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  1. Hi All, You normally see myself talking about debt related issues but throughout end of 2013 to summer 2014 I have been put through hell via another matter. I’m trying to find out if I can claim anything back or get some form of compensation / charge removed completely. Background to the case. One Friday in August 2013, I left work and decided to travel into an area close to where I work as I had seen a car for Spares & Repairs on GumTree (My sun roof leaked and it was going to cost in excess of £200 to repair). I travelled into the area and must of spent 45mins looking for the street, about to give up I saw a police van approaching so I flagged him down and asked for directions, of which he gave and on my way I went. Got to the street, but the car was not there so I made my way home, going back the way I came into the area (as I didnt know the area at all). I was then pulled over by the same police officer. Being of nervous disposition I started to panic and wonder as to why I'd been stopped, had i been speeding, did I cut someone up? Nope.. He asked me to step out of the car and proceeded to tell me that there had been an incident of indecent exposure in the area and "I matched the description", that scared the hell out of me, and he asked if I would come do a voluntary statement - which I did as I had nothing to hide. At station answered the questions fully, cop asked why was I heading back towards work when I live the other way, not knowing the area was'nt a good enough reason. He asked me about my car, I stated it was a Renault Clio that is Bluey Green in colour. He begins to argue with me stating that the colour was just Blue and no way can be green, but I stood by this.. after 40mins, he asked would i be prepared to do a ID parade, again I had nothing to hide and agreed.. He then took down my details: Eye Colour BLUE, Shaved brown hair, light stubble not a beard, local accent, height 5'6". Clothing I was wearing: Black T-shirt with a Red V-Neck (no collar), Light blue denim jeans, black shoes. I then left, done the ID parade a week later.. 23rd September - I get a call from my solicitor stating that I need to return back to the station as I had been picked out on an ID Parade (wtf etc etc came out) and bring the top I was wearing, which I did with him that day. Back at the station I gave the officer the t-shirt, and my solicitor advised me to say "No Comment" as I had already gave details in previous statement. I was charged. Now I was not given any details as to the witness statement or anything. Waiting game commenced with the case going to the CPS for their decision, 26th Dec 2013, they decided there was enough evidence to take to court – again something I was completely shocked about, I then had to appear to a hearing in Feb 2014 which gave me a court date of 1st April 2014. Mid of Jan, I finally plucked up the courage to ask someone I had fancied and deliberately went into her place of work just to see her for 18mths!! and to my surprise she was head over heels about me – a perfect & blissful relationship commenced. 26th Feb 2014, I met with another solicitor from the firm, whom was assigned to my case. Without going through the paper work with me he stated “Prepare yourself for the worse!”. Stated I should not have said “no comment” in second interview, to which I replied that I was advised to by his colleague (he shook his head). Told me that the witness (17yr old girl) had stated the man in question was driving a small RED[b} car, also said that the man was wearing a black polo shirt and black trousers! Viewed my car on car park and asked questions about interior confirmed colour was a blue green but not metallic or even red yet did not write anything or take pictures (something that the magistrates asked if there was any). After this meeting – I told my girlfriend straight away, as to the whole details.. “Don’t look so worried, it’s clearly not you, I believe you.” That made me happy, “I’ve watched you since the first day you came into the shop, you don’t drive a red car, and your too damn shy!” and she stood by me all the way & came to the court with me on 1st April. From 26th Feb to 1st April, I had no contact with the solicitor despite leaving endless messages. On the day of court he said to me and my girlfriend “I do not want to put pressure on to the girl due to her age as it would look bad”, yet Prosecutor questioned her fully over the incident. He never once questioned the girl on the description of the man, only focused on the colour of the car. Though the girl was adamend it was “Red.” It was “Shiny Red”, every other question put to her was “don’t know”. The only thing that was going for me was the coppers description of me and that my car was not red. The magistrates then deliberated and came back and said “We cannot take into consideration the colour of the car or clothing as Miss X, was clearly distressed – therefore we find you guilty”. I looked straight at my girlfriend (now ex as you will see why) and was informed that I was to be placed on the Sex Offenders Register. My Girlfriend and self returned back to hers, and we said the appeal will prove the correct outcome. 4th April, my girlfriend told me how she had spoken with her 16yr old son that she wants me to move in with them so we can start a life together properly, and we agreed that I was to move in at the end of the month. 10th April, we both sat down and wrote a complaint to the solicitors at the poor representation. She was also not happy to wait that long as said “I want you to move in this weekend” as she was truly happy (something her friends have said before) 11th April, after spending most of the day with her, I return home and at 9:30pm, she informs me that the social services have been round – they had told her (not knowing she was at the court) that I had been found guilty of two offences and have previous. She informed them this is not the case and that “WE” are appealing.. The social worker stated that “he has no grounds for an appeal, you are deluded as you do not know what has happened. Therefore we have no alternative to ask you to break off the relationship OR we will take your son (16) into care..” Of course she did the right thing, and put child first. They also said there was a no contact order in place! 17th April 18:30pm, I get a phone call from the solicitors whom stated that they can no longer represent me any further (for the sentencing & appeal) as they were professionally embarrassed at my complaint sent the 10th. My sentencing was 24th April – I only had 2.5days to find a new solicitor due to it being the Easter weekend. They couriered the paperwork (witness statement / officers statement and mine) to me to hand to new solicitors on the morning of the 24th. (I quickly took copies of all of theses) 24th April – I was instructed to pay £500 compensation, £350 court costs, placed on the offenders register for 5 years, instructed to do 120hrs community service, and attend a sexual offenders rehab course! – whilst at the court new solicitors quickly read through the statements, and was shocked when I told her I had never read them through and that it was clearly not me the witness was talking about. Details contained in the paperwork: Witness stated the culprit had a New RED shiny Car, he had Brown Eyes, Birmingham accent, he looked like he was 30 but had a beard that probably made him look older than he was. Wore a black polo shirt with a black collar and black work trousers. Incident took place at 16:30 and lasted 5.5mins (she knew this by messages on her phone). The incident happened 0.8miles away from where I stopped the cop, he confirmed it would take about 3mins to drive that distance and that I flagged him down at 16:45. So that meant in 6.5mins I was able to change my car, change my clothing in broad daylight, change my eye colour and have a shave?? Both myself and solicitor drew up 8 A4 pages of differences. I was turned down for Legal aid for the appeal twice, and ended up obtaining a loan with the help of my parents and paying £3,500 reprensentation!! The Appeal took place 11th July 2014, (exactly 3mths since being forced to split). At the appeal, despite having the witness statement in front of her, change details of clothing, location (put it further away) and what she actually saw. As for the officer, when my barrister questioned him about the colour of the car, the two magistrates agreed it was Bluey Green and judge stated he would settle the argument and say it was turquoise… When my barrister asked to confirm the colour the accuser had said, he went “red” the Judge shook his head in disbelief. The officer even knowing the difference in colour could not provide a reason as to why he pulled me over, only said “for another reason that I do not recall”.. Barrister asked what bottoms did the witness say the man was “Black Trousers” and what was Mr X wearing “Light blue denim Jeans” he held up my jeans and said like these “Yes” again judge shook his head. After 15mins of deliberation, the judge said that it was clear that it was not Mr X and therefore uphold the appeal. I was immediately taken off the register. THANK GOD!!!! I apparently have no grounds for compensation or can not recover anything back. Costs was awarded of which I have been notified today that it is a grand total of £349.47 yes Three Hundred and Forty Nine Pounds Forty Seven Pence. That I will receive within the next 90days!!!!! So as a result, I’ve lost the woman I was in love with (her son now 17, is being a ****, but I do understand why - as it is a protection for his mom as it’s been them two for so long - which i do admire), I’m £3.5k out of pocket – well more cos it’s a loan that was taken out, and have had my good name dragged through the mud. I’ve recently found out that the charge remains on my file so I now have to declare this for jobs and also have to pay for visa’s to goto USA. I took this to my local MP whom, is a complete to55er, he’s basically said deal with it – it’s the law, despite showing his support for another MP to get all of their funds back? I’ve also been told that there is an organisation (charity law firm) that would take on a case of compensation – but they did not know the name of the firm. Is this true? Is there any thing else I can do as I have been well and truly screwed over on this? Thanks – and sorry it was a long post.
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