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Found 4 results

  1. Recently, I asked MM for a settlement figure, which was quoted at £907. I need this settled ASAP as I can no longer afford the repayments of £200 per month. However, I was not able to settle at this time. After some rejigging of household bills, I proposed to repay the £900 by way of 4 payments of £200 and a final payment of £107. This would fully repay the debt and release security on my car. I offered this as I have already paid un excess of the amount borrowed. The monthly payment was due on the 1st, but due to major household expense, and a change of pay date, I had to delay this to the 23rd. When I spoke to an agent in MM, he refused my proposal and suggested that I increase the monthly amount. The exising amount of £200 per month is unaffordable, and I can only stretch this by 'putting other creditors aside' for a short period. Any advice would be very helpful. The loan was taken out in August 2011 for £1200, to be repaid at £200 pm over 18 months. You can imagine the total amount that would repaid and has been repaid already. When I questioned them about whether the BOS had been registered, they quoted a registration number and date. I am concerned they will try and take the car due to the amount of scare stories I have heard on here.
  2. Hi everyone I bought a car about two months ago and 5 days ago early in the morning two guys showed up at my door claiming that it has financial obligation to Mobile Money and they have to take it away. They showed me the court order and I had no other choice but to give them the car. I called the mobile Money and they said that the car has logbook loan and if I pay it I can get my car. I called the seller and he said he had done the HPI check and it was clear (I did as well on my iphone and it was all clear). Now I am going to take him to the court and he told me to do it. I dont know what to do, I am desperate for help. I dont think that Mobile Money can repossess a car without any prior correspondence or notice as I could show their letter to the seller and ask for compensation (he says I am lying as the companies send notice letters before any action). I dont know what to do if anyone out there can help me please. should I file a complaint against the seller or Mobile Money? or both? maybe somebody has been through the same problem and can give me some advice. thanks for your help
  3. Can anyone help? I bought a car in Jan 2011, done HPI and it was clean since that someone used my identity fraudulantly and obtained a loan from Mobile Money. I went to sell my car and discovered the claim on it by Mobile Money. After discovering who used my details i went to the police who took him to court. I informed Mobile Money 3 weeks before the court case all the details including all relevant police contact details. On Friday of last week they took the car of my drive and and will not return it. I have never had any other communication with this company. I informed the police who claims its a civil matter. I cant issue an SAR as I never had dealings with this company? or if I can how would I word it also I need to stop them from selling the car, I believe I need to go to County Court? Anyone requirin g further information to help me just ask. Many Thanks Sorry about spelling rushing a bit
  4. hi all , need a bit of guidance although i have read some posts and will follow up on some of the advice there, my partner took out a loan with mobile money , she got to the end of the loan and they said she could have another and as it was before xmas she aggreed, after the xmas period she had lost her job and struggled to keep up with the monthly payments although she doubled up the payment the following month, she received a letter last week saying that if she didnt pay on time she would have to pay £12 extra , the date which they stated was 26th april to have it all brought up to date , she phoned them and said she would have it all on the 28th they were fine with this over the phone, a couple of days later, [today] we heard a truck outside at roughly 1am! there was then a knock at the door , i went down to a big burly bloke he asked for my partner , i told him she wasnt here he replied we've come for the car - so give me the key!! i told him he's not getting the keys and goodluck getting the car as it was securly locked in the rear car park which he already knew. i closed the door on him and put some clothes on grabbed the keys and got into the car and reversed it so it blocked the pathway of the incoming recovery vehicle so my side was against his rear and remained in the car ( i did this as i had read somewhere about this tactic) and locked it all up from inside. i then see my misses appear asking him why they had come etc he said he's reposessing the car my partner asked him for some kind of proof as she hadnt received anything in the post to say they would becoming, he refused to show anything - she phoned the police. the police arrived and had a chat with my partner and told her that they had a right to take the car and that if i didnt get out the car they would arrest me , Again my partner asked for some kind of proof they can take the car so the agent showed a letter with the title "repossession instructions & authority" this was the only letter shown to us and the police the police officer stated they were well in their rights to take the car, the police officer came up to the window and told me if i didnt get out the car they would arrest me on breach of the peace , i refused to budge so he arrested me from outside the car and read me my rights, he asked again for me to open up , i refused again so they threatened to smash the window then the recovery agent smashed the passenger side window, the officer came round and unlocked the passenger door through the smashed windows and told me to get out , i still refused and told him that i hadnt been given enough evidence to show they had any right to take the car so im staying where i am, the officer then took out his taser gun and threatened to use it if i didnt move (was in shock having a red beam shining in my eyes like i was getting lined up by a sniper) - but i still wouldnt move , i only got out when i heard my partner screaming at the agent who had just pushed her - i got out to check if she was ok , at which point i was then arrested , i was told in the police car that they had the right to take the car , which they did take eventually , after the agent had gone i was de arrested and i came straight into the house to find some help of some kind on this site. i have read that they should of shown the bos before taking the car and if they didnt that it might be theft of vehicle, this was not presented so we phoned the officer up and all he said was that he had the relevant documentation on him and to deal with it in the morning , by which time im pretty sure will be too late im not sure what more info i should be puttin on this so if needed i will reply with relevant info , but would really appreciate some help on this matter she is going to phone up oft tomorrow also mobile money asking for the bos as she doesnt recall seeing one thx a very shaken stu
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