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Found 52 results

  1. Wondering if you have any updates on this? Been in Canada for 3 years - been paying back UK debt and SLC. Its crippling me with the currency conversion.
  2. I moved to Canada 2 years ago as a Permanent Resident and I've been paying the SLC for the last 18 months but now I've had a private loan recalled (father in law) and I can't make payments to him, MBNA UK (£10,000 on 0% credit card) and the SLC. I've decided to pay my family and MBNA but I want to know what damage the SLC can do to me. If not paying the SLC is going to ruin my credit then I'd rather lump it all in and default on the MBNA too so I can pay this private loan back quicker. If not I'm happy to pay. I get my citizenship next year and it's unlikely we will be returning to the UK. Ireland at some point possibly but not the UK. Loans were taken 2005, 2009-2012. Totally £21,000. Outstanding is £15,000 Thanks in advance.
  3. I have 2 credit cards, both with Capital One, (£1.500 and £500), which I had been paying my due fees to every month, until recently, as I moved out of the UK to my original EU country. For the first couple of months I still continued to pay however things are not going well here and I've found myself with no money to pay the monthly fees. So I started paying £5 each month per card. I want to continue doing so, as I think that would not make things worse for me if at least they see I want to continue paying even if it's just a small amount. I don't know if that makes any difference, but I hope it does, because right now that's what I can afford. The problem I have is right before I left, almost six months ago, I closed both my bank accounts in the UK, as I thought it would be better to not have any open accounts. I continued paying the £5 using a debit card from an online bank I opened when I moved here, a bank which is based in Germany. I had no problems paying, I always did it oline via their Capital One online form. Unfortunately after a few months the online bank emailed me saying I neded to let them know whether I'm a resident in two countries or not, as they'd noticed I was making regular payments to somewhere in the UK. I got a bit scared by this so I decided not to reply and to just never use the account or card again. For the past couple of months I've been searching for a way to pay with another card, I've purchased a couple of prepaid debit cards which have been rejected by CapOne when attempting to pay online. I suspect it's the fact that, when asked for the address and postcode of the card, I put my old UK info and of course that doesn't match with the Spanish address I had to give to be able to register the prepaid debit card. But when I used to pay with the online bank debit card I also put the UK address and the payments went through anyway? So my question would be, if I put my spanish address in the Cap.One online payment page, would they be able to see that I'm paying with a card with a spanish billing address? I'm trying to avoid them knowing I moved out of the UK because I don't want them to know where I live now and have them harassing me here. They're already making phone calls to my UK mobile phone several times a day, sending multiple emails, and I suppose many letters may have arrived at my former UK address. Thanks.
  4. 18 months ago I moved out of my parents house into my first flat (renting) I thought that I'd set up all of my payments (gas, electric, council tax etc), Today I received a letter from united utilities saying they have recently found that my address is occupied and are going to send me a water bill. I've looked over my previous statements, and yes, I didn't inform UU that I'd moved in. I know this was extremely stupid! Obviously I have to ring them and sort this out, I have the money to pay for 18 months worth of bills, but am just afraid of what to expect when I call. Will they threaten me with legal action over failing to disclose my address? Will it affect my credit rating? if I ring them tomorrow to get this sorted, apologise and offer to pay in full, what kind of backlash/penalties can I expect?
  5. Asking on behalf of someone I met earlier today. They moved into a council house 2 to 3 weeks back and have a problem with rats getting into the kitchen and bathroom via existing holes in the kitchen floor. Rats have been present in the rooms at the same time as the residents. The council advised they offer no free pest control service but the tenants can pay for the council to visit at a cost of nearly £50. Does the council not have a duty to deal with this as the problem was present when the tenancy started. And, if the council has such a duty, can someone quote the legislation so the tenants can take this back to the council. Thanks
  6. Good afternoon everyone, Yes, it's my first post at the forum because I haven't had any problems like that and my knowledge of UK's law is very poor on this field. Let's start from begining. I've bought a car in August 2017 and got few PCN's that I didn't pay at the begining. After few weeks I got 2 letters from Medway Council to pay two different PCN's that I've paid (last one was on 27th September). Two days after I've moved to another flat in gorgeous Chatham. I've informed DVLA about moving and have VC5 with new address and a date 08/11/2017. Since then I didn't get any letters informing me to pay PCN's at my new address. And here the story begins... Last Friday morning (27/5/2018) I went out to my car and I saw it's going away on a service car . I've had no idea what's going on but I thought it might had some connection with those last years' PCN's I called Medway Council to find out what's going on. A lady I was speaking with told me that it's being taken by Jacobs because of unpaid PCN's and gave me their number. I've managed to contact with a man who was in charge of my case and he told me I had to pay £950 if I wanted to get my car back (while my car is worth £1500) and every next day I'll be charged £15 for parking. I needed this car next day to get me and my girlfriend to work so I'd met that man and paid him all the money he asked for just not to lose next day without the car. Do you think this kind of acting is legal? In my opinion I was robbed and I regret I didn't called the police that my car was stolen. Can you please tell me if there is something I can do to get any money back? Thank you in advance for any help.
  7. Some of you are aware of the colossal screw up the DWP made when moving people from IB to ESA over the last 5yrs. Some 75000 were wrongly placed in the incorrect ESA group which has led to them being underpaid for years. I got some advice from a local community service, got the ESA3 forms from the DWP and asked to be moved from Cont Based to Income Related ESA... and pointed out that this would need to be backdated 4yrs due to their mistake. 3 weeks later I call to chase it up, spoke to a very helpful lady, who looked into it, awarded me IRESA immediately, and passed it to the team dealing with the backdating issues. I pointed out that due to the screw up I couldn't even get my prescriptions because I was on the wrong sort of ESA and had 2 days of meds left and no money to pay for them, and my HC2 had been delayed due to NHS jobsworths. That was the 21st of Dec... I was then able to get my meds the same day, and I was expecting a long wait for the backdating issue to be looked at. But on the 15th Jan.. I had a letter stating that they'd agreed to back date me from Dec 2014 for the sum total of £2133. It also said that it couldn't be back dated to the actual change due to section 27 of the social security act 1998. So I'm very happy to be getting an extra £13.50 a week and the under payment has already been paid into my bank. My personal opinion is that this wasn't an actual mistake... but that they deliberately tried to save money and according to info I've read on other rights websites... were made aware of years ago and did nothing... but now that they can further save money by not paying people the full amounts they would be owed... now they admit they messed up. But it's freed me from debt, given me a cushion in the bank for emergencies for a little while at least... and the extra money will come in handy and stop me from deciding if I eat or turn the heating on this winter. So my advice to anyone in the same position... Get onto the DWP, ask for the ESA3 form and fill it in, ask for it to be reviewed and backdated... Don't wait for them to get in touch with you.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and hoping for a little bit of help and advice, if possible. Briefly, I owe cira £20k on credit cards and loans. All were taken out within the last 2 - 3 years and, as yet, I have not missed a payment on any of them. The breakdown is as follows: Nationwide Loan 8k (taken out 2015), Nationwide Credit Card 5k (taken out 2014), Virgin Money Credit Card 4k (taken out 2016), Sainsbury's Bank Loan 3k (taken out 2015). Like I said, to date I have not missed a single payment on any of the cards/loans (I'm frightened to do so) but due to a big change in circumstances I most definitely will be missing payments soon. I suffered a heart attack a couple of years ago and have been struggling in my job ever since as it was a very physical. Unfortunately I had to give it up in June this year as it was affecting my breathing. At the time I lived in England but moved to Northern Ireland to be near family last month and for a new start and less stressful life. I am not currently in employment and as yet, I have not tried to claim any benefits (I struggle with that concept). Up until now I have been living on what little savings I have but these will be exhausted in the next few weeks. I've read through a lot of the threads on here but am getting very confused. I guess what I am asking is for some advice on what to do first. Should I let the debts default? Or should I contact the lenders now, before that happens? I'm in Northern Ireland so I know the rules regarding debt is slightly different. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Worried51
  9. Hi all, I'll be brief. We moved into a new property a couple of months ago (we're renting), and the agency supplied to the EOn our gas and leccy meter readings. Last week we received the first bill with the estimate consumption and, we thought, it looked reasonable. We then checked the meter reading ourselves for the first time and... SHOCK! The meter reads 27***, while the starting reading (two months ago, bear in mind), shows 21***. From where the meter is placed, it's pretty hard to read the little digits displayed, and we think that the second digit (the "7") got read as a "1"... if you look at a digital display from the top at an angle it's pretty easy to confuse a 7 for a 1. Try it Anyway, looking at the previous estimate AND knowing that the property has used 27*** kWh of electricity in 7 years (when the meter was replaced and zeroed - there's a label on it), suggesting that on average it should not consume more than 3800 kWh PER YEAR, this seems to be a meter reading mistake through and through. My question for you all is... what are we supposed to do? We certainly don't want to pay 1200£ of leccy for a reading error! Thanks a lot Paolo
  10. Myself and my wife moved into a 55 age group housing association flat around four years ago. It's been bliss for the four years, now the housing association has moved in a new tenant above us, he's a 58 year old Heavy Metal fanatic, our worst nightmare! As expected the noise has started to get worse, especially since the tenant purchased a boom box and a sound bar sound system, the noise isn't particularly loud but there is a constant boom boom noise which gets to you after a while. We went to see the tenant and asked him very nicely if he could turn the volume down because the noise is booming in our living room. The person got very angry and said that the housing association informed him that he could play his music whenever he wants and at what volume he wants. The housing officer is calling to see both of us tomorrow, but I dont hold my hopes up because this tenant is so selfish and inconsiderate. What makes matters worse is that my wife suffers with high blood pressure and has had a few strokes, she's been crying for the last two days because of the fear that our home has been ruined by the selfish actions of this tenant. If in the event that the housing association fails to do anything would they be responsible for arranging a transfer for us under the duty of care? I know this is a drastic way to resolve the problem, but I can see nothing but trouble by staying at this tenancy.
  11. Hi, We recently moved house and new property did not have and working landline. Previous supplier was Virgin Media but that was cancelled by the previous occupier's family. When I looked to transfer from my current home the website said I would have to pay a new connection charge for engineer etc. As BT couldn't provide the service I arranged for Sky to provide phone line and Broadband as part of my existing TV package, BT however want to charge £169.75 early termination of contract fee and a separate charge of £31 for "cessation of broadband." My question is simple, are they entitled to make these charges as I moved house to a residence that did nnot have a supply.. Surely the contract was broken. Any advice would be gratefully received how to avoid these charges Thank You Trojan
  12. I called EE stating that I moved abroad and they won't cancel my contract as I've only been in it for 4 months and would have to pay £631 for termination fee. I asked if it was possible to change my contract to pay less and they said no. Is there any way to get out of this contract without them being unfair?
  13. Ok, Here's the first one guys and gals. Its for the lowest amount and from Creation. They have sent me every statement, but just look at the enclosed letter and requested CCA. Enforceable or Not ?? Absolutely Blank!!! Nothing on it whatsoever. Now do I just sit tight and wait, or send a letter back advising they have defaulted on sending the required agreement. My instincts are to just sit and wait as they obviously can't provide it, but what are the thoughts of you experienced ppl. Thank You
  14. Hi I am having some issues with Virgin Media and would appreciate some advice. I took out a contract with VM in February of this year when we moved house into rented property. It was an 18 month contract for phone and broadband only. Then in July we were given the opportunity to purchase a property on a government scheme in a new housing development which we did. I had hoped to transfer the contract over but VM said they couldn't supply me in the new property so I would have to cancel the contract but they would charge me £240 for the pleasure of doing that (the remaining months on the contract) I felt this was unfair as they can't supply me and I would have taken the service with me. I also have heard they turned down the option to install cables to the estate which would have allowed them to supply me. I cancelled the contract, cancelled my direct debit and wrote to their complaints department. To which I got a letter addressed to my new address informing me they only agree to supply the property at start of contract not the person therefore I have to pay up. I still don't think this right and refused to pay. I sent the equipment back. Then I didn't hear anything from then for a month. Yesterday I get a call from debt collection company saying they are chasing the outstanding fee. I am told the VM have written to me a number times but turns out these letters went to my old address as that's all they have on record. That isn't the case as they have written to me in current property. They also have my email address they could have written to me at but didn't. Generally I am fed up with VM and won't be going back even if they can supply me in the future. I would like some advice on where to complain to next, on what grounds and if I have a case. I was thinking that they can only charge me to cover their losses not a loss of income. The term in the T&CS sounds like a penalty clause which isn't enforceable in court. Mike
  15. Could someone help me understand what "Moved within area" means. I recently applied for housing benefit and got a letter from them saying that claim has been cancelled and "Moved within area - Please reply."? Any help please?
  16. I am currently registered as a single person living at my address and I get the single person discount. My girlfriend moved in January 1st and I need to update my council tax. I want to check if I would get into trouble for not updating this sooner, can they back date it?
  17. Hi guys, I was referred here by a colleague because you were helpful to him. I was living with a friend up until recently. He has moved to Australia (15th September he left). Since his departure we have received many letters from various companies, but I have no idea of their names. The envelopes are blank, with nothing but his name and a return PO Box address on them. This morning we received a hand delivered letter, which is the calling card of debt collectors I am lead to believe. Again I don't know the company involved. I have spoken to said housemate about this, and he said that he knows his debts and will telephone them to sort it out, but I have little faith in this. Obviously I do not wish to have debt collectors knocking at our door demanding money/goods/whatever, and I am wondering the best course of action. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I'm new here. I'm currently on ESA in the support group. I received a letter a few weeks ago saying that as I'm now approaching state pension age ( 6th January 2016) I was going to be paid £111.28p a week as off 25th January. I don't qualify for the full amount of £115 as I don't have enough stamps. My question is...will I be eligible for pension credit on top of my state pension as this amount is a lot less than I was getting on ESA. I live alone. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  19. I too have stupidly done the same thing Scotia39. I had my partner move in April of this year and been claiming as a single parent. He earns less than me 14,000pa and has been paying the rent on the house. Had a letter today from HMRC and they want bank statements, bills etc....everything in my name still but just so wish id told them. Feel ashamed of myself .
  20. Circle housing are known for being terrible when it comes to repairs. I've just moved into a new flat a couple of days ago, I found 7 faults, 2 of which I fixed myself (loose waste pipes / light starter). but the other 5, are a bit more complicated. Window very loose and doesn't close properly, leaking copper pipes (only when water is flowing), toilet doesn't stop filling up (I turn this off at the valve when not needed), outside light turns on and off, and a heater doesn't work. I have reported the faults, and listed the issues, explaining that the water doesn't leak when the taps are off and I turn the toilet off with the valve. How ever I came home yesterday and found that they turned the water off for the entire flat. No notes or calls or anything. I tried to call but got the out of office hours message. The trouble is, that the repairs are only done mon-fri between 9am and 5pm. The exact hours I work. I was only given the flat because I am in full time employment! I have no idea how I can ever get the faults fixed. No one can tell me when they will turn up. I literally have to take two weeks off work as they can turn up any time. Not to mention my boss is being difficult and will only let me have half a day to sort out everything. I am stuck in this situation. I have no idea what to do about it.
  21. On behalf of friend. Works in retail as shop manager in Wimbledon. V good at job and is considered best manager in area. Area manager want to move him to a struggling branch in new malden. He doesn't want to go. What are his options. Have asked him to send me contract.
  22. Hello all, First of all, wonderful site and greetings: Over a year ago, I had some letters from a company called Erudio over an alleged student loan, (pre-1997 old style contract) As well over a decade has passed without acknowledging any debt or indeed action, I understand it to be statute barred. I moved well over a year ago and for six months had my mail redirected from my old address to the new. I began receiving demands for monies from Erudio (written to the old address), claiming that I owed them money, I hadn't heard from SLC prior to that; Erudio also claimed that there was an existing CCJ against me on record, having been issued by the SLC. I had been in the same house for 18 years prior, and never had any correspondence or claim at that address. I wrote to Erudio, disputed any alleged debt in full and informed them that any alleged debt was statute barred and in dispute, I also remarked that if there was a CCJ, then it was that CCJ that should be enforcing , not issuing a notice of assignment, as I understand the CCJ to be the 'debt'. (Claiming there to be an existing CCJ appears to be a stock accusation with these people. I received a few letters to my new address, which they obtained from a credit search, so they new I had moved, despite this, I recently found that they had won a judgement by default in April 2015 . I only found out about this judgement when I tried to switch my utility supply. It transpires that despite knowing I lived in a new address and I have documentary evidence to this affect, they have applied to the Court under my old address for a CCJ. While careful with what I said, Erudio claimed to have passed a file to a debt collection agency, if they thought that I was still at the previous address, why wouldn't they enforce the judgement using a Warrant of Execution? It's very clear to me that they knew full well that I wouldn't be at the previous address. I will need to set aside the Order but my questions are as follows: 1) I understand the set aside costs are likely to be £155, which is an extraordinary amount of money . Will I get this back and what's the best way of going about setting aside the judgment? Would I have to make a claim against Erudio? 2) If I manage to set aside, would anybody have any advice for the next steps? Thanks in advance for any replies and/or assistance.
  23. My friend received two letters on Saturday. He has been in the support group for a while, and was awaiting the outcome of an ATOS assesment. Letter 1 told him he had been moved and has lost the support elemen of his money and Letter 2 tells him that he has a Mandatory Work Interview this Thursday, at the local jobcentre. I am not going to try and deal with an appeal myself, (too much has changed and too much is at stake for people if I cock up as a non-professional). I am going to refer him to a local disability charity that helps with these things. Quite well apparently, for a small fee. Anyway, whilst I get on with doing that could anyone tell me this, if we write immediately stating we wish to appeal this decision, does he still have to attend this appointment on Thursday? I would hand deliver a letter to the person he is supposed to see enclosing proof of his appeal (Mandatory Reconsideration). And also whilst he is being reconsidered/appealing, will they still dock the support element of his money? He is not well enough to attend the JC. He has just registered with a new GP who specialises with his problem , but has yet to see him. I am also a bit concerned that by appealing he might lose his money entirely and be forced onto JSA,in which case that will be the end of him as he cannot function like we do. Any comments on this especially welcome. I am told that this is rare, but can happen. Many thanks for reading.
  24. My partner is going to move into my rented room with me which is in a shared flat. I am paying £370 for the room currently and our contract is up for renewal at the end of the month. The landlord is happy with her moving into my room but is going to charge £170 (half my rent value). This means we are now paying ~£540 for the room which is £140 more than my housemate pays for a room twice as large as mine. The landlords justification is that this is an industry standard (i.e. to charge half rent to the second person) is this the case? Apparently its to cover additional wear and tear. It seems more like greed to me as the deposit is to cover any damages and wear and tear should be expected and not covered by the tenant, especially not to the tune of £170/month.
  25. Hello all, Thanks in advance for having a look at my post. I've been abroad since finishing university in 2004, while my loan was taken out in 1999 making it a new style loan. No contact was made by either side (i did not tell them I was moving abroad nor gave any info about my work life) until march this year when my old UK address received a letter asking for income info. I sent a reply stating I am abroad and working and an SAR to boot. 2 months later no reply. I am about to sent the "no reply to SAR within 40 days" letter but I'm worried about follow up. I no longer have an official UK address, will this hamper me going through the county courts? What can I expect to gain by doing so over data protection? I hope I've been clear General advice would also be most welcome! Thank you, dale
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