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Found 7 results

  1. I have a debt under my DMP that is now with NCO Europe I presume they are merely the collectors for the original business-Direct Line Loans. Can anyone offer advice about this?
  2. Hi all, I CCA'd an old EGG loan that had ended up with Arrow/NCOEurope last July and had a "we're looking for your agreement, please keep paying" letter in October, although they did say they didn't accept the were the creditor and returned my postal order. I had been paying them on a payplan agreement from August 2004 to August 2016, stopping after sending the CCA request. Today, they've finally provided something and it looks pretty genuine to me, although it's prefaced by an "OFT deems reconstituted agreements acceptable" cover letter. Two yearly statements are also attached covering 2008-2010. The loan was for £6000 and taken out in April 2004. I defaulted in August 2004, and the amount left is £2753.25. They now want me to provide a proposal for repayment. do I try calling them on the agreement? It's got my signature on it, but doesn't include the full terms and conditions. Or do I bite the bullet and offer them a full and final? I've no wish to be drip feeding them money for the next few years... Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Hi all, Can I ask for some advice, I have sent a CCA request to NCO Europe and sent a chaser as had not received a response. They have sent the below. Do I need to make payments and can they reflect this negativity in my credit report until they supply the requested info? Would anyone be able to advise how I respond/any action I need to take? I was led to believe my account had to be put on hold during this time? Good Morning/Afternoon, NCO ref: ***** Arrow Gloabl Ref : ****** Balance : £767.41 Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding our mutual client, the content of which has been duly noted. As we made you aware with our last email , we are chasing this as a matter of urgencey. As soon as we have any response from Arrow global we will be in touch with yourself. However we regret to inform you at this time that there is a contractual amount attached to this account at £1.19 per calendar month. This is from the original terms & conditions you would have signed when they first opened the account. We have to make you aware failure to meet the contractual amount may result in arrears on your account. This may lead to their account being updated as defaulted, which will have a negative impact on their credit rating, and make it more difficult to secure further lines of credit for up to six years after the default date. No interest or charges are being applied
  4. Hi-at last I have the scanner and here are first of them-Amex-CCA they sent and new letter from NCO-do I ignore it or reply please
  5. i had a out standing debt with Orange for £71.10p. i had bin a long standing customer with orange but in 2010 when it came to up date my phone n contract they got me good and proper, with dongles n stuff i didn't want. and long story short after my baby died of cot death, i was stuck with debts and a phone contract i could no longer afford. i tried for months to keep it going and carry on paying but got to a point where i couldn't. i had a letter last week saying Orange wanted the 71 quid out standing. my plan was in the new year i was going to Bristol debt advice to try and sort every thing out. because i am on beneifits for long term clinical depression and the debt is really affecting my depression and life in a big way. yesterday i had a phone call from NCO Euro, informing me that Orange had passed my debt on to them and they wanted to collect a sum of £250 odd quid and if i couldn't pay now that in 2 weeks time they would have to take action. What does this mean please? does this mean that in 2 weeks time they are going to turn up on my door step wanting money? are they able to come in my house and take my little girls christmas presents, because thats the only thing i have of any worth. i need some sort of advice as to where i stand and what i can do. i am also 4 months pregnant again and suffer from anxyaty attacks. im a real mess and im having panic attacks every day worring about the mess n debt i am in and im very scared as to what all this stress is doing to my unborn child. can any help me please. because i am totaly clue-less.
  6. Hi there! I'm hoping I've put this in the right place - apologies if I haven't but I'm a bit rattled at the moment; thanks to our lovely friends at NCO. Basically Orange decided to pass me over to NCO (without warning or informing me that they were doing so) and because I knew the debt was mine and Orange flatly refused to discuss setting up a payment plan; I thought that agreeing to pay in installments of £50 a month to someone that actually seemed reasonable was the way to go. The direct debit was set up and two months went by with the payments going through absolutely no problem. Fast forward to today and I get a phone call from the lovely NCO people regarding the "£2000+ on your account that you'll be paying off today"... My face looked a little like this for a moment while I wondered what on Earth this woman was talking about. I finally got a word in edgeways and asked her what was going on - the £50 had been taken at the beginning of the previous 2 months and I'd not been contacted at all to say it hadn't come out this month so I was a bit floored to hear that I suddenly owed over £2000. Apparently NCO has *tried* to take the £50 and it failed (I don't know how, as my account had plenty of money for them to take it...) so they decided to cancel the direct debit completely and then wait for about 3 weeks before telling me. They are now telling me that it's my fault that the payment wasn't made, it's my fault that the direct debit "had to be" cancelled and it's my fault for not checking my bank account every single day to make sure they were paid. The man I spoke to then went on to tell me: "It's your debt, it's your fault for getting into it in the first place and it's your responsibility to make sure we get our money. So don't give me excuses about being disabled; it's all on you." (I am disabled, I'm unable to leave my flat unassisted so I can't just go toddling off up the road to check my bank balance every day; which I explained to NCO...Their response was to laugh...Charming.) Anyway, when I asked why I hadn't been contacted sooner; either by phone or by a letter in the mail the man became a bit more aggressive towards me and wouldn't (or couldn't) answer me. I then asked him if the direct debit had been returned; why hadn't I been notified by my bank (I get email alerts about this type of thing) about a returned direct debit charge and he couldn't answer that either. I was then told that if I wanted to reinstate the payment plan I would have to pay £50 using my debit card and then pay another £50 by direct debit on June 1st. I do not feel at all comfortable giving them my card details and my bank has told me categorically that I should not pay them over the phone as it sounds a bit (in their words exactly) "dodgy". They also told me that the way NCO told me that the direct debit was reinstated is totally wrong - NCO have to contact the bank and ask for a new code and it's set up from there. My bank have also told me that if the direct debit was returned, I would be charged and they looked as far into the future as they could on my account and guess what...? NO upcoming charges at all. So my question now is what on earth do I do? The way that NCO have done things just seems really dodgy and very poor business practice; the way they spoke to me is just ridiculous and even my bank have said that it doesn't sound right at all. Any advice would be great as I'm a bit stumped and quite annoyed with the whole situation. Come back Orange - all is forgiven!
  7. Hi, My girlfriend took out an 18month contract phone a while back and towards the end of this contract wanted to go abroad for a year but found out that Orange had her on the system as a 24month contract. She tried to fight this but they wouldn't listen and as such she cancelled the direct debit and left the country. 12 months later she has returned to a pile of letters threatening bailiffs and court action from the likes of NCO and westminster solicitors. In this sort of dispute can we just ask Orange to provide proof of this 24month contract and if they can't we shouldn't have to pay them. Its a case of 2 sides to this story and without evidence I don't think they can keep hounding her or can they? As I don't know either way and my girlfriend is adament that it was only an 18month contract i feel that Orange should have proof of these contracts. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Andy
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