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Found 11 results

  1. I'm reproducing this email despite what it says at the bottom. Will I go to prison The address it came from is Johannesburg South Africa, is that near Richmond ? I live in a completely different part of the country.
  2. he should never get a licence again http://www.mkweb.co.uk/News/Court-revokes-bailiffs-licence-20140409140000.htm
  3. Well I have had my second appointment with INGEUS, what a total waste of time and space this 'organisation' is. My CV is excellent, I need no help with applying for jobs or interview skills or confidence building. I worked for a high profile company in London for 18 years and was made redundant - I am by far more skilled and organised than these people. So no, I don't want to see you every week and I just want to be left alone to look for work - I don't need your 'help' as you give NO HELP at all - you play tick box exercises, my adviser was shocked at my planner/tracker in WORD format and perfectly done and didn't say much as I am not an idiot! Anyway, as a bit of a researcher and someone who follows things up I decided to look up my adviser on Facebook and the girl who 'advises' who is around mid 20's has an open account for all to see - daft to say the least. Anyway, her last entry "fed up with work and dealing with idiots coming to see me daily" and the best one (guess referring to me) "Had one bloke in today only his 2nd appointment who has a perfect CV and does everything he should and I don't know what to do with him as he thinks he knows it all but still can't get a job so he is obviously not that good" Maybe I will keep these screenshots as ammo should she try anything with me like saying I am not trying hard enough etc. Loaded gun ... wonder what her bosses and DWP/JCP would think!
  4. I received a ticket for parking in Farnham Maltings car park at the weekend and the ticket, being from a private company employed to monitor parking there is wrong on so many levels. Firstly the plastic envelope reads "Penalty Charge Notice" and the ticket inside reads the same and mentions penalty throughout. It also uses the words "Civil Enforcement Officer" and says that a "Notice to Owner" will be issued. Now, I am told that the company that issued this demand for money also has the contract for operating as Civil Enforcement Officers for Waverley council and so it appears as though they are saving money by recycling the little envelopes and ticket formats for their private jobs as well. NSL- naughty naughty naughty
  5. The unauthorised sales practices of staff working for major estate agencies including Countrywide, Connells and Spicer Haart have been exposed in an investigative documentary. As part of Channel 4’s Dispatches, broadcast last night, an agent from Countrywide, the UK’s largest estate agency group, was secretly recorded telling a reporter that his firm had exclusive rights to promote the second phase of the Help to Buy scheme. The agent told Channel 4’s reporter: “The scheme kicks in from next year but because Countrywide does so many mortgages for the main lenders they’ve given us the go ahead on it now.” A spokesman from PalmerSnell, part of the Countrywide group, issued an apology on behalf of the “one branch” which had deviated from agreed marketing material regarding Help to Buy. Abbotts estate agents, also part of the Countrywide group, was later exposed for advising the sale of buy-to-let mortgages to buyers who were unable to obtain residential loans. When asked by undercover reporters what options were available when the employment history they provided were insufficient for traditional mortgage lenders, the agents proposed the route of buy-to-let - saying it was “a bit naughty.” The programme also featured several secretly filmed visits to estate agencies by an undercover reporter posing as a homebuyer. On one such visit to Barnard Marcus, part of the Connells group, the reporter was informed that using an in-house mortgage adviser would result in the buyer getting to view properties earlier than those who did not. Further to this ‘priority viewing’ practice, Felicity J Lord - a member of the Spicer Haart group - said it would recommend offers from buyers who opted to use the agency’s in-house mortgage broker. A Barnard Marcus member of staff also told an undercover reporter they would remove a property from the market once an agreement was in place to use an estate agent’s in-house mortgage adviser. Both estate agencies offered a response to Channel 4 in light of the revelations. Barnard Marcus said: “Our in-house services are entirely optional. We treat all buyers equally, regardless of whether they use additional services. “We take allegations of pressurised selling very seriously. We have a legal obligation to qualify buyers and forward all offers in writing to vendors.” Felicity J Lord said: “We seek to act in the best interests of our customer, the seller of a property at all times. It is not our practice to discriminate against any consumer because they decline to buy in-house services. “Our mortgage advisers compare rates across the whole of the market in order to find the best deal for buyers.” A spokeswoman from Countrywide Mortgage Services says: ”We do not condone such actions and take these matters very seriously. Once this matter was brought to our attention, we took immediate action and implemented our internal investigations process. The individuals identified have been suspended pending formal internal investigation.” Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/2002318.article
  6. Hi Guys Long time reader of the forums, have only posted in one thread before regarding parking tickets when I was issued one in 2009. Advice was sound, nothing came of it as usual, a couple of 'debt' letters and they soon stopped writing.. I went to the British Grand Prix in 2012, parked at a services so my Uncle could pick me up from there, issued a ticket - again a couple of snotty letters, it's been nearly a year since and not a peep. Recently though, they've tightened parking where I work. This means I'm choosing to park at a Sainburys across the road on a daily basis, for up to 8 hours a day, if I choose not to move my car.. The number plate on my car is pretty unique, so the guy who wanders round issuing tickets must love it each day knowing I'll be there long enough for him to issue a ticket. I've started amassing quite a few - all correspondence is kept for record, but ultimately ignored. I've started getting letters from controlaccount plc chasing the money, the usual stuff. In the back of my mind I'm worried that something more will come of it, because of the sheer volume that I am receiving. I've probably had 15 since the turn of the year.. Now I'm not here for pity or anything like that. I'm stupid for parking there knowing full well I'll get a ticket, and I know a lot of stories on here are "I was 2 minutes over the 3 hours period" and whatnot, I'm openly admitting I flaunt the rules daily, so no beef in that regard please. I just want your thoughts on how likely this is to go further, based on the 'evidence' they're gathering.. EDIT: Just to add - All of the regular 'charges' are issued by eurocarparks. Cheers Jaspen
  7. This loan belongs to my husband. Looks like about £1400 to reclaim in charges and interest will post spready up in a sec to check all ok. I came across something a bit naughty on MBNA's part whilst looking for charges, and wondered if there's anything worth doing here? The statements show interest is applied on the payment date, before the payment is taken off - fair enough. However, where a direct debit was returned unpaid, they have firstly added the returned DD amount to the loan, then added the charge, added the interest, then finally taken the direct debit off - so they have added more to the loan balance before applying interest! This happened on a few occasions throughout the loan. Are they allowed to do this? It doesn't seem right to me... I have also attached the loan agreement and DN, would be grateful if anyone could cast an eye over them to check they're ok.
  8. Noticed today a sign on local (Taunton) Dunelm mill door "if staying over three hours liable to a FINE This is a free car park for several shops, fair enough the 3 hour bit but a Fine? would have thought that was an illegal wording and anyway the park is free or am I being pedantic?
  9. They did it in America did anyone really believe they wouldn't do it here. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/offshorefinance/9665741/HSBC-investigation-Drug-dealers-gun-runners-and-Britains-biggest-bank.html
  10. 1st credit instructed a DCA to collect a debt that was disputed a long time ago. Complaint to DCA for not following the OFT Guidelines who says they new nothing of the debt being disputed. 1st credit investigating and stalling as usual. It will soon be time to forward the complaint to the OFT.
  11. http://www.thefinancepages.co.uk/companies/barclays-interest-rigging/01421/
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