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Found 6 results

  1. Sorry for another out of warranty laptop thread; I've done a search and been doing my best to wade through all the information there but could do with some clarification. I purchased my msi u130 netbook in February 2011, and until very recently it behaved flawlessly and has always been well looked after. However, every second Function key stopped working simultaneously, along with the right hand shift key. More worrying for me is that the wireless connection has also started dropping out for no good reason and so regularly that I've given up trying to use this function and just plug it into the router, but this is obviously no good when I'm at university. It was bought via ebay through Argos, and was sold as a fully functioning refurb which is where I'm getting confused regarding SOGA. So, a few questions if you don't mind: * What are the chances of getting Argos to repair it at their cost? (not bothered about replacement or refund unless unavoidable) * Do they even have any obligation under SOGA due to the fact it was a refurb? * If they do, what is the process? Independent engineers report and the onus on me to prove the fault was inherent? Would this not be tricky to prove after 18 months ownership? * If anybody knows about netbooks here, is it likely to just need a replacement keyboard? I can buy one for £15 - £20 and so it might just be better to "suck it up" and replace that, but I'm loathe to do that if it doesn't fix the problem obviously. * Are Argos normally amenable to solving problems like this with the minimum of fuss, or are they likely to dig their heels in? Any help appreciated.
  2. Hi there, I bought a dell inspiron mini 10 laptop from currys in march 2010 and all was well. But in late August of 2010 it suddenly developed a hard drive problem. Obviously this was only 4/5 months and went down to the store to try and resolve the issue. I explained the problem and they explained that it had to be sent off for testing and repair, the testing i could undertsand, only offering a repair i couldn't. I quoted the SOGA to my hearts content and they flat out refused to accept it even existed which frustrated me. I felt forced to accept the repair and was told to leave the store, even though i remained quite calm and cool. After this had happened i was not happy but decided to move on, but in early Jan 2011 it developed anoher Hard drive fault rendering the computer as useful as a doorstop. After only 4 months of being repaired and only nine months ownership i am now an extremly unhappy customer. Again i went down and was told about their whole '28 days or nothing' refund policy. Again i quoted the SOGA, saying it wasnt fit for purpose, not of sufficient durability and something was plainly wrong due to the repeated fault. They wouldn't budge and only offered a repair, which i refused and i am well within my rights i am entitled to do. They refused and after a staff member threw a paddy and went to her manager, i got no further and i left empty handed again Got home and asked consumer direct for some advice and they said pretty much the same thing but also to contact head office, customer services tc. Tried this and got nowhere as i got passed around far too much to understand who i was speaking to. I am at my wits end and i am just wondering if there was any useful advice or tips anyone could give me to resolve this issue . And is it just me or is their customer service just absolutley s***?? Thanks for listening to my rant, now feel better =D ZAPG
  3. I purchased a MSI u135 netbook from argos on the 8th dec 2010 .£199. It was an xmas gift for my 27 year old daughter . Obviously she did not recieve the item from me untill 25th December . My partner had set it up for her and mentioned to me that the space bar and the mouse appeared to be very stiff & a little bit unpredictable . Ie it would open 2o windows with 1 click etc . However we thought as it was brand new maybe this was the reason why ? The internet worked fine . My daughter loved this item but within 2 weeks of se she was starting to get a bit fed up with the netbook appearing to have a life of its own . The mouse kept freezing and the space bar jamming . I went to her house mid january and she showed me what was happening ironically the system woud work fine with an external mouse ? we took it back to argos who said that as we had had the item for more than 30 days it would have to be sent away for repair . I had a telephone cal from argos today telling me that someone at msi ? hahad examined it and had fond the moher board to be water damaged and that a repair would cost £185 ! and that we were responsible for the water damage so we would have to pay this amount ! This item has never had any water damage to it ever . its only 8 weeks old as is in imaculate condition . i was furious ! Can anyone help with advice ? if the netbook was in perfect working order except for a mouse that froze and behaved erratically , and a space bar that just got stuck every now and again would you need to replace the mother board and why would it work ok if an external mouse was used ? are there any companys who we could pay to examine this item on our behalf to get a second opinion ? £185 for a repair to an item that cost £199 is a joke how can this be the case ? has anyone experienced this type of thing before with argos and other laptops etc ? any help would be very much apreciated .
  4. Hi All, I hope you guys can help me out. I bought a new netbook from the internet, it arrived on 23rd December. I have opened the box, but have NOT turned it on. The reason for this is that if I turn it on it will no longer be as-new. I hate it! I hate the keyboard buttons as well as the trackpad. My question is this - am I able to return it using the Distance Selling Act? I am unable to find separate rules when it comes to computers Any help would be much appreciated, as I now have 5 working days (If I can use the distance selling) Regards, G
  5. I purchased a HP Compaq Mini Netbook for my daughter. I ordered it on 19 Oct and took delivery on 27 October. The outer case of the netbook was off when I received it, and there was damage to the interior of the unit (specifically where the battery inserts and the serial number is located). I reported the item damaged on friday 29 october...when I tried to contact them again by phone on monday, I was shuffled from department to department and told someone would look into it. I sent several emessages regarding this damage. Over the weekend the screen failed is obviously broken as well. When I rang them today and spoke to someone at their customer service centre, they instructed me to complete a return form so the unit could be replaced. When I completed this form, I was told they would not accept it returned as I didn't report the damage within the 48 hour time limit. They say they have no record of me being in contact with them prior to today even though I have been phoning them since last friday. Today is the 7th day of being in receipt of this unit and the last day I can act under the Distance Selling Regulations. They also refuse me the right to cancel this order and return the goods since they are not in 'pristine' condition. My daughter is gutted. What can I do to get this unit replaced? Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. ECONS

    Techguys lose it

    My netbook just went blank so I went down to the PCWorld I purchased it from to visit the Techguys making use of the monthly payment I made for cover. They informed me that I would have to phone the Techguys helpline, nothing to do with them. After questioning on the phone they agreed that my computer did not work and arranged collection. About a week after collection I received a text to say that it had arrived with the Techguys (the big shed 5 miles down the road from me). Next contact was to say all was well it was the motherboard it would be returned with all data intact. So far so good. Two weeks no sign. Follow up phone calls - it had been misplaced, but they were looking. Regular phone calls made over the following weeks with a gradual increase in the time spent on hold, including on more than one occasion disconnection. Finally a letter (standard) arrives telling me to take my receipt and the letter to the store to get a replacement. What about all my data which I no longer have and somebody else obviously does including approaching 2000 contacts! No interest from them to discuss just a take it or leave it attitude. An attempt to email the CEO was intercepted by customer complaints who just said the same go get a replacement from the store. Have they sent it somewhere else? Has someone stolen it within the company? They obviously do not care. I always said that I would never sign up to one of these warranty cons but did due to the small size of a net book. NEVER again. My backup was in the 'cloud' and as I no longer have the machine I have no idea how to retrieve any information. Any suggestions welcome. I will go back to using the local shop I have found with three guys who seem to be able to repair most problems and who are not going to lose my machine in a big shed.
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