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Found 14 results

  1. In 2016, my daughter was involved in a low speed collision, 5 mph ish - I was in the car with her. We were reversing out of our drive, which is a corner of a T culdesac. We had two pass a couple of houses before being able to exit the T. (hope you're getting the gist). As we reversed up the road, approx 20' one of the neigbours reversed out of their drive and we struck the drivers door. The front of the neighbours car was still on the pavement this time. Both myself and my daughter were looking behind and didn't see this until it was too late. The other driver was doing a
  2. It's not really programming – but I'm not sure what to call it. Anyway, I use a printer program which generates a log file. After every print, the log file is overwritten. I want to extract certain information from the log file and put it into an Excel spreadsheet so I can keep track of the prints that I do and the settings are used. I don't want to have to muck around. I want to be able to do it with one click to start the script going. Here is the log file. Most of the information I want is contained in the two lines which I have coloured in red. The data I want is c
  3. I am shocked to find I received 2 speeding tickets this morning (16-02-16). 1) Dated 02-10-15 doing 36 mph in a 30 mile road 2) Dated 11-12-15 doing 35 mph in a 30 mile road. Since its 16 February 2016 the first ticket is over 4 months old. Obviously I have no recollection dating back that far. The "speeds" are so minor over the limit and I would welcome any advice on whether it it possible to challenge these tickets fairly. Amazingly the only memory I have of this particular road is being stuck in between lorries in traffic jams where a 10 min drive would take you up to
  4. I need some understanding and advice on this scenario. Case in brief Car A hit Car B from the back when Car B suddenly stopped apparently in response to Car C. Car B was to state later that his car shunted forward to hit Car C. However during the incidence both Car A and Car B were sandwiched together upon observation. But drivers of Car B and Car C were witnesses to each other in their claims for Whiplash. The Driver to Car C did not show any dent on day of incidence but stated at the premises of the incidence that the impact to Car B led him to have a
  5. Good afternoon, We bought a 2 year old car from a car dealer 12 days ago. While having a test run there was grinding from the wheels but the salesman said that was probably due to it sitting in their forecourt for weeks and I agreed. The morning after we took delivery the grinding was still there so called them back and the car was taken into the workshop and the pads were cleaned. They had stated that some dirt and rust had got in. Still no change though and I noticed that one side of the rear brake discs had scores and the other side was smooth. Called them back up and got the
  6. Hi, We purchased a new car and paid the car via debit card. The total amount was paid from my wifes card. Before we bought the car we asked the salesman if it was paid with my wifes card the car would have to be registered in my name, and he said that would be no problem. If that was an issue we would have paid them cash but saved us carrying cash with us. They taxed the car, we signed the paperwork and he gave us the green section of the v5 but they had put my wifes name on the new keeper section. I told him that it was my name and he apologised telling me that they would
  7. I gave my daughter 14 enough money for her fare to go from school to a friends intending to pick her up afterwards local bus co driver insisted she was "adult" despite being in middle school uniform then to really hack me off she gave the £10 she keeps in the back of her school ID card as emergency money to driver for full fare some 60p more he took it and gave her no change but a receipt she could "redeem" at a bus station for her change. Any idea if this is legal as I dont think a minor could agree to accepting what I can only call a prommissory note. He did
  8. Hi, Last Saturday 27/07/13 my front room flooded due to a freak storm and a blocked drain in the road just outside my house. An expensive rug was ruined and a few of the laminate flooring slats have started to bubble where the water started to soak in. We are going to be selling the house very soon so the affected slats will have to be replaced but my question is; if I claim on my home insurance will it show up that the property has flooded when the buyers solicitor carries out the local searches or not? Many thanks in advance! Jegs.
  9. Hello. About a year ago while I was at uni I got caught getting on a train without a ticket. The matter went to a magistrates court, I plead guilty by post, paid a fine and thought it was the end of it. I'll soon be graduating and am an otherwise upstanding citizen with no other blemishes against my name. I'll be moving to London for work later this year, and will be looking to rent somewhere. However I've since discovered that it seems like having a criminal record for anything, even something so minor as not paying for a train ticket, could potentially invalidate the insurance that
  10. Hi all, I was involved in a minor collision on Good Friday around lunchtime. Briefly, woman reverses from driveway onto residential street, cars parked both sides. Hit the brakes, minor collision. I was probably doing between 20-25mph so the damage to both cars is relatively minor i.e. scuffing on her bumper and the same on my front wing. Found her particularly unpleasant in her manner from the off but she gave her name and reg number and I gave the same. Following morning policeman at door – apparently, later in the afternoon she has gone to the police station and accused
  11. I would like some advice regarding a recent purchase from currys of a blackberry play book. I bought the item on 22/09/2012 and noticed on returning home with the play book that there was a contact loaded onto the videochat and a picture of a male approx 50 yrs old stored in the pictures files. I assumed these were example/templates and didn't take much notice of them. The play book was bought by my 12 year old daughter with her bday money she had got the previous day and she continued to set the play book up and load her own info on and as per the requirements of the videochat including
  12. Hello Guys, I was involved in a minor accident on the Friday. The problem was that this Van was packing on a double yellow line right at the junction. I was coming from one of the road which is Lewin terrace to join the road he was packing at. The van was obscuring my view, but I can still see both side of the road. As I was driving round the Van adn I was on the road where he packing, he was reversing back his car at the same time to go and pick up some school children. So, at this time he hit my car with a minor scratch on both our cars. He took the picture of me car, and I took hi
  13. Hi about 12 months ago I had "nudged" another car at a roundabout, there was no damage to either vehicle, the other party was clearly not [causing problems]- there has been no claim made. I did however have to inform our company insurance- it policy that even the most minor thing is declared! I renewed my personal policy about 1 month later, and was asked about claims etc, to which I answered non, as I did not really think this warranted a mention. I have now had to claim on my policy and am scared that my insurers find out about this and try to void my insurance or similar.
  14. Is this an offence, friend was turning in a private car park, bumped into parked car, no real damage as only doing few mph, now been tyold it should have been reported to the police, and an offence of driving without due care and failing to report an accident, is this right as they thought it was so minor there was no need?
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