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Found 4 results

  1. Folks, Long time since I've been on the CAG. I have had a couple of issues sorted with the help of this site, and I'm very grateful for the support so far. I am now wanting to end another 2 barclaycard accounts, which has balance amounting to 15K in total. One of these (the largest) is an old morgan stanley card bought by barclaycard few years ago. The balance was built up very quickly when the account was opened (circa 2004), and I have managed minimum repayments for many many years. Those are more than £200 a month. I have certainly paid well over 20K on that account over the years, and it's time to end it. So where do I go from here? I'm guessing a SAR for both accounts, CCA for the morgan stanley one? are the rules still similar to those from 2011? e.g. if they cannot produce an enforceable agreement, I can end this quickly? also, i understand there's new legislation around over-limit and late fees which can be claimed back? in my case i'm sure these are significant! Any other advise? I need to end these debts once and for all. Thanks all. NC
  2. Hello out there to anyone who can help. I currently have a thread running in legal issues http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/192275-ccj-interest-debt.html and as the advice I've been given has made me lift my head out of the sand a little more I thought I'd try and tackle my issues with Barclaycard. I had accounts with Goldfish and Morgan Stanley(probably around 7-10 years old) which unfortunately ran into difficulty. I arranged payments with both these accounts on an interest free basis and all was running smoothly. Since last year Barclaycard have take over both the accounts and I believe they are going to try and railroad me. They've already started to charge interest on the accounts (which I have had to get refunded)despite my arrangements and are starting to prove troublesome. Is it worth trying the account(s) in dispute tactic and sending SARs etc to see what they hold on me and if they have the CA's on these accounts bearing in mind the age of them. I've never trusted Barclaycard and previous accounts I have had with them I have settled. I did not choose them as my creditors and I would love to get them off my back if I can. Any suggestions where I might start?
  3. Hi to everyone. Can someone help, Have received some info after three letters but still waiting for statments from 2000 to 2008. Which calculation form do i use for credit card PPI, which APR do i use and do i use 8% interest? this PPI is still running on my credit card to scared to cancel it but also done know how to cancel it. Bob Diamond was in charge of Morgan stanley what a surpise. Thanks if you can help:?:
  4. Hi all !! I am about to send Barclaycard an SAR for a card they 'bought' from MSDW. It would appear they added PPI to the card after it fell into their hands. I have only recently picked this up as the PPI was provided by Axa, who also do my health insurance for teeth and glasses and they also made the mistake of paying a (cancelled) rolling payment to the RAC which put the card over it's limit. So as well as PPI there are going to be Over Limit fees to deal with aswell. Quick question, is £10 enough for the SAR as I want to see the/any CCA they may hold or is it worth adding the extra £1 to make sure. Really the £10 should be enough as I want everything they hold on me, but knowing how slippery Barclays are, I don't want any hold ups. ( I think I have just answered my own question!!) Thanks for taking the time to read this, Lex
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