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Found 10 results

  1. Good Morning everyone, My situation is quite complex so please bear with me and any help and uggestions would be greatly appreciated, i will start with a brief statement as to how this all started 15 years ago and then onto the problems i am now facing. In 2003 i applied to remortgage and take equity from my home, i was turned down, i checked my credit reports to see that i had several defaults and a CCJ from Barclays on my acc, after a few years i managed to get all of this sorted with apology letters from Barclays. In 2013 i was again chased for debts that did not belong to me, i tried every avenue possible to get this mistake sorted for a second time but eventually i ended up going to the newspapers and the FOS who then sorted out the problem with Lloyds and Experian with a pathetic £250 compensation, even though id spent 10 times this on phone calls and writing letters/emails etc . Now in 2018 this has all happened again, i have checked my report from all 3 CRAs and Call Credit and Experian are showing defaults, CCJ, addresses i have never lived at, they have even changed my electoral roll entry without any instruction by myself or legal documents to do this. All of this wrong information is for a person with the same first and last name as me and also the same date of birth, however this other person has a middle name and i do not. I received a letter from 02 on the 19th of March chasing a debt for this other person, i immediately checked my credit report, and there it was, 02 had already linked me and the debt/account to my address without doing any checks whatsoever to see if i was the correct person, i DONT have an account with 02. There is then the other accounts from 6 other companies in default that i have never had accounts with and a CCJ which i dont even know what it is for , i just know none of these belong to me as ive never missed a payment on anything or had any dealings with these companies. I have disputed all of this with Call Credit but they refuse to remove all of this wrong information, i have not spoke to any of the companies involved as from past experience they will not speak to me due to data protection when i say i am not the person they seek, but they also dont resolve the problem either, i have since joined checkmyfile and they are trying to sort things out with call credit , but say i have to sort out this mess with Experian myself. I am seeking advice as to what to do next, to be honest the companies reporting all of this wrong information in my eyes need to pay, i am busy renovating my home and considering an extension as my wife is 8 months pregnant but i am now reluctant to apply for any loans/remortgage etc as i know i will be turned down, and as you can expect for this to happen a 3rd time my stress levels have went through the roof. Companies listing defaults on my report who i have no dealings with at all and ruining my credit report because of there incompetence to check they have the correct person are: Lloyds Bank (again) Lowell Vanquis Bank Capital One Hoist Portfolio Home retail group 02 ( who reported and made the link with callcredit , even though this serial debtor has paid his bill now, so is not showing as a default, but its now to late as they have done the damage) Thank you kindly to anyone that can help. Luco19
  2. Dear all, I have found these forums an excellent resource and would like to thank all the contributors! I hope I am posting in the right subsection of the forum. I have posted back in Feb 2012 when Halifax registered defaults. I complained to the FOS. The outcome was an apology, £500 in compensation, about £250 in costs and about £2000 to accout for the additional cost a higher mortgage rate over 2 years. I as satisfied with this and moved on. However problems have continued but with other companies piggybacking on the link Halifax/NatWest created. Most I have dealt by writing strongly worded letters and forwarding previous correspondence/experience with the banks. However CapQuest and Arrow Global have been stubborn and I still have two defaults from CapQuest which do not belong to me. They have conceded that a mistake has been made but have failed to amend the records on one CRA. I again sought review from the FOS who advised them to amend the data and offer me £200 in compensation. They have still not amended the data. I spoke to a Solicitor who quoted £2500 just to start looking at the case and issuing the initial letters to the companies involved! I have now gone on to issue a Claim via MCOL. Please see attached document. I now feel I should have sought some help here before pressing the button and going ahead with this as I have just pain £980 in court fees, having no legal background. I think this was more out of frustration. I will try and update this as I go along. Thanks for all your help CapQuest for CAG.pdf
  3. Morning! received a letter from m&s insurance svs stating i was involved in an incident on 1/11/16 and are charging me an extra £41. I rang m&s and we both agreed it was mistaken identity and i wouldnt be charged on the 6th of december..instead the sneaked it out on the 28th of december and a black mark on my no claims. The alleged incident happened 200 miles away while i was at work and my car parked..they dont seemed to be listening to me.so as i have used this forum in the past and good results im interested in any of your thoughts on how i should proceed further..obviousely the last two phone calls made no difference...only that i pay for them!..many thanks jim
  4. Hello all My sister in law accidentally paid £200 into my Barclays bank account instead of to my brother. This was an old business account I have which I had not used for about three years. The charges and interest has mounted up in I to the extent that it is £1200 overdrawn. I had not heard from Barclays at all for several years despite this being an unauthorised overdraft, no phone calls, no attempts to get me to credit the account, no letters. They just let it go. And so did I. Anyway my sister in law contacted me straight away and I said the best way to tackle this was for her to contact her bank and ask for the money to be returned via the Industry standard process for mistaken payments. This process allows for the return of the money within twenty days if I do not object and of course I do not. I then received a phone call from Barclays stating that they had received a request from my sister in law's bank (Lloyds) and they asked me how I intended to credit the account (with some £1200) so that they could return the money. I told them that it was not necessary for the account to be credited. I told them they should follow the industry standard process and return the money. There then followed a lengthy and unsuccessful (on their part) attempt to get me to restore the account. I told them that whether or not I did so should not be linked with their duty to return the money in line with the industry code as I (clearly stated) I was not objecting to it's return. Eventually they agreed they would do so. Much to my surprise my sister in law contacted me to say she had received a letter from her bank Lloyds saying they could not get the money back because I had objected!! This is entirely at odds with what I said to Barclays which was that I DID NOT object to the money being returned and that they SHOULD follow the industry Code of Practice. (I am somewhat familiar with this situation and the Code of Practice as I had earlier in the year made a payment into the wrong account in our business much to the annoyance of my partner and researched what to do though in this case the recipient was known to us and he returned it less £17 for a bottle of whiskey!). Barclays have taken no other action with regard to the account in the intervening two weeks except to keep it alive in their system and have just added another month of fee and interest charges. I have had no default notice, account suspension or anything else. Can I ask fellow CAGers the following: 1. Am I right to believe that not withstanding the state or status of my account that if a payment is mistakenly made into it and I do not object to its return then that return must be done and within a twenty day time scale? 2. Presuming the answer to 1. is yes then what should I do now? Many thanks for reading and I hope this thread will be interesting and entertaining!
  5. Refund fraud mistaken return tk maxx, bought lots of items in august, returned new jacket/jeans from my wardrobe which tk maxx claim is not theirs. Seen cctv and i have returned an item with a tag from another. I have been under a period of stress with baby/uncertain job/family member advanced cancer. It was an innocent mistake as i thought the tags belonged to those items. in actual fact, there is no distinction on the label between a jacket and another jacket. and this is the case i put forward at 'police chat' with solicitor, it was strange debating wether TK M sold 'Superdry' stuff. I left without caution. What happens after police interview? Office mentioned he will call tk maxx and have a chat. Any ideas??
  6. Hi, I pay for my parking at a ParkingEye carpark which I park in every working day. The payment is made by me via my salary and was taken from me during the relevant month by my employer. ParkingEye have sent me a £100 parking charge notice for one of the days I was there last month. I have appealed (and reminded them one week later since I hadn't had a response) and have had this rejected (together with a POPLA code) with the reason being given as, "no parking was purchased on the date of the parking event". I know I've paid the monthly charge and have parked there every working day ever since without charge - and for about two years previously actually! Soooo, I think I have a pretty solid case and also think I should be able to get some recompense for the hassle of the three letters and two replies I have had to compose to respond to their 'threats'. How should I go about this? Clearly, a court would throw this out but I would like to make a rather costly point of how ParkingEye treat people who are in the complete right. Any interesting ways of making this gradually expensive for ParkingEye would be welcome
  7. I have an issue with Direct Line at the moment. I think I'm dealing with correctly but would appreciate any advice. In July I placed an advert to sell my old Celica on the Autotrader website. The ad included photos where the number plate wasn't obscured. I also ticked the box to allow potential buyers to email me. I received lots of Paypal [problem] emails and I told a number of them where to go. I eventually sold the car three weeks ago. A few days after the sale I received a phone call from my insurer stating that they believed that I had been involved in an accident on 3 August and they they had a claim from a third party that included personal injury. I asked where the accident had taken place and I was told that it was in Bradford. It suffices to say that I've never been to Bradford, the car hasn't been to Bradford in the time I had it, it was sitting on my drive in Surrey on 3 August and both I and my wife can prove where we were that day. The Direct Line person said that they thought that the claim was probably mistaken but they would send an insurance assessor around to interview me. I'm a little annoyed by this and also because, having sold the car, I would like to be able to cancel the insurance. Direct Line have told me that the policy has been cancelled but I will not receive any premium refund until the matter is resolved. I would like to think that this is simply a mistake and it will resolve itself without much fuss. However, I've heard some horror stories from friends and family. I also have a lingering concern that this is some sort of [problem]. It seems a bit coincidental that a car which has been sold is alleged to have been involved in an accident. I am writing to Direct Line setting out the facts as I understand them and stating firmly that neither my vehice, I nor my wife were involved in any accident. If I do eventually reach the conclusion that this is a [problem] rather than a mistake, I will take the matter to police as I suspect the insurance companies will sweep it under the carpet.
  8. I quite happy to be shot down on this as I cannot source where I initially found this information and it may also have been completely wrong. I recall reading that if your loan was conditional on you having PPI then you could reclaim the PPI plus the amount of the loan made. This seems too good to be true, which is why I thought I would ask here, please can anyone confirm if this is the case and if so under which circumstances. Shall now go and wait to be extremely embarassed
  9. Hi All, I've recently started receiving texts and most recently a call from what appears to be Motormile finance. The first text referred to Mayday debt offers but also was addressed to someone else, hence i ignored it as it seemed to be the usual unsolicited spam. Since then ive had several more with the following text: It is very important that we speak to you please contact our office urgently on 01138876876 MMF ref. (ref number) along with a missed call from a similar number which traces back to Motormile finance. My question is: As i am obviously not the intended recipient of the original text (it was for a lady for a start - and im a man!) its obviously mistaken identity, but i'm unsure whether to speak to anyone from Motormile to clarify. From what i've read they sound like a particularly difficult collection agency and its not clear to me whether they are trying to extort money or legitimately try to claim on debt owed by someone else. As some of the messages i've read have said speaking on the phone is a big no-no and i'm not sure what i'm dealing with I thought i should ask advice on how to proceed. Please help! I'm actually finding the harassment quite stressful already and just want them to go away. Please also note i do not have any debt that i'm aware of and believe its extremely unlikely there could be a legitimate claim against me. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello there, I'm new to the forum here, but it seems like the place to possibly get some advice on a rather strange matter. I cam home yesterday from work to find a PCN on my door-step claiming my vehicle was illegally parked on a red route in Croydon (Semley Road) in May. What's bizarre is that my wife and I were in New York City on the date in question, in possession of the only keys for the vehicle which was parked in the secure car park at Glasgow Airport. Now, I'm sure there are horror stories of cars being stolen or used by valet car park attendants illegally, but this seems wildly far-fetched to me since there were no keys left with anyone for the vehicle. We've NEVER even been to Croydon in our lives, being from Glasgow so I am 100% certain this is a misidentification of my vehicle. They've not provided any images or details of the vehicle beyond the registration number. My question is, how likely is it for these organisations to make glaringly obvious mistakes in identifying cars in these cases? I've immediately sent them an email challenging the PCN as they suggest on the letter and explained where we were, however, the best 'evidence' I could provide to back it up were my flight confirmations for NYC and the car park booking confirmation from NCP. I'm a little bemused as to why the onus is on myself to prove my innocence in this case as I would have thought it was first up to them to provide proof of my guilt. Any thoughts or suggestions about this scenario? A little concerned, despite being sure the car wasn't there for some reason. Thanks in advance.
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