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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. Due to some unfortunate circumstances many years ago, I got into around £8000 worth of debt. I am still owing this money and really want to get it sorted as it has had a big effect on my life. A family member has offered to pay £2000 towards the debt for a full and final agreement. I would really like to get a mortgage at some point in the future and am pinning my hopes on having a better credit report in 4 years time (once the date of my last default, Feb 2012, falls off the report due to its age - the debts themselves are from 7 or so years ago) What I would like to know is if I make a full and final agreement now, will that update the credit report to now? ie. so that I will have to wait 6 years instead of 4 for a clear credit report? (last default is 4 years ago) I don't know if this is the same sort of question, but I noticed that my credit report has a 'date updated' section and that one of my creditors had updated this section recently. Because this section was updated does that mean that the debt has been brought up to date, i.e. again will I have to wait 6 years instead of 4 before it disappears if I do a full and final? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi I am just looking for some advice regarding AC. I can see alot of people have had many problems with them and I don't know if my problem is a new one? I just bought a nissan micra 1.2 from them (Linwood - Paisley Volkswagen Branch) and picked it up on Friday 22nd Nov 2013. It was from their used car range and something that currently fitted into my budget. On the Thursday when the sales person had called to say the car was ready, i had asked if the temperature dial that had a crack on it had been replaced as well as the chipped paint work on the rear end of the car. She confirmed the paint work had been touched up but the temperature dial knob hadn't been replaced as she wasn't sure about what temperature dial knob I had notified her about and now that she was aware she would get it fixed. On Friday it turned out that the temperature dial knob will arrive on Tuesday and my second key for the car should also arrive then too. I therefore, arranged for the car to be picked up on Weds 27th Nov, from my work and dropped off after the repairs have been carried out on it. I quickly left the garage with my car as it was coming to 5pm and I didn't want to get too caught up in Friday rush hour traffic. On Saturday as I went to pick up my family to head out to dinner, when the back seat passengers went to clip their seat belts in there was nothing for them to click them into. This morning (Sunday 24th Nov 2013) I phoned the garage and spoke with the sales rep' explaining the problem. She asked me to double check that the back seats didn't have their belt locks tucked under the seats etc. I went out and double checked and this time took pictures. I called her back and told her there defo was not any seat belts locks tucked anywhere in the back seats and to help her understand what I was trying to relay across to her I was going to email her pictures . She told me she had customers to deal with and after dealing with them she would check the pictures and get back to me. I have not had a call back. In my email to her I showed her what was missing in the car and also sent her a picture which i took from the internet to show what should be in the back of a car for seat belts to lock into. I also pasted some info' that i came across about how car dealers are not allowed to sell unroadworthy cars and are liable to a penalty. I asked in my email that they come take the car from me on Monday 25th Nov and give me an insured courtesy car for that period to drive until they sort the problems out as I have a family to drive around daily and at present my car is only legally suitable to carry one passenger. Can anyone advise me on how to get this matter resolved and should I be contacting trading standards or VOSA? If so, is there an address or phone number someone could kindly direct me towards so I can get this problem sorted. Many thanks. sarah
  3. Hello I am Andrea Borman. I am a new member just joined. I have a problem and have started a thread which I hope you can help me with. In Law section as I don't quite know where to post as there are so many forums.
  4. I live in the USA, but am from the UK. In July, I visited my family and rented a car at Heathrow from Sixt car rental. Before I left I called my Credit card, (as I always do) to ask if I was covered with collision and they replied yes I was as long as I paid with the card. I refused the DLW as I paid with my credit card. Well the worse happened....and on my way home to Heathrow, I was involved in a head on collision. Both cars were totaled. I had pulled out of a rest area, and was hit head on. The police came, said it was no one's fault, she would go through her insurance and Sixt would take care of my car, and I was on my way home, so have a good trip and dont worry. I called Sixt immediately and they asked if I needed another car, I said no, as my sister and an ambulance were on the way. The ambulance checked me over ( I was the only one hurt, but minor) . My sister came and we decided to go back to her house and go to the hospital back in her town. I was fine, just very sore, and a few cuts and bruises. Well I stayed an extra 3 weeks to recoup. While I was there, I called Sixt 3 times to ask if there was anything I needed to do. They said no...I was just going to loose my deposit. (I even called the main London office). as well. I go home after 3 weeks, thinking that was it. How lucky we were. Fast forward 6 months. I go get my mail to find a letter from Sixt stating my 12,600 odd pounds was now past due and they were demanding payment. What 12,000 pounds???? I called the next day (time difference) and was informed their insurance co. found me at fault and I now owe the money. I explained all the above......the police comments, the 3 calls et... et... and why now after all this time they are demanding payment as this is the FIRST I have ever heard of ANY claim! Long story short, they say I owe the money, period. They have no record of any calls from me, (I am sure my sister's phone bill can show them), et... So I call my Credit card company and get this......yes, I was totally covered, BUT ....I had 90 days to file a claim and 45 days to inform them of the accident. I didnt know there WAS a claim until 6 months later!! So, what is my legal stance? Surely Sixt had some kind of obligation to inform me? I have no clue what to do, and no one has any answers. HELP someone!!!
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