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Found 17 results

  1. Good Morning, I'm seeking some advice/direction from you for my mother following my fathers death in 2014. Her mortgage started in 2002 and was called a Natwest Foundations Mortgage, it was effectively an arranged credit line that allowed you to borrow up to the value of the property and pay off extra amounts when suited. Natwest withdrew this product and started locking peoples money in, there was widespread complaint online about this. At this time from research, many customers moved to other products offered by the bank however my father insisted he was staying on the product. Still to
  2. Hi I wonder if someone can help me? Last week I decided to fill out an online form with Lloyd to check if I had any PPI on any of the products I used to have with them. The products they had listed were, credit card, loan, over draft and mortgage to which I ticked all just In case. I’ve had a letter back to say “thank you for contacting them with your concerns over your mortgage payment protection, and I should fill out the form they have provided me”. They also added my mortgage account number ( this mortgage was paid back in 2016). I’m assuming I did have MPPI on my mor
  3. Hi all I've started a complaint with Santander about my mis-sold MPPI. We were FTB's in April 2009 and being the cautious person I am asked the IFA doing our mortgage about Income Protection. Low and behold we ended up with MPPI the only covered the mortgage payment and the house insurance not a penny more up to the value of £750, not what we asked for. However I did not pick on this at the time and it only came to light recently while sorting though some old paperwork and came across the policy document. This is where I finally read the small print properly. I've sent bac
  4. Currently have a case with the FSCS that i am trying to do myself Started as something else but they wrote to ask for details of a mppi policy . I am now trying to find information to submit to them but going round in circles. Have been told by solicitors the cheque was made payable to Commitments but sent to the broker (who is declared in default with fscs) Neither ourselves, the mortgage company nor the solicitors have any further details regarding policy numbers etc. as it was all done by the broker. Interestingly i had a call followed by a letter from a Commitmen
  5. Hello, A few years ago a company called Loancheck and a firm of solicitors, Watson's from Llandudno, carried out an audit on my mortgage. as probably many on here already know, those two organisations are no longer in existence. Recently I dug my file out on this old mortgage (redeemed in 2007) to try and piece it all together from the information I have. I have some paperwork but not all documents from the file Watson's had created for my case. One of the key documents missing from my files is the actual mortgage agreement. I'm not sure if it is in the
  6. Hi everyone, my good lady wife is to be made redundant at the end of the month. We have MPPI and the only condition of claiming is that she has to have an active jobseekers agreement. My cousin has just started claiming JSA, and they're already sending her on a 5 day 9-5 training course. The wife is paranoid that they are going to send her on these courses to teach her how to do joined up writing, send emails or whatever, but if she doesn't claim JSA will she still be sent on them? We'd be happy to just have the MPPI coming in as it's the equivalent of what she's be earni
  7. Short version. Took out a mortgage with Nationwide in 1997 using an IFA. Recommended to take out insuranceI with a company now owned by Aviva. It does not cover what we need and was linked to that mortgage in 1997. It was still being paid until last month and the mortgage was changed in 2003. At the time we had no idea it was linked to the mortgage and thought it was an income protection plan that would benefit us but it doesn't cover any self-employment and the broker was told that was the future plan and stability in work wasn't guarenteed.
  8. I was sold PPI with Norwich Union (Aviva) in 1997 by a broker alongside taking out a mortgage with Nationwide. Not knowing much about it at the time we were told it was a good product to have. So after looking into it now it seems not, as it would not have paid out after age 60 and would have ended before the full mortgage date. It doesn't cover self-employment and we weren't told that any claim would reduce state benefits or that it didn't cover any existing medical conditions. I can't remember ever receiving a copy of the original policy or a booklet at the time. I now have a copy
  9. In 2008 my wife and I were told that we had to have PPI for our mortgage. At the time I was self employed and told that I needed Legal and General's Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance as well Mortgage Payment Insurance which both had an 8% interest rate. The advisor and company are now not trading - does this mean I have no claim?
  10. Hi There Apologies to ask and I normally keep everything but I am unable to find my policy summary for a MPPI i have had on a mortgage with Halifax since 2003. Would anyone be able to help me and let me have either a copy of the booklet or the policy summary. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Since 1997 we have had MPPI and it's been found that it's not suitable for several reasons. We have gone down the road of the FOS but they say we can't claim against the advisor that sold it. 'As the business sold you PPI before 14 January 2005, and it was not a member of either GISC or MCCB, we cannot consider a complaint against it. But you may be able to complain against the underwriter of your PPI policy ( the insurance company that actually provided the cover). So there is a limitation but you don't always need to go back to the point of sale, or at least that is what they are
  12. Hi, am new to this forum and would really appreciate some advice, sorry if its confusing Paid off Coventry BS mortgage in May 2007. We've just received an annual statement from them (October 2012) showing how much we have paid in MPPI, which it says we took out with them in November 2007 paying a monthly premium of £23.87. Coventry says in the letter the policy is underwritten by Aviva. At the same time (November 2007) i applied for life insurance with Aviva who we have endowment policies with. They checked my medical records and i was accepted and began paying my monthly premi
  13. I've sent everything to the advisor and they deny any fault. They have gained details from previous employers without consent and it's not correct. It was the employer at the time the mortgage was taken out that they have gained information from. It also seems that on each payment made the advisor has had a cut of that but it's very much played down. The advisor was told about past agency work and that self-employment could happen at any time due to the nature of the industry and planning a business. What can I do? Surely the advisor and the company I worked for have no right in disc
  14. Took out a mortgage in 2001 with Northern Rock. When the mortage was taken out they told me I had to have life cover for the term of the mortgage, which I did (and still have) It's a decreasing one. Once all the mortgage stuff had gone through I got a letter from the Solicitors with my completion statement in it. On this statement there is a MPPI premium on it of £2835.00.???? I can't find anything in my Northern Rock stuff saying anything about it. But it is there in black and white on my Solicitors letter. How do I find out where this money went to?
  15. Hi everyone, New today, first post Sorry but it is a long one but to explain.... Back in 2001 I was a self- employed butcher and took out a mortgage, with my wife, with Abbey National. After paying off an extra 15k on the outstanding mortgage and 3 years later my business lease was coming to an end but as I didn't want to renew the lease, I wanted to buy a new business. Abbey would not entertain my request for equity release even though only 35k was outstanding on my mortgage (the property cost 120k in 2001). This is when my problems started. Having been a customer of HSBC both persona
  16. Hi Everyone, I need your help. I had a mortgage with Halifax in 2004 and started having payment problems because I lost my job. Halifax started harassing me with phone calls, demand letters etc - all what this did was stress me out, in the end I went for help at Citizens Advice Bureau who recommended bankruptcy, so was made bankrupt and the hosue was sold. At the time I was not able to think right of any insurance in my mortgage because it was included in my monthly payment. Having checked the insurance document, the Halifax Insurance Ireland Ltd should have paid for my mortgage d
  17. Wonder if anyone could help here? I was made redundant and had taken out an Mortgage Payment Protection Policy which will pay out for 12 months - directly into my bank account ( the insurers' policy to do this. ) I have been claiming Contribution Based JSA and this will be finishing in about 4 weeks' time. After that point, am I eligible to claim Income based JSA or will my MPPI payment be classed as income? It is to cover mortgage payments and other debts - credit cards etc , so I receive £700 per month. approx £550 of this is mortgage payment. Can anyone advise me if this is classed
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