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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there I know that Microlend were closed down, then WPPL took over the loanbook and were shut down too, was just wondering if anyone knows what happened after that to the loanbook? I've searched on here and found Evergreen Finance as a contact, which I traced to Moneyboat, but I emailed them and they say it was not them. All references on Google appear to stop at WPPL getting shut down. Which seems odd to me as presumably there are people who had outstanding loans with Microlend and WPPL who would want info? Or did they all just get stopped? Having read some of the excellent posts on here about claiming on irresponsible lending practices, I believe Microlend were some of the worst and had a lot of victims that would deserve redress if anyone had taken over their loanbook and responsibilities. Asking for a friend Many thanks in advance for any help. Cheers
  2. MICRO LEND Micro (Unit 3, Colindale Business Park, 126 Colindale Avenue, London, NW9 5HD) http://www.oft.gov.uk/news-and-updates/press/2014/11-14#.UyMMQfl_t8E Good news one of the worst most aggressive and abusive lenders has finally had its wings clipped by the OFT. Without giving too much away the evidence the OFT has is so overwhelming that closure is a certainty pending any miracle. It is fantastic news that these companies are now suspended from operating in examples such as this. A big thanks to everyone (You know who you are) that also stood witness statement against these less that desirable characters.. If anyone is interested the local news paper in the area this company traded are interested in hearing anyone with horror stories to add to their portfolio. Please contact: Mr Daniel Obrien (Whetstone & Barnet Press) [email protected] Charlie
  3. ANy one ever had any dealing with them? We haven't but they seem to think we have and in Nov and Dec they put an arrest on my husbands wages and £1400 was removed! Upon further investigation it transpired that the letter of arrestment sent to my DH's employer was forged! It came from Barnsley (I think) county court, the letter head was forged, the judge that "signed" the letter doesn't even exist and the amount we "owe" changes all the time. How do these people do that, when dh contacted Barnsley CC they had never (obviously) heard of us and we weren't the first people to have contacted them about it that day, very odd. Back in court this month, sigh!
  4. Has anyone had dealings with this company please
  5. Hi, First time on here so sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am currently in payday loan hell, which is of course my own fault, but I have a question regarding debit card payments. I'll outline the background below, before my question: I have taken out a loan with Microlend, which is a company I have used several times in the past, for £250. Over the last few days it became apparent that I was going to have issues with repayment of both the Microlend loan and another loan I have, so I made the decision to cancel my card and contact the lenders. The other lender has been accommodating as I am in financial difficulties. Microlend, on the other hand, have not. I transferred the bulk of my wages from my Lloyds account (where repayment was due to come from), and transferred it into my Co-Op account. Big mistake. Microlend have, without my authorisation, debited the full £325 from my Co-Op account, leaving me penniless. These card details were given to them over the telephone, for a one off payment, in the summer of 2012. A CPA has not been agreed by me on this card, this card was not stipulated in the loan agreement, they have not had permission to use it other than for the one off payment that was made. They have never deposited funds into the Co-Op account, and they do not have the bank details. Other than the obvious of avoiding payday lenders (which believe me I'm trying to do), where do I stand with this? I have opened a dispute with the bank, and have been in contact with Microlend. Microlend are refusing to refund any of the money, and are saying I owe an additional £89 (£52 late payment fee despite loan repaid on same day, £25 failed debit card fee, £12 correspondence fee). To my mind this is a fraudulent transaction, a possible PCI breach as they have obviously kept the card details in writing somewhere since they were given over the phone and formed no part of an electronic agreement with them, and their request for a further £89 is absurd. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, I took out a £100 loan with Microlend at the start of June, I subsequently left my job and could not afford to repay. At the time, I made a token gesture of £35 reducing my balance to £135.00. This I was told, in text and via the phone would be frozen, no interest or charges to be added, and they would keep in touch with me over the next couple of months. This I agreed to, and subsequently started a new, temporary contract. Paid through an umbrella company, which I explained to them meant my wages could hit my account on payday at any point of the day and they agreed, and I have proof, via text that they accepted this fact. The payment was due Fri 5th Oct. Only one slight problem, I was missed off the payment run so nothing hit my account until yesterday. I used a separate account so Microlend could not debit anything they liked (which as it turns out was a good idea) as they were now claiming that I owed £320.00. I agreed in full and final settlement to pay half at £160.00 and actioned a transfer from my account to theirs last night. This shows on my bank statement already and my balance is reduced accordingly. This again, is in writing, via text (I am refusing to speak to them on the phone). However, this morning the calls start and in 90 minutes, I have had 3 texts, and 3 missed calls saying they haven't received calls and are bombarding my current employer with telephone calls. Not helping this is that I am currently ill, in bed. I have stated I will forward a copy of my statement later today (I will black out all other information) showing the payment leaving my account, but still they are harassing me. And as far as I know, my employer. What can I do to get them to stop? I want to ensure that on receipt of my statement this is backed up with appropriate language, information, etc. I am hoping they are not bombarding my employer with calls, as it may very well cost me my job! As a contractor, they can end the contract without having to provide a reason. All help greatly appreciated!!!
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