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Found 5 results

  1. Good Morning all, I have been scammed by myloan-now as well. I contacted Natwest to initiate the chargeback process, however Natwest told me that because i had been looking for loans there is nothing they can do. I tried to make them understand that i might have been looking for loans but i never authorised myloan-now, i hadn't even been on their website, to take any kind of payment. I have been stung by these kind of credit brokers in the past, so the minute i see " we will charge a fee for our service " i close the browser. What i am trying to do now is get some clear information about the Chargeback scheme and how it works, because Natwest refuse to do it. If anyone can give me some info regarding this kind of transaction and how the Chargeback scheme works in relation to this kind of thing, i would be extremely grateful. cuzznx
  2. Evening all, brief background, my step daughter obviously got herself into financial difficulties, and hid letters in drawers rather than tell her mum and me. She has over this last weekend fessed up, and so here I am back on CAG (my how it's grown), my once second home ! Amongst numerous issues was her Lloyds TSB account, which was in arrears due to two transactions from myloan. After half an hour on here I had the picture, thanks go to all unfortunate CAGgers who have crossed their path and posted about it. I went to see the bank with her today, and met with a pretty clued up Branch Manager who had his own issues with the call centre. I have now fired off a pay it back letter to myloan with all the usual threats, as the call centre point blank refused to treat the matter as fraud, and I had not given myloan opportunity to deal with the dispute. After my own research I am more than convinced that this could constitute fraud. I am aware that some may say by entering details which would allow them to take money from the account would constitute agreeing to their t's&c's, but this does not explain why they took a £1-00 debit first, then a week later a debit of £68-99. Without entering any details on their website, they do make clear they are a broker, they do not anywhere without entering details explain how much. The fact they took £1-00 first suggests to me they were phishing, as clearly if they had an explicit agreement they would have taken their brokerage fee in one fell swoop ? Anyway letter sent, gave them 7 days, told them no questionnaire to be completed and no reminder of deadline ...... we'll see
  3. The goverment need to help protect ppl from companies like myloan... they took 69.99 from my daughter who is a single parent, working and struggling to make ends meet. The banks are no better as they were no help when she went to them to try and get her money back. something needs to be done about these companies.. who go ahead and take ppl's money and i dont know what to do, do we talk to our local mp's? does anyone else have any ideas of what joe public should be doing to stop innocent ppl getting ripped off for hundreds of pounds, please let me know, as i am seething that these companies are getting away with this.
  4. Hello, I have read loads of bad news stories regarding the myloan 69.99 [problem] and could honestly cry. I only had £70 left in my account for weeks shopping and they took it! I have not given ,y card details to them ever, I wouldn't as it says on their main front page that they take £69.99 and I would never have signed up for something asking for that kind of money. I rang my bank which is halifax and they seemed to be able to reel off the t & c s from myloan which was odd. Whats even more bizarre is that I found myloan emails in my spam now that I've looked and on the same day there is another email in my spam with photos removed as always happens with spam but you can see the link for the picture and it reads myloanquote.co.uk and Halifax logo ??? Is this just a coincidence do you think or have Halifax somehow released my card details? I feel gutted but have now emailed and written out a letter by recorded delivery to be sent to myloan to ask for a refund and to have my account cancelled immediately, I;ve also told them I do not authorise them to take any payments from my card as I've just read in their t & cs Section 5. Fees Should the £1 validation payment accept at any stage during the 60 days then we will attempt to take £68.99 once per day until you notify us in writing that you wish Us to cancel such attempts or a period of 60 days has passed I'm now panicking that in theory they could take £68.99 from my account every day, not that they'd have much luck with that. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  5. Hi Caggers, Last week thursday I was looking around for a payday loan to cover me this month. One company called My Loan came up in the search. I filled in my details, thinking they were asking me my card details to repay a loan, they took £69.99 from my account which has left me dry. I called them to let them know I dont require a company to find loans for me as I am capable of doing this myself, (my loan charge a finders fee) so they emailed me a cancellation form, i filled this out and received a reply saying i would be refunded within 30 days, although I was advised it would be much quicker than this. I called back today, spoke to a rather rude and unhelpful person who was adamant I won't be getting back my £69.99 until 3rd September , due to them waiting for reports back from their lenders saying I dont want their services. I shouldnt have to wait for this as I have cancelled directly with them. Any help appreciated, I refuse to let companies like this sit on my money!
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