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Found 3 results

  1. So if the other side is asking what temp agencies have been signed up to, is this something I need to tell them? Have already shown them mitigation of loss evidence from employment interviews, searches etc.
  2. Hi, Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/respond to my post. I have just been sent a letter from Transport Investigations Ltd for travel with no valid ticket. Looks like there's a lot of people in a similar postion from other posts on here (and elsewhere). The letter states that they are considering prosecuting me under the the Railway Byelaws (2005) or Regulation of Railways Act (1889), and that I have to get back to them soon in writing with any mitigation I wish to be considered. Detail: The letter related to when I was stopped from buying my usual weekly ticket (which expired the day before) at my destination station (Cardiff Queen Street) by TIL staff, and interviewed. [...and yes, following this, I now know that I should always get the ticket from my departure station, and not on the train or at the arrival station!]. Prior to being stopped, I could have bought my ticket at my departure station (but ran on to the train that day), but couldn't on the train (as no guard/inspector came down the train on that day), and couldn't at Queen Street (as the TIL staff stopped me doing so). There are several points I thought I should be making as part of a mitigation statement to TIL (or any letter to Arriva trains prior to that) which I've put below. My question is: Do you think there's any point in me even giving my mitigation points (below)?.. . as I can't say I had a valid ticket for the journey I was making, as my weekly pass had expired the day before, and presumeably that's what I'd end up being prosecuted for. What would you do at this point? Mitigation: 1- that I didn't know it was wrong to buy tickets on the train or at the destination station 2- that buying on the train, or destination station, is never challenged or even discouraged (...and if it had been before this TIL 'sting', I would have known I shouldn't do it, and wouldn't have done it!) 3- that I was stopped from buying my weekly ticket by the TIL staff before the ticket officer could issue it 4- that it isn't even possible to leave my destination station without a ticket, due to the automated barriers in place there 5- that I buy a weekly ticket (every week for several years), so am obviously not looking to evade payment, and can prove this (as I pay by card) Thanks again for taking the time to read/respond to my post.
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for a bit of advice. At the beginning of June I was contacted by telephone by the Grampian Police (Scotland) stating that I had been involved in a road traffic accident, and that I had failed to stop at the scene, and failed to report the accident after wards. I was at the specific junction at the time stated by the police, however I was unaware of any collision taking place. I was alone in the car at the time. After receiving the phone call from the police I checked my car over, it had no marks/bumps or anything else to suggest a collision had taken place. In my opinion this means 1) the collision must have been very minor for me not to have heard or felt anything at the time, and for my car not to have any damage, and 2) as there was not a mark on my car there was nothing for me to pick up on later to suggest something had happened and prompt me to contact the police/insurance etc. I have since been charged with failing to stop at the scene of an accident, and failing to report an accident to the police. I have received a court citation which states the date my case will be heard at the Justice of the Peace Court and states that I can either plead guilty by post and if I wish I can also attach a letter explaining the circumstances, or I can plead guilty in person at the court, or I can plead not guilty in person. As the person who I am said to have had a collision with had their daughter in their car who is acting as a witness I do not feel pleading not guilty would be wise. I can recall the junction at the time and date in question and I do not have any reason to believe the people I am said to have collided with would make it up so I believe although I was unaware it had happened that it must have taken place. I am therefore unsure whether to plead guilty in person or by post with attached letter. Some websites I have seen have suggested attending in person is not desirable as it costs the courts more in time and expense. I am fully willing to attend if this is the best option, however by what I have seen so far a letter may be a better option. If this is the case should I write it myself, or would I be better taking the hit and paying a solicitor to do it? Does anyone have any advice/experience in this area? Also, attached to the court citation was an explanation of what happened in the eyes of the driver of the other car and his witness - but this does not include any information which I gave to the police in my statement. Does this mean the PF has not received any information relating to my view of the events? Thanks in advance, any thoughts or advice is really appreciated.
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