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Found 13 results

  1. Having recently (well, just before Christmas) scored just under 7K from Monument for payment break protection payments, i have recently remembered an account i had with The Midland Bank which was some kind of revolving credit arrangement. This was many many moons ago and i cannot remember the exact details, however i do remember that the loan itself was in the form of two credit cards, one Visa and one Mastercard. Another thing i distinctly remember is the branch manager at the time telling me i would 'need to protect my payments'. I don't know if this does fall into the category of
  2. Hi, My father had PPI with Midland Bank in 1990. They've made him an offer, which is all repayments on the premium, plus simple interest, and totals about £400. The issue is that all repayments came out of his Midland Bank overdraft. So they also incurred him overdraft interest, a portion of the monthly overdraft turnover fee (0.75% on any debit in the overdraft), and a portion of the 1.25% annual overdraft arrangement fee. He came out of his overdraft in 2005, so assuming that the PPI was the last part of the overdraft paid off (a fair assumption since without it he'd have come
  3. I'm posting on here as my query is related to PPI. Can anyone let me know if they've managed to obtain copies of old Midland Bank/HSBC credit card statements from the mid 1990's? I have the account number but no paperwork. I've read about one other poster on here who took HSBC to a small claims court in 2007, for non compliance over a DSAR and bank charges complaint. Has anyone else had a similar experience and had to take matters this far to get their data. I asked the ICO for an opinion and they accepted the bank's advice that they only hold statements from six
  4. Hi guys, I'm currently self employed, and applied for a property form midland heart on the intermediate rent scheme as im trying to save for a mortgage. I went through all the process, providing a guarantor etc and was meant to move saturday just gone, may 14th 2016. Midland Heart came back to me and said, they cant do the move because they dont allow guarantor on this scheme yet, I was told I needed one and paid for the referencing via homelet. This is the day before I was due to move. Homelet sent back my income as 0, as ive been unemployed for under 12months. Homelet s
  5. Hi I have just found some old paperwork for a car loan i took out with Midland Bank in 1997 (now HSBC).. As you can see from the photo - They charged me £959.29 for this "credit protection insurance loan". Now seeing as the loan for the car was only £6000 - They charged me a sixth of the value of the loan for this insurance.. Credit protection insurance loan was £780 - and on top of that they charged £179.29 interest (total charge for credit). Can someone tell me if this is part of the PPI story - and am i entitled to claim this back? Should i goto HSBC direct - a
  6. I was after some old Midland Bank missing statements and Credit Card details so I sent an Subject Access Request to Head Office in Canary Wharf, London. Can someone advise if that was the correct address ? Also has anyone else had any luck receiving anything from the early 90's ? I know it's a long-shot but could help me out big-time with some old loan accounts. Cheers Baz
  7. I am not certain if these jokers were ever a legitimate DCA but it seems that justice has caught up with one bunch of rogues who have persecuted someone innocent http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ruthless-blackmail-gang-conned-grieving-4301240
  8. Hi. I have been looking into the SRA Rules, Railway By-laws and a friend's Penalty Fare Notice. One or two things aren't covered, as far as I can tell, so I thought I'd see if anyone on here might have an opinion or some references to legislation. My friend doesn't need advice on how to deal with the PFN, this is simply a theoretical exercise to round off my understanding of the possible consequences of two scenarios: 1. A passenger without a valid ticket is stopped by a revenue collector upon attempting to leave a station. Upon questioning, the passenger provides t
  9. When I moved into my house, Midland Heart never informed me of the anti-social behaviour and racist behaviour of my neighbours. After living in my house for a few months, my children and I went through a lot of aggravation with the neighbours, and when the local school found out that my children and I (black/mixed), were living at this address, they were visibly shocked, and went on to inform me that the last family to live in my house had to be removed by police escort because of these neighbours. In fact they informed my that they, the police, the council and Midland Heart themselves
  10. Since joining this site with regards to a debt company chasing me I decided to go through old paperwork I found Midland bank credit card statements from 03/94 to 07/97 where they had been charging me Cardholder repayment protector. I defaulted on this in 02/97 as I put my business into receivership. I told them I was out of work and the continued to charge me interest and late fees until the debt was taken over by a debt company. I then did a deal with them and paid it off over the next 15-20 years. What I now realise is they never offered to pay out on the protection they charg
  11. Hi all, I have realised that we were missold PPI on a mortgage taken out in 1993/1994 from the then Midland Bank. I have binned all the supporting documentation after the house was sold. Is there anything I can do to recover this money, or will the bank most definitely insist they cannot investigate given the timescale since it was first sold. Many thanks for your help.
  12. MIDLAND COMMUNICATIONS DISTRIBUTION LIMITED ( NOTTINGHAM ) ( ORANGE DISTRIBUTOR ) Hi Does anyone have an account with Midland in Nottingham. We want to know if they are any good. I have seen reviews etc on this site and others which are not very good. Does anyone work with them?.
  13. Hello, I am seeking advice on a situation involving a prosecution letter from London Midland which reads as follows: Dear Mr. ***, On **th May 2012, a person giving the above name and address was questioned by a member of staff with regard to an alleged incident on London Midland Railway. This matter has been provisionally authorised for prosecution. Before I proceed further, I invite you to respond by completing in full the bottom section of this letter, making any comments about the incident on the reverse, and send it to the above address within seven days. Failure
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