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  1. I purchased a car 2 years ago via Moneybarn, but got behind with payments due to reduction in wage . After failing one month on a suggested payment plan, they sent me a default notice followed by a letter of termination. The leaflet enclosed with it said I had 3 options: 1: Pay off in full 2, pay arrears, they MAY let me keep car 3: hand car back I called them on the phone and offered to pay arrears in full but the rude gent said their hands were now tied and termination could not be stopped, and it had gone to "asset management" To cut an even longer story short the agent
  2. Hi, I had a van through Moneybarn which they repossessed in Aug 16 and sold it at a loss and now are wanting £6403 out of me. What options have I got to get them to play ball nicely? I know they had what I borrowed back plus about 2.5k in payments etc in my mind they had the initial loan back. There is a big fat default on my credit file that I would like sorted as trying to get car finance is an issue currently. thanks
  3. Hello all To cut a long story short had some financial issues and was taken to court by moneybarn for a return of goods order which they achieved, just received the court order in the post after a week or so but i need to know where i go from here. I have attached a copy of the order if someone could explain to me what my next steps are and im also very concerned about the £493.00 in 14 days as i do not have that kind of money many thanks steve
  4. Hi I have decided to voluntary terminate my agreement and I am going to send my VT tomorrow . However car has just been serviced and a few things are required, track rod end ball joint left side, the person has recommended replacing 3 tyres my question is it worth doing this ? Will I get charged for it ? Is it better I do it myself ? Also unfortunately it seems someone damaged my car this morning they drove it’s caused scratches to rear bumper it’s minor but scratches are visible will I get charged for this or will fall under wear and tear the vehicle i
  5. Hi All I have a car financed with Moneybarn that I am looking to VT and just want some advice. I have almost paid 50%, and I know I can VT before I have paid 50%, however the next payment in September would take me over the 50% anyway. Question number 1 - if I VT now, the money I would have to pay to make the 50% would be less than what I would pay if I waited until the September payment was made. Obviously on that basis I VT, but reading peoples experience on the forum I'm concerned Moneybarn will want the money to make up the 50% and then demand the next contractual payme
  6. Hi Guys, Firstly, great site and specifically great advice within the MoneyBarn section. I currently have a 60 month agreement with them on a 2012 Insignia. I have been given the option to have a company car and intend to accept this. However it leaves me with the issue of getting out of the Moneybarn finance agreement. I have spoken to them today and they have informed me that I have two options; - Early Settlement - £6,720.09 to pay and I'll own the car - Voluntary Termination - £2,237.20 to pay + any extra's them deem to be outside of general W&T etc. Having r
  7. Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked, I am sure it has been but I cannot see it. I have a moneybarn HP agreement. I am in arrears of 3 months, and they have issues a default notice (allegedly). I am able to meet my monthly payment of £195 but they will not set up an arrangement because I can only offer them £200pm at present. I have paid £7070.04 of my £10391 arrangement so 68% of my total arrangement. Can they repossess? even if I pay the £200pm on the online portal so they are still getting a contractual payment? Thanks
  8. Hello, Can someone help before I go and seek legal advice. I bought a car of these guys six months ago, I had a few issues with my bank account getting cloned and reported this to them with also a change of address. They have now terminated the agreement without me receiving the paperwork and sent a recovery truck. I can clear the arrears and make the payments as agreed from now on in and I have made them aware of this. They just say tough but I am willing to go to court. They have threatened me with they will contact the police and report the car stolen.
  9. Hi, just some advice on where I stand with the following. On the 11th of June 2017 I bought the following vehicle ----------- from National Car Credit - financed by MoneyBarn I have had problems with the goods from the start a list of which is listed below: The dealer has still not sent me any documents related to the vehicle. I have not received the documents from the DVLA. I was told that it had an MOT. It transpired that it had no MOT. It had expired on the 30/05/2017 but I was only informed on the 21/06/2017 after randomly calling them to find out when the MOT expir
  10. Hi I have a car on finance with moneybarn, and I'm not sure I can continue to afford the payments. I took out the agreement last august and have had no problem, however in January this year due to a contract not being renewed (another story) my business failed and I have had to take a job which resulted in my income dropping by around £1000 per month. I am not in arrears, but after reading horror stories of people in difficulty I am hesitant to contact them just yet. Could anyone advise of my options? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I have a car on finance, which two days ago caught fire and is a write off, can I terminate my contract with the finance company under 'frustration of contract' as the finance company can now no longer supply the use of the vehicle to me under our contract? Just wondered what people's thoughts are on this. Many thanks for all and any replys Moonlandings
  12. Good evening all... My car internals melted themselves on the way home last night. I've since discovered from my mechanic it has been remapped and he is adamant this is what has caused the internals to fail.. . Corsa VXR in case you are wondering.. .ive spoken this evening to Moneybarn who only seem to be interested in talking about your 3 exit options...as if I don't know. They are saying I have to prove the remap was on the cars ecu when I got it so I can go down the mid sold road as frankly if I'd known, I'd not have touched it. I can't prove in any way shape
  13. Hello All, I used moneybarn to purchase a car for 7k, over 39 months equaling 10.5k all together. I am paying £280 a month, I currently have one month arrears from about 3 months ago that im paying back in a payment plan of an additional £50 per month. Around £200 left in that arrears, my payment is due again tomorrow however and I am struggling to afford it. I am not 1/3 through my agreement, however I am wanting to VT my car and only be liable for the 50% which will be roughly 5.3k and ive paid around 2.3k minus arrears, so il be about negative 3000. If I s
  14. Hi and thank you for reading this Following a relationship breakdown last year I had the indignity of having my car repossesed by Moneybarn. My boss tried to intervene and talk to them saying that if they did not go ahead with the repo she would ensure that money was deducted at source and sent straight to them. They were quite rude and aggressive (the reason why I gave up trying to talk to them) and rejected this and I allowed them to collect the car from an agreed location. As I had not paid one third of the finance off I acknowledged I couldnt fight them. The ca
  15. Sent this email to moneybarn today, to be honest don't even know if I have a leg to stand on if we ended up in court. I have removed my address and name but everything else is correct. My main grievances are the fact that when I was contacted about my account in October I offered to pay any arrears up front immediately and had returned to work and gave every bit of information I could to help at the time (I have emails showing my willingness to pay and continue with our agreement). Also after the car was repossessed they sold it in the same condition, plus a few extra miles, I bought it in for
  16. Hi all, I have a court hearing with money barn in 3 weeks where they are seeking a return of a car I have on finance with them. Firstly, hands up, entirely my own fault. Circumstances are this. I haven't yet paid a third. In february I got into financial difficulty and instead of discussing it with them I did a fine impression of an ostrich and ignored all their letters. One of them was a termination notice, that much I do remember, and it followed all the others into the bin. (No, I'm not sure what I hoped to achieve by that either.) I then got a letter
  17. Hello CAG, First post, I hope you can help! I bought a used car from a local dealership back in February 2016. Its a Zafira 'B' CDTi 1.7 Elite model, 60 plate... the cooling system has been a nightmare since the day I bought it. I'll detail a full list of events. 1) Car was bought in Februrary 2016. Just prior to pick-up it was discovered to have had a coolant leak. This wasn't fixed at the time of delivery, and the car was released to my wife upon receipt of payment from her finance company (Moneybarn). 2) Car broke down the same day she collected it, the dealer r
  18. Hello, Ive used this site before and got great advice. I now need it again. I have a Conditional Sale Agreement with Moneybarn, taken out in February 2015. I have had a few arrears, agreed a payment plan but missed one of the payments on that plan, now they have issued a termination notice. I originally complained about it as I was able to pay all of the arrears off on the 25th May, and the default required them to be settled by the 6th May. The complaint letter I received stated that they would investigate and put the default on hold until they had resp
  19. I'll try to keep this as short as possible... I took out finance for a car with Moneybarn back in November 2015, amount borrowed 9k, amount to repay 16k (roughly), £280 per month. In January 2016 I lost one of the two jobs I held, reducing my income dramatically. I fell behind on January's payment and contacted Moneybarn within a day or so of the money being returned from my bank account. I spoke to a lady and explained my current financial situation, I asked her if it would be possible to help me through this temporary bump in the road. I was asked to
  20. Hi all, I am looking for advice? This is lengthy so please be patient with me... I took out HP with Moneybarn in March 2013. I have always maintained my payments of approx £500 a month earlier i suffered a breakdown and as a result had to leave work. I am still unwell and are currently claiming benefit and have always kept Moneybarn up to date with my situation. They terminated my contract in April and was told that a local Solicitor would be in touch regarding returning the vehicle. I have limited use of the vehicle and it is not accruing major miles BUT it
  21. Bought a car using Moneybarn in May 2013 eveything going okay until I missed a couple of payments in October 2014 but agreed a repayment plan and then on 7th January 2015 received a court order demanding the car back. Got a form in and filled it in for a Time Order to Pay I got a letter from their lawyers on 05/05/15 for the following but I had been making payments from 01.01.15 as agreed. EXTRACT DECREE FOR PAYMENT SHERIfF COURT Court Ref. no: A???/?? Date of decree: 07 January 2015 In Absence Moneybarn No.1 Limited, a company incorporated under the
  22. Hi there. I'm having issues with moneybarn, surprise surprise. Received a termination of contract on 23rd March which states I no longer own the car. Arrears are around £1200, 3 months, tried on several occasions previously to set up payment plans over the phone but they made it incredibly difficult.!! A payment plan for arrears never officially got set up as I asked to speak to a manager in the end - they said he would call me back within 24 hours - this was two weeks ago and no call back has occurred. then I got the termination of contract let
  23. Hi Guys, this is a long one so please excuse me and take some time to offer advice if you can. I bought a car worth £6000 which was financed by moneybarn in February so 8 months ago. I fell sick 2 months ago and was unable to make payments and had missed a payment prior to this too, so I put my hands up my payments were not on time and it is my fault. I went back into work last month and made a payment of £300 which is the most I could afford as I have a load of payments which have built up. I had fallen back with my payments to an amount of £800, and I got a
  24. Good Morning All, I appreciate you are all busy people but I need to pick peoples brains over my finance agreement with Moneybarn. I have a Regulated Conditional Sale agreement with Moneybarn. The details of which are as follows I bought the car for £12,142.30. I paid £1152.30 as a deposit. Leaving he total to be financed as £10,990. Not a problem so far. I got into some financial trouble with an ex, however despite paying late every month, I always paid. They stuck a total of £275 for non payment by direct debit and notices sent to me, which I obviousl
  25. Hi All, I have a big problem with my car finance company. I have had the agreement since about May 2013 and since about May this year I have had problems keeping up the repayments because I lost my job and the agreement as of last Friday, has been terminated I received my letter saying that I need to return the car. I haven’t paid over a third so I know they can repossess when they like. They've actually been quite good in the past and understanding so I can't really fault them as it was of my own making that I am in this mess. Saying that, they ar
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