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Found 8 results

  1. Hi First I have to thanks to the users of this forums because it thanks to much of the info I got from here that I was able to claim a few PPI £!! I finally manage to claim some of the PPI that WELCOME has misold/forced me to take with a few loans I had with them over a few years, even though pre 2003 they referred me to the underwriter - AVIVA, for which now I am waiting for a reply. My question is related to a worthless healthcare insurancce that they package together with the PPI, even after I had disclosed that I suffered from several health problems, which would make impossible to ever made a claim, but again due to the desperation and urgency I took the loans anyway! On the refund WELCOME offer this premium is not included but I believe and once they accept the liability on the misselling, I should be entitled to the refund of this healthcare insurance on top of the PPI refund, and the same for any future offers from AVIVA= which was the underwriter of the PPI and healthcare ins. pre 2003. Does anyone have any advice or experiences on claiming this? Finally, I took a joint loan with directline loan back in 2004, for which my ex=partner manage to claim the PPI but I never got a cheque, and I thought the guidelines are that all parties involved should equal parts of any refunds, or am I wrong? Once again thank you all.
  2. Hi, Am in need of advice. In October I purchased a used Seat Ibiza advertised as an approved car with 33k on the clock (not true). It should have had full service history, full vehicle history check, multi point check and various other benefits. On the day of purchase the car broke down on the way home (dealer is some 50 miles away). The car went back and the dealer said there was a control module fault likely caused by dirt on the engine from it having been stood on their forecourt, so they reset the computer and that that was that. There were ongoing issues with the paperwork, ie there is not a full service history, I have not been given a copy of vehicle history (as advertised) or a copy of multi point check. Also the car did not have 12mth MOT as advertised. The garage took the car and MOT'd it some 4 weeks later and interestingly it failed it's first test which may suggest it was not roadworthy at point of sale. Then approximately two weeks ago the car again broke down. Engine light came on and car failed on a busy dual carriageway, I am a new driver so this was very scary. Managed to limp off the road and car stopped completely. It restarted with no issues some minutes later. Back to garage again but only after I threatened rejection of car. They are saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car because the computer says so! I am now rejecting the car on the basis it was misold to me. The mileage on the order form does not correspond with the service history book, or the previous MOT and is somewhat higher than that listed on the order form (the dealer is pointing out they did not wrongly advertise and quoting order form as proof, however previous MOT from 4 months prior shows it was falsely advertised). There is not a full service history, there is 26 months between services and is over mileage for required service and at the point of ordering it had not had a service for 26mths. I bought the car hire purchase and the finance company are saying because it was misold it is nothing to do with them! I have pointed out to them that they own the car and were misold it and they are saying it is one word against another's. This is despite the fact I can evidence adverts at the time and the documents! Can anyone help with where I go from here? I am prepared to pursue in Court if necessary. Many thanks in advance and hope my post makes sense. I am so mad, this is my first proper car since passing my test and my excitement has turned to despair.
  3. Hi, im hoping someone can help. I will breakdown my situation as simply as possible and hopefully i've posted in the right area. 5 Weeks ago i was given the opportunity to own my first horse. Although i can ride well we did lots of research surrounding the care and maintenance as we've never owned our own. We are looking for suitable grazing close to home and thought we'd dropped on lucky when i saw an ad posted on facebook: 1-2 half acre paddocks for rent £15 each pw & 1 acre paddock £30pw I immediately contacted the advertiser, they seemed genuine down to each people and she sent me the information which showed the rates above and some other terms. After a lengthy discussion we agreed to take a 1 acre paddock for £30pw. We were told that if we were to get another horse in the future they wouldn't allow 2 on 1/2 acre and we thought it would be better to have a larger plot anyway. When we initially went down to view it wasn't taped out and the guy explained that it would be measured. We paid the 4 weeks in advance to be followed then by a weekly payment of £30 so we would always be 4 weeks in advance. Our horse arrived a week later. 2 Weeks later the grass is gone and we're buying hay. No problem we expected the costs. However on watching location location a couple of nights ago we saw what and acre actually looks like and looked at google. where we found an acre comprises of around 4047 sqm. Off we went with our tape measure to find we have 900 sqm. Nowhere near enough for her to be on. We thought maybe the guy renting the land had been diddled too as we are just sup letting and he had rented off the land owner. I messaged to explain the problem to which the response was " Paul says they are not acre paddocks. He says when you came down he said a £15 paddock or a £30 paddock". Seems like they are backtracking. Paul did say this, with us assuming, as per their ad, that the £30 paddock would be an acre and sufficient for our horse. Do we have any rights here. It goes without saying she will now need to be moved. There is nowhere near enough land but we have paid in total £300 to them and received less than a 1/4 of the land we thought we were getting. obviously we are partly at fault for not realising. We genuinely just thought that we had an acre having never seen one before and we took it and paid our rent in good faith. Thanks so much in advance for any advice. Emma
  4. My home was repossessed a couple of years ago now, due to health reasons i gave up the fight as i also ended losing my business and owing money left right and centre. My mortgage was a self cert through a mortgage broker (mortgage express) for about 125k with BM which was around 2008. I had a bad credit history and at the time was working in IT freelance no accounts, no hmrc, i was never actually asked how much i even earned. i remember looking at my application and the mortgage broker put down that i earned 40k a year but i was never asked to prove this. Now i have nothing, im in hiding no fixed address, mortgage company will be after a shortfall soon i reckon After doing some reading after hearing about the wonga case where they have written off debts to people as they where not checked out before loans etc where taken out. i believe i wasn't fit or in a good financial state to take a mortgage out. Do you guy think i have a case for a misold mortgage? or shall i just suffer things and go bankrupt before the bank starts chasing for shortfalls etc? Should i start by asking for a SAR and then seek legal advice when i get it all? I also took out a Loan with spml which since having the house repossessed they cant find me although i know they will catch up with me one way or another. Also do i look at misold loans as these guys didnt even ask for proof of my income either. What do you guys think?
  5. Hello, was hoping for some feedback from those in the know - i feel like i was mis sold recovery service... My car broke down at the weekend so i called my trusty arnold clark assist phone number looking for help. I was quickly informed that the policy had expired in November last year. This came as a shock as we were under the impression the cover lasted as long as our finace deal? I was told no, it was only for 2 years but i could still get assitance - for a fee of 80 plus vat an Arnold clark assist engineer would come to my rescue to fix my car, or if it could not be repaired roadside, it would be towed to the nearerst dealership who would fix it there. I agreed, the guy turned up, started the car, decided a bearing was dodgy and that it would have to go to the dealer for repair. Fine by me. I let him take my car and off he went. This morning i called the garage and after initally not having a clue what i was talking about, they finally found my car, sent it to a different garage and i sat by my phone waiting to find out how much the repair was going to cost. Turns out, that for in order to decide whats wrong with my car, the Service team want to charge me another fee of 89 plus vat, meaning im already 200quid down and my car is still not working! While i agree i probably should have seen this coming, im furious that it was made out by the recovery team that the original fee of 80 plus vat was to diagnose and recover my car if required. Does anyone have any any advice? I desperately need my car back but have refuse to allow the service team to look at it without knowing one or the other fee's be waived.... Thanks for helping
  6. Thank you for reading I would approximate any advice. We have written to Virgin who are investigating under 28 day rule. We paid by credit card. We specifically chose this holiday as the website described ALL rooms as interconnecting. We requested interconnecting rooms at the time of booking and were told "no problem all rooms are interconnecting", we also emailed the hotel ahead of our stay. Upon arrival we were given rooms 419 and 421 not only not connecting but one room apart. This lead to a very stressful holiday. Our children are 8,7 3 and 16 months so far too young to be left unattended meaning we had to run between rooms split up for sleeping and generally be mega stressed at night time making sure the kids always had an adult with them. We asked at reception everyday for rooms together but were told there was no availability. After a week we contacted Barbados rep and three days later we offered two extremely small interconnecting rooms. By now we only had 4 days left and many clients had complained about these small rooms and been moved to larger rooms we declined this tiny option. We were told by another family they had been put in rooms 420 and 422 and had complained and been moved immediately this was the first Monday after our arrival so we could of have been moved then. We spoke to the Barbados rep who fully agreed the incorrect website details were indeed a case of misselling on their part. The hotel advised us there are 20 interconnecting rooms not all connecting rooms and therefore the product was not as described. If we had not been misled by the website we would not of booked this resort. The hotel have since updated there website. The day before our departure we had a meeting with the Virgin Barbados Management team who said nothing and the Hotel General Manager who offered us three nights free accomodation which we declined as this goes nowhere near compensating us for being apart for two weeks on a midsold stressful expensive holiday. As we left the hotel The General Manager advised he would work fully with Virgin Holidays to heavily compensate us for a miserable two weeks, Virgin Holidays are yet to extend the same courtesy. We also requested a sky cot at the time of booking for our youngest daughter. This was honoured on our outward journey, however we were refused this on our inbound journey leading to even more stress on our night-flight home.
  7. Friend found a credit agreement from these people has a Beneficial logo in the corner . She remembers paying it off a bout 3 years ago when her husband died as advised by a financial advisor but it now transpires on looking at this that there was a sickness and redundanciy cover. Who does she need to claim against tried HSBC and sent copy of the agreement and they keep asking for sort code and account number. We done an SAR on her bank to see when the last payment was made. She went into the bank and they were just useless so and SAR was the best option. Who do we need to send to for SAR on Sterling CRedit ????
  8. Looking for some advice as I am not sure if what has happened is illegal... I have been contracted with Orange for over 2 years now and my latest contract expired in October 2012. Recently I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Orange Rewards team. They offered me an upgrade with an iphone 4, unlimited calls and texts and 1GB for 26 pounds per month. I explained that I wanted to keep my old number and was told that would not be a problem and to place the new sim card in the new phone and call 150 to transfer the old number . I accepted the offer. I had not received any confirmation email or documents but received the new phone last week. Tonight I activated the new phone with the new sim card and called 150. I spoke to a gentleman who explained that in fact Orange had NOT contacted me and that I had in fact been sold a NEW contract via a third party. He would not disclose who this third party was. I am astounded that any company is allowed to do this and that Orange has made arrangements with any third party to sell customers products under the guise that they as Orange representatives when they are in fact not. He has also informed me that it was NOT an upgrade and that a the new phone is now on my account as a new SECOND contract. I was told this was an upgrade so assumed that the contract was amended to bill me 26 pounds per month and that I didnt need to cancel anything as this was an automatic upgrade. I feel that i have been mis-informed about the upgrade/new contract and I would like an explanation and to have my account corrected. I am not prepared to pay for two contracts this month. I would like to know who has sold me this contract and why they claimed to be from orange when they were not. Does anyone have a similar experiences?
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