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Found 2 results

  1. This is a long story but i will keep it as short as possible and get to the point. but can you please give me some advice as im not sure what to do next. My dad aged 69 was admitted into a nhs hospital on may 7th just gone. he suffered with c.o.p.d for the last 2 years. and about 3 weeks ago started to complain of stomach pains which made his breathless alot worst, on the 7 th may 2012 we called for an ambulance, as he was in such pain and every time he stood up his sats would drop, we went into the hospital A&E, he told them about this pain in his stomach they examined his tummy and he said it was very tender and painful to the touch, the doctors decicide to send him for a chest x-ray, the result of this x-ray came back, they said he had a chest infection, and would need some antibiotics and would need to stay in hospital, he was then transferred to the medical admissions ward where we saw another doctor, he said their wasnt any chest infection and the x-ray was the same as the one he had done one month before, but they would treat him as thou he had a chest infection. less and than 4 hours he was moved to another ward called the wellington, all this time so far he was complaining of the tummy pains. every time he moved or tried to walk. again i felt this was ignored, the Tuesday night he had such pain they thought he was having a heart attack, they did a E C G this showed he was NOT having a heart attack, yet again they did not investigate the pain or anything else. on the wednesday he said he might be coming home on the thursday, even thou he had this pain. but.. . the thursday morning we had a phone call from the hospital to say can we go to him as he was in pain, when we arrived, he had vomited a lot of blood the remains of which was up the bed curtains and on his top. we asked what the hell was going on the doctor explained that he had a ruptured viscus. ( ruptured stomach ulser) and that he needed a operation. but by this point he was to weak to have a operation so there was nothing they could do except keep him comfortable. by 5.30pm he passed away it took the doctor until 6.30pm to comfirm this. Not once did they investigate the pain he was having, nor did they treat him for the pain he was getting at that time. they did treat him for a chest infection that he didnt have. and this cost him his life. if told them about this pain once he told them 50 times nothing was done.. the coroner telephoned and asked if we were happy with the cause of death that being a ruptured viscus, as he was happy to do a post mortam, because he had died of something he wasnt being treated for. we said yes we were happy with the cause of death and that we didnt want a pm, it then took a week for the hospital to release his body to the undertakers. i feel that he was let down by the nhs in a big way and that there is some kind of neglect. but i want answers why his pain was ignored and nothing done about it. mainly for closure. do you think this was a neglect or not. can you help and advice me on what to do next even get the answers that i need. i have e.mailed the chairman at the hospital but as No reply from the hospital. sorry this was long and thank you for reading it. lesley.
  2. Hi All I'm sorry! This is a long story! I'm really looking for some answers/guidance on the following: 10 years ago when I was 15 my Dad died after suffering with an illness for 3 very long years. I am the second eldest of 6 children and for years I have been wanting to get answers from the NHS regarding my Dad's care. Now I'm that bit older and wiser I would like to see if there is anything I can do. Over these 3 years my Dad declined drastically and would get crippling daily pain 'attacks' that would last hours. We believed his illness may have either been a muscular or cardio vascular disease. Towards the end he had lost quite a lot of weight and had blotches on his skin in the areas where he felt the most pain. These looked like deep bruising. I would spend a lot of time with him helping to apply pressure to certain parts of his body during these 'attacks' to help ease the pain. Once the pain was so intense he burst a blood vessel in his nose and blood was everywhere.(Sorry to be so open here but I want to paint the right picture). My Dad was constantly trying to get appointments with his GP and when he did he would send him for tests that took ages to attend due to waiting lists etc. The tests he did have proved nothing and were totally useless. Back and forth my Dad went to A+E when his pain was so severe and all they were able to do is give him basic drugs and wait until the pain subsided for a bit then we would go home and back to square one again and again. Then on a day in September 2002 we found my Dad dead in the living room(he was sleeping downstairs as easier then climbing the stairs and he tried to avoid waking us when an 'attack' came on). My Dad went through 2 post-mortems and it took over 2 weeks to put him to rest. At the coroners hearing his death was ruled as inconclusive and even the GP admitted that he thought my Dad's illness was in his head!!! (I personally feel something underhand has happened here but can't be 100% sure at this point in time). We have a lot of the documents and information from appointments etc still and my Dad's samples in storage on ice. What makes the situation worse is that a few months into my Dad's illness he was trying to finish a job(he was previously a carpenter and wanted to try and complete the job he was on and he did not work again after this)but unfortunately he did not know the 'person' he was doing the job for was dodgy. When it came to my Dad going around there to get his pay at the end of the job the 'person' offered him large bags of drugs as payment, naturally my Dad was not happy about this and it ended up that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed someone get shot and killed. My Dad naturally gave his statement to the police and when it came to the murderers court hearing my Dad requested that his statement was withdrawn for the safety of his family as the culprit was more 'connected' then we originally thought. The DC's on the case went against my Dad's wishes and put his statement forward anyway resulting in us having 12 hours to be moved by the witness protection programme-WWP up north. We were provided with a transit van that we could only fill once and £2.000 to set up a new home. We were not allowed to speak to any other family members or close friends and had to live a new life with a different sirname.(I dont mind sharing this now as my Dad's death has probably eliminated any threat to us.) How this ties in is that my Dad had already had appointments etc and notes with GP before the WPP move and his medical history was not passed on so he had to start again from scratch with the worst GP I have known. So here I am 10 years later with a Son of my own, 3 younger sisters, 1 younger and 1 older brother wanting to find out what went wrong. Most importantly we now live not knowing what my Dad died of and if this could be hereditary and passed down to any of us. This undiagnosis during my fathers illness caused us so much worry and stress, Dad was unable to work and claimed benefits to get us by. Even with the benefits he received due to there being no diagnosis it was virtually impossible to get Disabilty/Sickness benefit and with a family of 2 adults and 6 children JSA and child maintenance doesn't go far at all!! I need to get all my information together and in order to take this forward and I will do it. If I fail to get anywhere at least I know I've tried. I know the NHS has failed my Dad and our family and also the WPP is partially to blame but I will look into that at a later stage. My questions are as follows; What would you do? How would you do it? Again sorry for the length of this post and thank you for taking the time to read.
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