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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I'll try and keep this as succint as possible, I just want to gauge some opinions on a current issue I'm having with morethan pet insurance. Our cat is 13 years old and requires surgery costing up to £8k. We've had our policy since he was 8 weeks old, with the same provider (morethan), and have never made any changes to the policy ourselves. The cover limit is £8k (plus whatever excess fees, which we'll get to)... The last paperwork we received from them was the payment schedule this time last year (it also detailed the policy renewal date as 5th June 2018; we were yet to receive the payment schedule, which seems odd considering 3 weeks have passed since the renewal date). On the last payment schedule it detailed the t&c and we noted that as the cat was over 9 years old we'd pay £150 plus 10% of the final costs. Fine. So we go ahead knowing that that's affordable. The cat had the operation today and is recovering well. Also today (29th June) we receive our updated payment schedule (not by accident might I add - we had to phone to request this amidst the cats problems as we knew we'd need to show it to the vets) - now, the policy schedule says that as the cat is over 9 years we have to pay 20% of the final costs- instead of the 10% we were expecting as detailed on lasts years schedule. My wife phones up the insurance company to query this and apparently they changed their excess structure in December 2017 and notified their customers - needless to say we didn't receive any notification from them. So we're in a position with the vets bills coming in soon, and we'll have to pay double what we expected - if we'd known about the 20% we probably would have held off and had him monitored for a few more days before resorting to an op. Naturally I'm suspicious that as the insurance company were aware of the claim incoming when we phoned to request this years they schedule, they took advantage of the 'between policy period' and have doubles our excess percentage! I can't see any excess percentages detailed on their website - are they done on a customer by customer basis, does anyone know? Can anyone offer any sage advice as to our situation?! Do we have any legal footing due to the fact that we've not been notified of the changes? Well, that's all folks, thanks for listening, and thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I had contents cover with morethan for one year from November 2015 after which i moved to RAC (though i had forgotten about this as most people do with the passage of time and dealing with different companies). I received a letter at the beginning of August from morethan stating that my renewal was due August 19th and i wouldn't be covered after this date. I had no reason to believe this was incorrect but the price was extremely high so i went on a comparison site and renewed with Churchill. I was just checking my saved e-mails and saw one from RAC dated November 2016 about contents insurance. Thus i now realise that due to the letter i was sent that i now have two policies running for slightly over 3 months. Obviously i'm not very happy and have sent morethan an email but have yet to receive a reply. Effectively i'm £20 out of pocket and am very suspicious of how their system could make such a mistake. Is it worth reporting this and if so who should i contact?
  3. More Than & Tesco are about to shaft pet insurance customers even more than other insurers. It's bad enough having to pay a huge excess AND a further 20% if your animal is over 8 years old, which is what happens with Virgin & why I'm about to leave them - now we're being forced by More Than & Tesco to treat our animals like trashed cars - change your insurer if you're with one of them. (I currently have 2 with More Than and am hugely disappointed because til now they were a good insurer.) They are going to charge £200 for using the "wrong vet" : their deals limit families to 28 approved centres in the whole of the UK, only 2 of which are in Scotland!!!!!
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