tp develop repairs despite the NHBC terms and conditions specifically stating that this cannot happen. the proposed repairs are 1. to attach replacement bits of wood to the existing failed components using screws (despite NHBC specifying design calculations should be supplied for repairs, non have been produced). 2. to locally remove the fill and hammer the headers along the stretcher until they cover the incorrect joints (physical impossibility as the soil at the rear of the wall will prevent movement). They will not address the incorrect barter of the wall (maximum is 1:4 according to the british standard we have 1:6.5, ie the wall is near vertical in places). They will not address the design issues of loadings which exceed the maximum allowable. they will not address soil migration. they will not address the fact that the wall currently does not have a BBA certificate due to unauthorised repairs. they say we should now address the issue with the builder despite the NHBC taking over the work and dealing with the builder under the NHBC disciplinary procedure as the builder would not agree to investigate or repair the wall. We contacted the FOS and they have said this is not covered despite actually reviewing this issue between 2012 and 2014 when they put the issue on hold as the NHBC were addressing the issues. can anyone advise what we can do without having to spend significant amounts of money taking the builder to court?
  2. I will not go into the full complaint as it is way too long, so I will try to give the brief details: -Reserved a house from Keepmoat end of May 2013 - plan we were shown showed windows to the side of the property, 4 in total as well as at the front and back. -We chose to go with their "EasyKey" scheme. The scheme means they market your property. Keepmoat delayed putting our house on the market by 3 weeks because of the incompetence of one of their staff -Towards end of August we can see our plot - before then we could not get close enough to see as the road was blocked off, the house was missing 4 windows, this meant the bathroom was now internal! -We complained - their response was to become aggressive and blame us for their mis-selling -We eventually spoke to a manager higher up who offered to refund the kitchen upgrade we paid for (£550) and to install a solar tube in the bathroom -Mid September the buyer for our house pulled out - Keepmoat gave us two days to find another buyer - we later found out that under the Consumer Code for Home Builders they can not do this but at the time we did not know so we accepted a really low offer on our house so we could keep the chain going -About 6 weeks later we are told that we were never offered the solar tube, they were just looking into the possibility of doing it. They could not install one but we could have LED lights instead . We were not happy but we really wanted to move so carried on with the sale. -Roll on 17th October - we were told that we had until the 25th to complete (the house hadn't even been signed off) then they extended it to the 31st. We could not complete because our buyer's solicitor could not complete by then (they needed another 3 weeks ironically). Even though Keepmoat had caused a 3 week delay under the EasyKey there was no flexibility, we had to the 31st to complete or they would re-market. -Keepmoat sold the house to someone else even though they still had our reservation fee - again something they can not do under the Code for Home Builders We created a website which included the recordings of the aggressive and patronising sales staff, emails and photos. Keepmoat agreed to pay our out of pocket expenses because they had not refunded us the reservation fee which they had to under the Consumer Code. However, they refused to acknowledged the rest of our complaint. They also threatened to take us to court if we did not take our site down and advised that their staff might contact the police. We have asked Keepmoat for their version of events as they accused us of libel and what crime we have committed. We are still waiting for a response. I have contacted the NHBC as Keepmoat completely ignored the Consumer Code of Home Builders. The NHBC have said because we didn't buy a house from Keepmoat we can not claim without paying to go through the adjudication process. The code covers the pre-sales service but it turns out only if you buy the house. I do not want to pay as Keepmoat have already offered to cover our costs so their seems little point. I hoped there might be away to stop Keepmoat doing what they did to us to another customer. I hoped that the NHBC would might be able to help with that. This thread is more of a warning to others rather than a request for help but do you think trading standards would be interested? I believe Trading Standards can enforce the property Mis-descriptions Act (which still applied at the time) and Consumer Protection Regulations 2008, but I'm feeling a little deflated. It seems that house builders can do what they like with no comeback.
  3. I am a very good builder(this is not an oxy moron) and have a claim issued against me by the NHBC for remedial works that I carried out on a block of apartments I built in 2007 and that they say were not carried out correctly I disagree with there stance the work was carried out as suggested in their report and in full view of the landlord/owner that was claiming these things 1 week before the end of his 2 year grace period I was present at an initial meeting to discuss these items and I was issued a report that I followed and did the work I dont have documentary evidence of doing the work I was not consulted after I had done the initial remedials nor given the chance to re-do the work that they say they found unsatisfactory Have they prejudiced me in settling the claim without having gone back to me? I was not invited to the re-inspection. They are claiming against me as an individual as I signed an indemnity for my company which went into liquidation at the height of the recession I have a copy of the indemnity and although I have signed it they have not is this unenforcable?? similar to a credit card I have 100% positive ratings on my builder and rated people websites
  4. Hi Everyone! The builders who conducted my house renovation in 2010 cleared off without finishing it. I could never get them to return & they have since gone bankrupt. Clearly they have started up again under a different name I now have water ingress into my living room, destroying the oak floor. The waterproofing specialist who was involved with the job says it is due the builders not building the wall / floor interface correctly and possibly a leak in the DPM. Looking at the damage, he seems to make sense. As the builders are bankrupt I'm lead to believe the NHBC can help but I'm struggling to find a suitable contact number. I'd appreciate anyone's help / advice! Regards Pete
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