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Found 15 results

  1. Do disabled individuals who are looking for their own home not exempt from paying deposits as they are on benefits and qualify for housing benefits? Can deposits be negotiated?
  2. Hi, I am negotiating with creditors with regards to CC debt. I offered them a Full n Final, and they said they would only accept if they could see 6 months bank statements and credit card statements of other debts. How should I respond to this? BR
  3. I have 8 debts I'm trying to settle. 3 are held with restons but originally were with arrow & I think they own it. I've come to an agreement with all the other agencies to settle the debts but restons will not take an offer. They've caused me the most stress & keep going back to court to try to increase my monthly payment of the CCJs. I'm wondering is it possible to go back to arrow to try to negotiate a settlement? The others have all been very understanding & helpful but not so with these guys. Any advice much appreciated
  4. Thank you to all the site team for your assistance so far, I am been trying to get my finances back on track over the past year and am now looking to negotiate with creditors to get these settled on my account. Ideally I would like the debt to be marked as satisfied fully, but understand that some creditors will only mark the debt as partially satisfied if F&F is agreed. I have been researching on CAG for a few weeks and there is so much useful information, but I am unsure how to proceed. I have listed the creditors below with the last known correspondence that I
  5. Hiya, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong area, but I've got to say thanks for all your help in trying to sort out my mess. I've a new question, I've a CCJ, which involved a Natwest bank lodging a claim for an amount against my house with the Land Registry. I intend selling my house, when the Bank takes the charge from what's left after paying back the mortgage, there won't be much left. Is it possible to negotiate with the Bank at this stage to try and reduce the claim against my property? Many thanks.
  6. Hi I have two old credit card accounts with MBNA which have been sold to Arrow Global . I had no joy from Arrow with a CCA request for both account so i did a SAR to MBNA. Neither account had PPI but both will have incurred charges along the way . In the SAR pack i can see no documentation for the transfer or sale of the account to Arrow. Must this be in the pack for Arrow to chase me for the debt . As they are old accounts 2001 and 2004 i have included the CCA in the SAR pack for anyone able to quantify them . I currently pay both accounts £1pcm still to MBNA for the
  7. Hi guys, I have a few debts i want to put into DMP however not all my debts as some debts i will be able to sustain as long as i can get my short terms into a DMP (such as 3 payday loans and 2 credit cards totalling £1800 (approx) ), firstly is it possible to select which debts you put into DMP? Secondly what are good DMP companies to turn too? I tried doing a review search but clearly alot of fake reviews for companies. I have tried stepchange but to be honest they made my situation worst, dont know if i just got a bad advisor or what, but ev
  8. I am thinking of applying for a mortgage this year, so thought it would be good practice to check the old credit file. I found that a default had been lodged on my Call Credit file for £5,650.00 by "Barclays Partner Finance" ( default date has been set at 11/05/2011 ) when I am sure they have changed the date of default forward, as I defaulted on that loan way back in 2008. But on top of that, they forwarded that same debt onto a Debt Collecting agency called "CapQuest Investments Ltd" who have set their own default for the debt - Date 31/12/2009 amount £5,961.00. I am
  9. Hi all, looking for a bit of advice please. Like a lot of other people on here I'm in a lot of debt (especially for someone with no mortgage) but I do have some reasons and excuses as well as my own stupidity, so it's not all reckless spending! I negotiated reduced payment plans about 2 years ago with Tesco (loan) & Barclaycard which I've stuck to and made all the payments (a long way to go yet before it's all paid off). I've got a few other debs / cards etc which I'm managing but now unfortunately I've got myself into a mess with payday loans. I really do regret this big time.
  10. Hi, Due to bad errors in judgement, I have accrued 4 defaults on my credit file which I have recently been made aware of, 3 defaults (700+, 500+ and 500+) are from Lowell dating back to 1/2012 and the other default is with Natwest (11K+), 12/2011. I have come to realise that I am fully liable for these debts and wish only to sort out the issues now rather than later. I see various posts saying to avoid communication with DCAs but if it is my debt, I do not see what other options I have... The natwest default has been passed to moorcroft, who recently sent a letter to my parents
  11. Hey everyone, I was wondering whether anyone has any experience in negotiating with DCAs without acknowledging debt? I know that on the surface it might appear contradictory, but it'd be helpful to be able to liase with them about settling the debt without restarting the 6 year timer every time. I know that payments reset it, so I'm only talking about arrangements that completely settle the debt. Is this possible? Has anyone done this? I've seen threads on writing to DCAs with non-acknowledgement telling them to go away, but no threads on negotiating with non-acknowledgement. I
  12. Hey everyone, sorry for the long post ... I have been working in the same company for 14 years and at the beginning of last year I was offered a secondment in a different department. I was then offered a full time job in that department halfway through last year. Naturally, I spoke to some of the other people in the department to find out what would be a reasonable wage, another manager mentioned 32-35k and the others confirmed so I set a figure in my head of 33k. When negotiating the salary in June the manager asked me what I currently earn. I told him it was 22k but I get additio
  13. Has it become normal for the landlords to try and appropriate the deposit by threatening legal action for more than the deposit? My former landlord has come up with a spurious (in my opinion) list of charges and claims I owe him 2x the deposit but he will be kind and accept just the deposit if I write a letter saying it belongs to him and not sue me. Anyone seen this before?
  14. I have to pay back an overpayment which is my fault. I was told that they can take a third of my Incapacity Benefit so that is about £35 per week (approx £150 per month). This is quite a big chunk and the overpayments dept said that they will start collecting shortly. He agreed to send me a form giving outgoings. Can anyone offer any advice on how to get them to agree to a more realistic figure. My bank account does show all my standing orders for bills etc. Thanks
  15. I am trying to agree a full and final settlement for a debt which keeps moving from DCA to DCA. The original credit agreement was a Virgin MBNA card. The debt was being collected by RMA collections and a settlement figure of 3,500 agreed with payments at 150 per month (original balance 7,300) MBNA recalled the debt and sold it to Varde who refused to acknowledge any previous settlement with RMA or any payments made. Varde instructed Experto Credite to collect. Experto were unable to provide any CCA documents or comment on previous payments made and have in turn passed this to an
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