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  1. A few weeks ago a bloke knocked holy hell out of my front door. Wondering what the matter was I went and answered. He started ranting on about something, I only caught part of it. Then I saw his jacket, the word Scotcall caught my eye and I saw red. I told him to go away and shut the door. I am registered disabled with COPD, a condition made worse when exposed to cold air, so there was no way I was going to stand at the door arguing the toss with him. It was a very cold day. I have clear 'no cold caller' signs on the door, including one issued by the Police which reads "No appointment? Don't bother knocking'. He banged on the door again, I just ignored him. after a while he went to his car then came back a few minutes later and shoved an envelope through the door. Knowing that it was nothing to do with me I put it straight into the recycling box, unopened. As we are a no cold calling area, and the signs on the door are quite are clear, I notified the local police neighbourhood team and trading standards. A couple of weeks later and he was back, banging on the door again. I was ready for him,. I had prepared a nice little note and had the copy by the door. I thrust it at him and told him clearly to off. He shoved the note back through the door. Ignorance like that annoys me so I opened the door again, told him to get off the premises or the Police would be called. He started to argue and said he was at liberty to call as often as he liked, I corrected him and shouted quite loudly at him, mainly to alert my neighbours of a potential problem. He backed away on to the street and carried on trying to tell me he had the right - I stopped him, pointed out that he had no rights at all, He knew that I was not the person he wanted to see so he was clearly wasting my time. I said that I was not a messaging service and that I would not discuss another person's financial matters even if they lived there. After he had left I was quite shaken and was in a bit of a state, to put it mildly. My inhalers were not bringing my breathing back to normal and my chest was tight. I suffered a lot of pain through the rest of the day and eventually got a taxi to A&E. They prodded and poked about and gave me pain relief. I had an EGC and x-ray, was sent up to a ward and left to rest a while. A doctor saw me at about 6am, I got no sleep at all that night. The main doctor saw me about 10am and by then the pain had gone, possibly due to the drip and being put on morphine. I was discharged and sent home at lunchtime. Thanks to the unwelcome caller I was unable to do very much for several days. I don't work, I'm not able to, but simple things like making a sandwich or a drink were difficult. I was still very uptight about his visit. I contacted trading standards again. They sent a complaint to Scotcall, I know it's all the same company. I've since had a letter to acknowledge the complaint and I've sent the person who wrote that an email with my side of the story, so there is no doubt about who called and what happened. I managed to get the car registration number last time, so was able to pass that on to TS and the Police. The letter mentions someone who may or may not live here who I am not responsible for. Regardless of if they were here or not, it was me he saw, me he hassled and me he put in hospital through causing me to be so stressed. This has been mentioned to Scotcall. I await their reply. I've repeated that i am not a messaging service and have no reason to speak to their agent at all. I consider his actions to be harassment. He's not been back since. If he does I will be calling 999 straight away as he will be causing a breach of the peace just by being there. He's been told, very clearly, to stay away. Had I been any fitter I would have happily marched him back to his car and shoved him in it. I will not stand for little Hitler's like him barking orders at me as he tried to. I know what Scotcall are about and they now know what little regard I have for them and their agent. I do not bow to threats and intimidation. I'll let you know if I hear any more. If anyone else gets a call from and agent Scotcall or Resolvecall, shut the door on them. If they hang around, call the Police.
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