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  1. I defaulted on an old minicredit loan in 2012 and the default is due to drop off in 2 months it's now with opos/kapama I have not paid anything or contacted them in nearly 3 years. ive found a few emails in my inbox about the debt, most recently a few weeks ago telling me it is now in the pre-legal stage they sent me a statement loan amount: £100 interest chsarges: £121 debt collection charges: £100 default charge 1: £25 default charge 2: £50 attempt charges: £685 i've paid £20 towards the debt according to the statement through token payments (sounds a
  2. Hi there I wanted to make a complaint about loans issued to me by Minicredit back in 2012 (ish). I know they have been wound up but when I went to Opus/ Kapama they said they have no record of them? I have read on here though that they are all the same company so I am confused.com. Is there any point in going to the FOS if they claim to have no record or is this a known avoidance tactic? Also does anyone know who was the appointed Administrator for the MC wind up / dissolution as I thought I could possibly trace it through them but I am struggling to find this i
  3. Good afternoon. I am back under anew guise. I posted last year about a Minicredit default a £200 that ended up a £1200+ one after non payment. I hate the companies & now the default stands at £522 with Kapama & shows 5 years of non payment on my noddle file but is not present on my Experian or ClearScore files. It's on there till march 2018. Do I let it slide, I've still been getting voicemails from Opos demanding to speak to me (I blocked their numbers so that's their best way of trying to get in touch with me) for all I care they can do 1.
  4. Thanks for everything you do here – I hope you might be able to help with Opos and Kapama. Although I've read lots of threads about them, I'm struggling with some particular parts of my situation. Brief background – in 2013, lots of foolish unaffordable payday loans to pay more payday loans, including a written off Wonga. Most now dealt with, with my credit file looking like it will be clear by 2020. A few monthly payments still going, including to Opos for a MiniCredit debt purchased by Kapama - notice of assignment issued in late January 2015. The initial Minicredit loan was £450,
  5. Hi All, New to the CAG and really need some experienced help with my ongoing battle with this company. I first submitted a Formal Complaint against Opos Limited in January 2016. This went to the Financial Ombudsman after I disagreed with their final response. The adjudicator advised that where Opos Limited is the debt collector and Kapama is the debt owner, he didn't think Opos Limited's collection practices were wrong, but he did advise me to send in a second complaint to Kapama about irresponsible lending. The original loan was for £100.00, and with charges etc. it ended up
  6. Hi Guys Well its not often I need advice haha and this one is a right mess to deal with. Basically as some know, I ended up suffering from Identity Fraud... And im still dealing with it today. So Minicredit wrote of a Balance of £1k and determined themselves it was fraud. However OPOS purchased the account and we started to go through this whole situation of dealing with a 3rd party for a company that doesnt exist. for the 3rd time in a year and a half, I got an email as per below; So I had already told them 3 times already that the account was closed fr
  7. Hi I am being pursued by Opos for a minicredit payday loan taken out in March 2012 for £150 which was to be repaid in 25 days. Opos are claiming around £764 saying that the original amount owed was £1189 - they came on to me back in 2013 and I paid Opos a total of £400 by installments. Last payment I made was in January 2014. Opos has sent me a 'statement' showing the following: Status Debt collection Loan sum £150 Order date 07. March 2012 Interest £238.5 Due date 01. April 2012 Penalty £80 Attempt fee £640 Debt expenses £100 Total £1208.5 Balance £1
  8. Hi, Ive been making payday loan complaints which started in December have so far had 3 successes and about to send some to FOS. However im confused about MiniCredit. Their website is still fully active? I know there is a statement with regards to them no longer trading at the bottom of their website with a link to the FCA, however their website still updates daily and from what i can see will let you make applications? They have links to Kapama and Opos etc. Im pretty sure that they must still be in operation but I cant find any post that confir
  9. Hi I have a 200 page complaint about minicredit I sent to them- but obviously no response as they have closed down What should i do- or who do i send to? no one is chasing the money
  10. Hi all. A few years ago, I got myself into a mess with various payday loans and have spent the last couple of years paying them all off. Earlier this week I received an email from a company called "kapama credit" stating an account of mine had been passed onto them from Opos. The loan in question is from minicredit. A loan for £100 of which I only received £80. Due to being in the midst of my payday loan mess, this wasn't paid back.. As my head was firmly stuck in the sand, I did nothing. I was in touch with opos back in 2012 and at one point was offered the chance to pay a set
  11. Ok, I thought Minicredit had been dissolved, looking at their website now, they are back and lending??!?!? HOW
  12. Can somebody help please, I'll be honest I've not really got a clue where to start to deal with this so I may as well start with my situation. I'm now 23 years old ,Back in 2012 around Christmas time I stupidly took a minicredit payday loan the usual 100 pound loan of which I only received 80. In the following weeks I lost my job as I worked for a self employed builder who due too work had too move over 3 hours away so I couldn't keep the job. I panicked and as a result took a wonga loan out as well which I have since fully settled. I managed too agree too a payment plan with wonga but al
  13. Hi there, Just wondered where I stand with Minicredit. My situation seems to be broadly similar to others on here, but I could do with some relevant advice here. My wife took out a loan of £100 with Minicredit in January. She was charged the FastAdvance TransmissionFee of £19.50 so only received £80.50 in her account. In February, she wrote to Minicredit and offered a monthly payment plan of £30 per month and enclosed a postal order for £30. She sent a 2nd letter in March along with another postal order for £30. On return home after posting the 2nd letter, she received a letter stating th
  14. hardly any more excuses needed but another tale of woe...even the ombudsman has had enough! http://www.ombudsman-decisions.org.uk/viewPDF.aspx?FileID=63793 FYI - I've written to the FCA asking if Minicredit will be required to put funds aside to deal with any outstanding complaints with FOS (I've a current complaint with FOS about Minicredit). will keep you all posted on response although the initial feedback is all very generic, just pointing me to the Voluntary Requirement notice on the FCA website
  15. I'm writing on behalf of my partner who took out a loan with Minicredit 2012/2013. After receiving all the usual threatening letters and the ridiculous charges that was added by Minicredit/OPOS, he set up a DMP with Step Change giving the outstanding balance of the debt at approx £700+. Now, having read these forums it is very clear that the charges added are unenforceable. He emailed OPOS asking for an up to date balance and a full break down of the debt. The reply.. Balance : £240.33 Principal : £100 Interest : £85.00 Penalty 1 : £25.00 Penalty 2 : £55.00
  16. Afternoon All, I have been paying these people through Payplan for a few years now and I am coming to the end of the plan. I contacted Opos Ltd to see what the balance was and to make sure it matched the Payplan estimate. To my shock I found that I still owed over £1000 after having already paid over £500 on a £100 loan. Opos tell me that the interest and charges were added to the debt by Minicredit before Opos took over the debt. I have now emailed them giving them 7 days to clear the debt otherwise I will be taking the matter to trading standards and t
  17. Hello all, I'm new to the forums so please bear with me. Firstly, let me request that judgemental posts and posts advising me what "a ******" I am be kept in your head. This entire problem was cause by terrible judgement on my part. Let's say, hypothetically, I obtained a £100 loan from Minicredit by giving them false employment information. Gave them a normal monthly wage, the company's full and correct contact information, and falseified NO documents and made NO effort apart from filling in a fake wage and real company contact information. I could not pay the loan on time. I
  18. hi, just noticed this article about minicredit http://www.google.info/forums/showthread.php?47704-Micro-Lend-Uk-Credit-Licence Was doing a bit of research as I have an FOS complaint against them for irrresponsible lending. Have got recent emails from the lovely Kristale. Has anyone got a loan from them recently? What happens my claim if they go out of business?
  19. hello i checked my credit fine and saw an entry from microcredit for £500 back from 2012. I didnt not reconise the debt so i sent off the standard CCA letter with enclosed fee ect.. I got a letter back yesterday from micro credit. No signed agreement or statement as requested.. Just a load of junk advising i should go to the police if i think that someone has taken out the application in my name as it could be fraud.. bla bla bla.. anyone else received such a response?
  20. Hello guys, to cut a long story short I took on a loan a month ago with minicredit or microcredit as they're also known as of £100 (wish I hadn't of now) but heres the deal. I set up a DMP with a charity called stepChange who are really helpful in helping me get through the whole process of sorting everything out so far. The thing is, a couple of my other creditors so far are all being cooperative about my current financial situation I am in except for minicredit(suprise,suprise). minicredit passed the debt onto another company called opos ltd, which i'
  21. Hi, Any advice on how to proceed with my Minicredit issue would be greatly appreciated. I took out a £100 payday loan with them recently (the due date is not until the 20/7/2104). On Monday the 7th of this month i logged into my minicredit account and selected "repay early" (the due balance was £110.40) i hit the repay early button,got a pop up saying "are you sure" clicked ok and continued to the payment. My banks "verified by visa" box popped up,i entered my details and submitted the payment. The next pop i got was "payment declined insufficient funds on card" (or words very sim
  22. I took out a Minicredit loan some time during 2011. It wasn't paid back and in no time at all increased from about £80 to over £800. I emailed them on numerous occasions using the info I'd gleaned from this forum and didn't receive one reply. They passed the debt on to someone else (can't remember who now) and then on to Opos. I was receiving emails from Opos for a good 18 months - 2 years asking me to contact them. Apart from the emails there was no other correspondence and no phone calls. And then quite recently it went quiet. Yesterday I received an email from a company called Allsquar
  23. Hi, Due to the demands of Christmas I stupidly took out two payday loans one with Minicredit and the other for Unclebuck. Both are due next week but there is no way I can afford to pay them back in full. I owe m.c. approx £300 and u.b. approx £200, I will offer them a reasonable repayment amount tomorrow via email. I have cancelled my debit card and instructed my bank to cancel the CPA on both. However I am terrified of the extortionate amount both of these lenders seem to add to loans if they default (reading other posts). I have learnt my lesson and just want to repay both but I expect the
  24. In short, I have been having very bad problems with my mental health and suicidal thoughts, my finances have spiralled out of control and I have been off of work ill. I contacted Minicredit asking for a repayment plan and they sent me nonsense about lots of fees and whatnot. I am not in the best of positions as my old wages were on there (£1300/mo instead of the now £850/mo). I took out the loan after already being signed off for work. I basically irresponsibly took out this loan because of a lack of judgement and I was already grasping at things. May I point out that upon taking th
  25. Hi, Just noticed that Minicredit changed their terms and conditions and renamed the 19.50 GBP transmission fee now a drawdown fee. Makes me wonder why? So I thought it is time to reclaim this so I sent them this: "Dear Madam or Sir, I am writing in relation to loans associated to my account, for which I incurred transmission fees which I do not believe are fairly and reflecting the actual costs of fund transmissions. The loans were taken out from from 17 January 2012 to 06 July 2012 The reason I believe that these transmission fees (19.50 GBP for each
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