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Found 2 results

  1. I was treated very badly by a major UK supermarket. To see more of my story, to help me and to find out which UK supermarket I am referring to, please see this link where you can watch a very short video (1:46 minutes long) and fill in a short form (less than one minute). Please fill in this form and share it with your UK contacts. https://docs.google.co In a nutshell, my story is that the supermarket appears to have destroyed evidence that would have proven that it breached my contract and that it has made claims to have addressed the issues I raised but has never shown me any evidence to support its claims. The human resources manager (in training) that I was instructed to see for further information about a forthcoming meeting openly declared on his personal Facebook page that he is "fluent in buls""t and sarcasm" The supermarket has still not answered some important questions. The supermarket still insists that it did not breach my contract. My case has been brushed under the carpet and the company has denied even the things that are written on paper. The company seems to be pleased that I have so far not been able to do anything about the matter. I feel forgotten and feel that I can easily be mistreated by big companies with near impunity. I feel my life has been a joke.
  2. Hi (sorry I'm a first time user nd this may be a bit long winded) I used to work for a company but decided n leaving as I was pressured into full-time work as opposed to part time work and with having 2 young children and a disabled parent I care for and also medical problems myself I simply could not keep up. A year after leaving the MD contacted me and persuaded me to return, I could come back part time in a Sales role and be set up to work from home should I have any problems getting into the office. It all sounded good so I went back. On returning the company was in a real mess. Payday is the last working day of the moth but they pay by slow BACS so it takes 2-3 days to clear in our accounts, I have been paid on time once in 13 months. I send over my hours as asked every single month and put a note on asking to have it confirmed that payment is being released that day, I am always ignored, payment is not processed and I spend the next 1-2 weeks pressing my boss for my wages to be processed. I have incurred so many bank charges and not had money for my daughters birthday etc. Complaining, emailing etc does not help and my boss makes out that we are all causing him stress and problems and threatens to close the company if we all aren't happy. If we are not to be paid on time shouldn't my boss be informing us early and giving us some kind of idea when he can pay us? And shouldn't that be a short-term issue and not a 13 month issue? Payment aside... my boss is always very keen for me to attend appointments with him and always telling me to wear a short skirt and low cut top and be flirty to win the business. He has made these comments in private but also infront of the whole office. Once before he has actually been at a meeting and called whilst with the client to ask me to send a picture of myself over. Where do I stand on this? Also the company was struggling so I agreed to help and monitor the sales team to try and boost sales, this ended up somewhee down the line meaning that my role changed to head of sales and purchasing and having all sales staff report directly to me, this was never offered to me as a job role just always "can you do me a favour" as nice as I am I did it but the workload just kept increasing, then having the warehouse staff and accounts and logistics report directly to me, the latter I was never asked Ijust started receiving reports from the staff and being keen to make the company a success I carried on. I was never given a new contract for this work and never paid anymore (just promised I would be), I actually earnt less as my sales accounts were divided up between the other sales guys meaning I was no longer earning commission. The sales staff are the MD's family and every decision I made would be over rued behind my back and when it went wrong I had to pick up the pieces. I was severely stressed, working all the hours under the sun. I then unexpectably suffered a miscarriage. I called my boss and told him of this and that I was in hospital and didnt know how long I would be in for, I heard nothing back from him. I was then signed off for 2 weeks. On returning he had hired someone to take over my job on a permanent basis. My job role was changed and I was working hard doing this. I had plenty of medical appointments to go to so would go to them then work from home on some days. With no warning I was deleted from the remote server and couldn't log on to our CRM but I could still receive emails via my laptop and phone. On days that I couldn't get in to the office I would pick up on my emails via my laptop, this service was then restricted with no meeting or warning. Now my phone emails have been restricted too meaning that on days I cannot get in to the office I cannot keep up with anything. I have now been signed off from work for 2 weeks due to the stress they are causing me. Since my miscarriage in November I am not told of anything, not invited to internal meetings, constantly told I am not doing my job properly (when I do so much to keep the company going). There is no superior staff I can go to about this, I directly work for the MD (we did have a HR manager but tha was his wife who he is currently divorcing so she is not an employee anymore, she cries when I tell her the treatment I am receiving as knows how hard I work). I'm not sure where I stand on any of the above or where can help me so would appreciate any input. I am currently looking for another job but it's hard in the job market at the moment. Thank you in advance for any help xx
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