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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I need some help re my problem. I am now at the stage where Morgan Solicitors are threatening that if I do not contact them with an offer of payment on the Charging Order on my property, they will apply for an order of sale. A bit of history..... I have never responded to any letters or proceedings (my fault, nasty divorce and burying head in sand). Can I start the original process of CCA, then SAR, then CPR? If so, could it work at this stage should no-one have the requested documents? Please advise and many thanks.
  2. Hello Can anyone tell me if Morgan Solicitors, based at West Malling, Kent, are regulated by The Solicitor's Regulation Authority? and, are they required to be regulated by the SRA?. Thanks for any info.
  3. Hi hope someone can help. I had a CPP for the above in which I have been successful in reclaiming. The only thing is I have today received a statement and Barclaycard have deducted protection amount owed from balance, Tax amount and also the simple interest amount ? The card was suspended a couple of years ago (due to another barclaycard account that I had problems with) and I always make the regular minimum monthly payments that are due on this account. I have had no contact from them regarding what they have done or any further contact from Card Protection Plan Limited. Is this correct what they have done as I thought that any interest less tax should have been returned to me and not applied to the account ? Its not a large amount but its the principle of the matter that concerns me. Apologies if I have posted under wrong section.
  4. http://www.dnaindia.com/money/1905975/report-jp-morgan-set-for-13-billion-dollar-fine-over-risky-mortgage-backed-securities
  5. US bank JP Morgan Chase has been accused of hiding its huge trading losses by a US Senate panel. The bank lost $6.2bn (£4.1bn) in trades last year by an employee nicknamed the London Whale. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that the bank misled investors and ignored risks. In response, the bank said: "While we have repeatedly acknowledged mistakes, our senior management acted in good faith." JP Morgan added that the management "never had any intent to mislead anyone". Bruno Iksil, the trader at the heart of the incident, was dubbed the London Whale because the positions taken were big enough to move markets. Mr Iksil lost his job as a result. "We found a trading operation that piled on risk, ignored limits on risk-taking, hid losses, dodged oversight and misinformed the public," said Carl Levin, the subcommittee chairman, who is a Democrat. The report suggested that senior executives, including chief executive Jamie Dimon, were aware of huge losses at the bank, downplaying the risks in public, but also blamed federal regulators for a lack of oversight that allowed the country's largest bank to take on levels of risk. The bank "gambled away billions of dollars through risky and exotic trades, then intentionally hid its losses from investors and the public, showing complete disregard for risk management procedures and regulatory oversight," Republican Senator John McCain said.The committee will question bank officials and regulators on Friday aboutthe trading loss. Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21795662
  6. JP Morgan is facing an investigation into its near $6bn (£3.7bn) trading loss by the same Congressional committee that grilled HSBC over violations of anti-money-laundering rules. The Senate’s permanent sub-committee on investigations is said to be seeking testimony from those involved in the trades that stemmed largely from JP Morgan's London office. An investigation by the committee, chaired by Democratic senator Carl Levin, will once again focus the attention of US politicians and the public on regulation in the City of London. The trades in the credit derivatives market were made by those who worked in the London arm of the chief investment office (CIO), the division tasked with investing the more than $300bn of surplus deposits JP Morgan has from customers. London-based trader Bruno Iksil, who has left the bank, was dubbed the “London Whale” because of the size of the bets he made. JP Morgan is seeking to claw back the bonuses and pay of those responsible for the trading loss, which stunned Wall Street when it was disclosed in May. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9529326/US-senators-to-grill-JP-Morgan-over-6bn-losses.html
  7. Hi I've had a Morgan Stanley now Barclaycard account since 2000. The card balance has been up and down and now has about £100 balance. I've claimed (via one of those companies) who first contacted Barclaycard being as they own the debt etc now, and shortly afterwards I received a letter. All it contained was a "thank you for contacting us, here are our terms and conditions", nothing else whatsoever. The company are now pursuing Morgan Stanley and this has been going on for months now. Has anyone ever had a success with these guys? I'd be very interested as to where to go next and to share stories. Many thanks
  8. Hi to everyone. Can someone help, Have received some info after three letters but still waiting for statments from 2000 to 2008. Which calculation form do i use for credit card PPI, which APR do i use and do i use 8% interest? this PPI is still running on my credit card to scared to cancel it but also done know how to cancel it. Bob Diamond was in charge of Morgan stanley what a surpise. Thanks if you can help:?:
  9. Can someone give me some advice please. I was with Morgan Stanley for years, it briefly changed to Egg, then bought as you all know by Barclays. When it changed to Barclays they sent me a new agreement and indicated where I should sign, they had indicated by a cross against PPI and I foolishly signed. I admit I was being treated for breast cancer at the time so concentration was not there on that issue. My Morgan Stanley was an online and I know I said no to PPI but it was still on there and everytime I tried to cancel it, they told me I had to contact the insurance company, which they said was on the policy, but I did not have a policy so I kept going around in circles. My question is as Barclaycard sent me a new cca when they took over do I just claim for mis-selling on that, or do I still claim for MS and Barclays together even though one is signed for and one was not?
  10. Hi. I phoned Morgans today as I sent them a cheque to clear my balance - but have received no paperwork. The woman who answered the phone was very shifty - and said that Morgans had been taken over. I'm worried my balance hasnt been cleared... even though they have had the money... Anybody know anything?
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