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Found 11 results

  1. Just spoke to DWP about Mortgage interest payments When you reach 60 they will help with payments. Only over 60's only.
  2. Just a quick one before i jump in and start filling in forms thought i had reclaimed all my PPI years ago, however i recently went through my statement and realized that i had two direct debits to the halifax for a bit i thought it was for the home insurance i moved a while ago - then realized it was morgage protection thinking back i can remember them saying that our morgage application would be looked on more favorably if we took it on... now for the first two years of the morgage this was about £50 a month, until we rang them up as it was really high and they removed things like the illness cover and just left the death policy on it at which point it went to £17.07 - which we're still paying apparently 9 years on is this something that its worth complaining about as i had and still have a death in service benefit of 4x salery (about £100,000), we were told that it was more likely the morgage would be accepted if we took it we're also looking at cancelling it as for the same price we have been offered life insurance at a payout of about £150,000 (vs the £25,000 left on the morgage) is that the best route?
  3. I appreciate some advise regarding my daughter , She has been seperated from her huband for 5 years and living in the family home he purchased as she wasnt working at the time to have the morgage in her name he is in the army and living in barracks he has had no contact with his 9 year old son for 4 years and has now stopped paying his half of the morgage without warning my daughter . she is now filing for divorce and has her name on the land registry, the home has now been to court due to 5 missed morgage payments and she was advised by a duty solicitor to keep paying the mortgage. Her worry is if she pays the morgage and its in his name where would she stand once divorce is through etc. He husband wants the house repossessed. The house was bought for 99k and valued now at 130k please can you advise as she is getting nowere with solicitors ie not returning calls etc .
  4. Hello My husband and I have got our dip for our morgage but I have had a thought by my solicitor the lady who done out dip never asked my marital status? We are married but I still go under my madden name but use Ms instead of mrs . We have an offer accepted on a house and we are both nammed on the dip now I have been up worry about this will it make a difference if it doesn't say married on the dip ? Like I said were both on the dip? Do I need to tell the morgage company this now and will it have to be a new dip again etc or is it just simple to change my title/status on the offer if everything goes to plan ?? I have also never changed my name on anything official? Any help is much appreciated my solicitor said she needed to my status so I'm assuming that's for some sort of documents? Were ftb aswell Thanks for the advice
  5. tHIS MORGAGE WAS taken OUT IN 2000 BORROWED 25,056 over 25 years there is a section which states morgage repayments insurance application which states the following... monthly morgage payment 121.95 plus 25% morgage rekated costs 30.49 monthly benefit 152.44 monthly premuim 9.23 i had this morgage till 29/12/2003
  6. Hi there just wondered if there is any advice out there ,my husband and i got a secured loan in january 2006,it was a consoidation loan,we had no ppi has my husband had medical problems and retired through ill health i didnt work at the time due to anxiety and depression ,our only income was benefits and my husband had a small ocupatinal pension,the money we borrowed was to pay sill debts we was charged a fee too . the total ammount of loan was 30,684.81,we owe around 16000 now we are struggling with the payments and asked if i could lower them ,but was told we couldnt,could anyone tell me if we may have been missold this loan and what we should do thankyou
  7. Just wondered if i can claim morgage Assurance? I thought this was a Insurance.Which it is not.I was told to take this out when i took my morgage out,
  8. Hi all; I have a mortgage from Nram & an unsecured loan with them also (together mortgage), & a secured loan with Black horse which Nram agreed to. I was made redundant 3 times in succession & I'm working now & hubby works also, we never got straight. Went on interest only & reduced payments, but now they say they cant help us any more. We got a repossession hearing & went to mortgage rescue so it was stopped but mortgage rescue fell through at the last minute due to repair costs. The advisor at mortgage rescue told us to stop paying everyone & find somewhere to live because they would start repossession proceedings again now. Found a house to rent but cant get it because our credit rating is worse than bad & we havnt a guarantor. the council wont rehouse us. got a letter from Nram saying they want to send an advisor out to discuss, if we dont agree they will charge us (is that lawful?). Im happy to see the advisor but dont know what they will do, they refused to extend our mortgage term as hubby is 52 now. we can meet the mortgage but not the secured & unsecured. If we get reposessed they will between them lose about 60k, its mad. dont know what to do
  9. I live in a shared property ( 7 bedroom house) Two couple with children and myself We are paying the rent to the landlord. Now we received this letter asking us to leave Landlord saying don't worry but we are worried if They kicked us out or reprocess it Copy of the letter: attached  House_reprocessed_.pdf
  10. Morning all, Went to court a few weeks ago for a reposession hearing on my house, judge granted it at £81203.00. I have been very lucky in sofar as i managed to find a buyer that has agreed to let me stay in the property for a year minimum, providing i agreed to a lower sale price (87500). Based upon the fogures given at court i agreed and am just about to exchange contracts, but the halifax have decided to add on nearly £4000 in early repayment charges, leaving me with nothing. Going on the figures given at court, i have requested these be waived as the origional ammount was misleading and not a true representation of the final ammount owed?? anyone else got an opinion??
  11. Hi folks im after a bit of help back in 2001 i met my new wife and she had already left her ex husband which they had a joint morgage together, when they split he was taking over the payments and the house in 2002 we found out that he had not been paying the morgage and the house had been taken back by the bank total of £12000 short fall, so i in my wisdom decided to pay the short fall via instalments as her father stood garantor on the morgage( he is disabled) i have to date paid a total of £7500 of of the short fall and her ex husband has not paid a penny, i have now refused to pay any more untill they chase her ex for the rest of the balance (which they have never done) they now state unless we continue with they payment they will chase my wife and her farther for the balance owed.... if i continue paing the full amount off can i personally claim half of what i have paid off of her ex and can they still claim off of the garantor for they balance as they have not contaced him for 10 years also my wife is unemployed so can they chase her or not cheers for your help in advance
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