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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, was wondering if you could give me some advice on whether I've handled a used car situation, as after putting it off as much as possible, I've been given no other choice but to take a car dealer to court 8th December, me and my girlfriend traded in her Corsa for £400, for a Polo plus £500 cash (£900) total. The dealer checked her car, and had access to it for about 4-5 hours. I test drove one car, which broke down straight away, then test drove a similar but more expensive one, but only at 30mph up and down the local road. I refused the £50 Mot offered (Had 4 months left), as I have a very trustworthy garage that I wanted to take it to. As soon as money changed hands, the car cut out when I drove it out, to which the dealer said it was just because the car was parked on a slope and it's just the petrol and would be fine after putting some petrol in it. despite driving 15 mins back to my home, and putting in £10 petrol, the car kept cutting out, whenever going over speed bumps the car would make awful scraping sounds. when I took it to my garage they said there were two minor problems and an oil leak from the sump pan. They said the dealer illegally sold me the car, and that they would have to fix these problems straight away. Dealer argued the case, but eventually accepted that they needed fixing, and booked me into his local garage. 5 days later i took it to his garage, and when the work was done the mechanic denied that he was even told to look at the sump pan, and that he wouldn't look at that until the dealer gave the go ahead (he did fix the 2 minor problems again, contacted dealer, who reluctantly said he would book it in, to which was another 5 days away. When car was taken to garage, he kept it for a few days, and finally rang us to pick it up, but it was still cutting out while driving. due to it being Christmas, it took just under 2 weeks to get it checked by my garage (5th January) to which they said that it wasn't fixed, and that I need to take it back. Again contacted seller who arranged it for the 9th (a day after a month of having the car). On the day I was unwell and my girlfriend didnt feel safe driving the car, I text to cancel, but then the dealer started ignoring us. I tried ringing but no avail. i gave it a few days and then text him again to say that I wasn't happy with the car and would like a full refund. No response. spoke to citizens advice, who said send him a recorded letter. Which I did. But again no response, i text him saying if i dont hear back I will take it to court. Thats when he finally responded saying that it's my fault for buying a used car, and that he won't be giving me a refund and that I can take him to court but to let him know in advance. There's been a lot of back and forth between me and him, but the only thing he's willing to offer is £400 refund as he says the Corsa I traded in had a Head Gasket problem and it's cost him £480 to fix, even though I was not aware of this problem, and he had ample time to check and reject the trade in on the day. He's also listed the car without saying that he's fixed it, but is saying he's fixed pads and discs, which he never mentioned to me. I offered that he could have the Corsa for free, but the minimum I would've taken was my £500 cash back, to which he declined. Now I've applied for small claims court and am claiming over £1200 as I've had to keep the car insured and taxed to keep it on the road as I have no where else to store it I was debating whether to claim for traveling costs, as the car was bought to travel to football matches but I've had to get multiple coaches and trains on the day Do I have a good chance of winning?
  2. I would normally use the card twice a day, 3 times a week for every week that I have college on the National Rail. I've been using the card since before November I believe, although I'm not entirely sure. I've also used it on some occasions that are not related to traveling to colleges including running an errand for my family etc. My grandma has also left the country before I started using the Freedom Pass. A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a plain clothes inspector after touching in the barricade with my Gran's Freedom Pass at London Underground station. He asked to see my pass, and since I was pretty much nervous I showed him my 16+ photocard, he checked it and asked to see my other pass so I had no choice, but to show him the pass I was using. After that he asked how old I was, I wasn't sure what to do and I was seriously "NERVOUS & SCARED!"! So I said to him that I was 17 when in fact I turned 18 2 months ago. He then took both the passes and ask his colleague to check the cards, in the mean time he asked me a bunch of questions e.g. my address, name and the same question which he had already asked me "how old are you?" and since he already asked me that same question already I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to tell him the truth which would be a different answer so I said that I'm 17...again. After his colleague returned with the passes, the ticket inspector asked me mow many times I've used the card, as i mention before I was really nervous and scared so I said twice in which he asked me for the exact date. After jotting down a long note into his notebook, he began asking be questions again: "Who's card is this?", " Where are you intending to travel to?", " Are you traveling with the intention of avoiding the travel fares?", "Do you have money to pay for the fare?" and " Is the card rightfully yours?", . So I told him that it was my grandma's, Piccadilly Circus, yes, yes (although the money I have at that time was the part money I was supposed to pay back to my friend of £120)and replied to his answer with a question "What do you mean by if it's rightfully mine?", which he replied so I said that my grandma let me use it. He then asked the same question and explain it again so I said no which I don't understand the reason that he has to ask me the question seeing as it's pretty obvious it's not "mine". After writing down a long note into his notebook again, he asked if I wants him to read what he wrote down, I said yes and at the end he asked me if I understand and agree that everything he wrote down is true, I replied again with a yes. He gave my back my photocard, but kept the freedom pass. He let me out and tell me to buy a valid ticket. Now I know it was my fault that I used the Freedom Pass in the first place and I should never have done it at all, but at the moment I'm facing financial problems which includes owing my friends money over £300. I have applied to a part time/weekend job so that it won't affect my studies since they are pretty bad and I have huge amount of coursework to do at the moment, but I had to luck of getting ones. I've a read few posts related to getting caught with freedom pass on CAG and I understand that I will be prosecuted, but I still have a bunch of questions to ask: - Will I go to jail? - Is it possible to ask for a community service instead as I have absolutely no money at the moment in which I could afford to pay for the fines? - Will I get a criminal record? - Should I write an apologetic letter to them? - Does getting summon to court and dealing with the situation out of court make any difference? It'd be great if I could get an answer to my problems... Thank Thanks.
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