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Found 13 results

  1. I checked my credit report and there is a default to HSBC from 2010 for £167. I tried to call to pay it off but couldn't pass security went to the branch and they told me it was a closed account and now being dealt with by Metropolitan Collections Services All of the numbers I can find for them go through to HSBC giving me the same problem of passing security (i dont remember telephone banking passcode). I've had no letters or anything, just trying to clear my credit report and this default is proving hard to get to the bottom of. What can I do to chase it?
  2. Firstly, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section of the forum. I got a letter a few days ago informing me that my account was being switched from Metropolitan Collection Services to HSBC Repayment services as from 01 December. I was told to continue with any arrangement I have on my account. Fair enough, but, the agreement I have expires this month (November). Also, as I have a repayment card for use at the Post Office, will this cause problems? Who (or what) is this new company? I can't seem to find much info on them either on here or via Google, they seem to be based in a PO box in Coventry. Is this anything to worry about, am I about to be snowed under with yet more pointless letters that just keep going round and round? Or is it a simple re-branding? Thanks for reading, I look forward to your replies.
  3. Hi guys, I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on whether I would have a case for getting this default removed from my credit file. To cut a long story short, I managed to go overdrawn on my HSBC account by £88 and was quite slow paying it back due to financial difficulty at the time. The money went to Metropolitan (still HSBC as far as i'm aware) where we agreed that it would be ok for me to pay the full amount into my HSBC account, to clear the debt, on a particular day. When this day came around, I went on my Natwest online banking to transfer the £88 into my HSBC account and assumed everything to be fine. The next letter i received from Metropolitan told me that the amount was outstanding and a default had been added to my account! When I went back and checked my Natwest online banking, the £88 had bounced back to me. There was more than enough money in the account, the only thing I can think of is that HSBC closed the account which made it impossible for me to pay on the day that we agreed! I have tried writing to Metropolitan to have this looked into, and enclosed copies of my bank statement as proof but have not yet had any replies. Do you think I would have a case for getting this removed? Thanks in advance.
  4. OK history of the debt: Credit card Taken out: 2005 ish Original Creditor : HSBC Current Owner : HSBC Agent : Metropolitan (HSBC) Approx Amount : £1200 Current Status of the debt: £1 minimum payments to Metropolitan. Account defaulted and terminated 2012/13 after informing them I was on ESA (at the time) Offer made July 2013 40% reduction by Central Debt Recovery Unit. AIM: Evaluate the enforceability of this debt in order to make a reasonable F+F. ------------------- OK I have the SAR info already - Very little in the way of charges. No known PPI So why did they offer 40% reduction so early? Tomorrow a CCA shall be going to metropolitan. Something smells. Anything people think I should be looking out for? Being 2005 the account was opened I would suspect they have the original agreement required to enforce. So any ideas?
  5. OK just wondered if this was worth warning people about. Background Small Credit Car debt with HSBC £1100 Passed to their shady operatives in the Phillapenes "Metropolitan" Been paying £1 a month token payment for 6 months. Review has occurred, they agreed to carry on the same terms but sent a new Standing Order form. Thing is, I nearly blindly signed it but remembered that the original one is set up to carry on till eternity (or 999 payments) So checked at bank today and the old one is still going, payment went out today as normal. If I had blindly complied with their request to set up another $1 SO would that have doubled my payments to £2 a month? If so that's bloody naughty XD And IF SO people who have their token payment plans reviewed when paying SO payments should check before completing a new one.
  6. Hi All, I had an HSBC credit card. Defaulted in 2011 and was passed Metropolitan. Payment plan in place with standing order. I then got a couple of letters from 1st credit chasing the balance, then passed to Connaught collections about the money. I have ignored all of them as im still paying this Standing Order each month. I've now received a letter from Connaught saying its passed to their solicitors Judge & Priestly who want the balance in full in 16 days or their client "may" issues proceedings. Thing is the solicitors letter says.... "We are instructed by 1st Credit that you entered into a written agreement numbered XXXXXXXXX with PROGRESSIVE CREDIT LIMITED. That number does not tie up with the Metropolitan one. Have checked my credit file and its says Credit card from 1st Credit but scroll down and theres also credit card from HSBC. So, I guess i should CCA request but do i send to Judge & Priestly or Connaught Collections? And what about the payments Metropolitan have been taking all this time?
  7. Hi, Would somebody be willing to look at the letter below and tell me if what they're saying is true or not? [ATTACH=CONFIG]44506[/ATTACH] My notes on what they've enclosed: Appendix 1: Current Terms and Conditions Just a printout of terms and conditions. No information to suggest this applies to me. No APR. Appendix 2: Notice of Variation to Terms A printout of updated terms and conditions. Has tables detailing APRs, etc, but these are all listed as (on your agreement) - no actual numbers are given. No information to suggest this applies to me. Appendix 3: Copy of Historic Terms and Conditions Yet another printout. No information to suggest this applies to me. No APR. Appendix 4: Credit Card Agreement Form Has HSBC's address. MCS or HSBC have hand-written my previous address and DOB into this agreement. I was at a different address when I opened this credit card account in 2005/2006. APR is blank. Has a signature box which is left blank. Appendix 5: Two recent statements Shows correct personal details and correct APR.
  8. Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and would really appreciate some much needed advice on my current debt situation. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section I wasn’t sure where to start. I have 2 debts which I need to get to a manageable amount ASAP. I have a £700 debt with Very Catalogue – I 1st ordered from the site around July/Aug 2010. Secondly an overdraft of £750 with HSBC. Recently Very have started to add additional charges and interest (which I knew would happen) but I have found myself in a less than comfortable position to pay the amounts that they are asking for. In June 2010 I was offered a decently paid job and jumped at the chance. I paid off all of my other debts quite quickly to get them out of the way before I would be hassled for the 2 above debts. I then moved into a shared flat and naively used my Very account to order furniture and such as at the time I would easily have been able to make the repayments. However, I was given the choice in July this year to either terminate my employment or to reduce my hours, I had no other job options so I chose to reduce my hours and now earn around £650-£700 each month after tax. These are my usual monthly outgoings: Rent: £225.00 Bills: £150.00 Food/Toiletries etc: £100.00 Phone: £20.00 - £30.00 Credit card payments: £25.00 Transport to work: £40.00 I’ve had a letter from Very (1st debt recovery) this week and they have phoned me around 15 times already but I’m refusing to speak to them over the phone just yet. I can’t afford to pay what they are asking at the minute and I know with the interest rates the amount is going to grow pretty substantially if I can’t agree on a smaller payment rate. Similar situation with HSBC. I was sent a letter from their Collection agency asking me to simply:‘‘Please Call Danielle on the number below’’ Which I did and was told she was unavailable. They couldn’t talk to me about anything regarding the account and just passed me from person to person until I was told id have to contact HSBC directly at which point they confirmed my address details, hence I was a bit confused by the purpose of the letter. Id just like some advice on what you think the best course of action would be as my debts haven’t spiraled out of control yet but I can see it happening soon enough. Id say I have on average around £100 of ‘disposable’ income each month and was thinking of making an offer to repay £50 to each company each month. I haven’t made any payments to HSBC as of yet as I was under the impression my account had been changed to a graduate interest free OD but apparently they decided it wasn’t to be. I have made regular monthly payments to Very over the course of the last year and have only more recently found it difficult to pay the balance in full Does anyone have any dealings with this type of thing and do you think it would be something they would likely accept? Im just finding it difficult to figure out where to start. Regards,Zephy. .
  9. I had a debt with HSBC for around £600 that got passed on to Metropolitan collection agency which is now settled. I disputed the fact it got passed over to Metropolitan at the time as was in the process of moving house and did not use the account any longer as I had changed banks. I had agreed to pay £40 a month till the debt was settled which they accepted, then they claimed they wanted more and that I needed to pay 2 lots of £40 on 2 consecutive days to stop it being passed over to a debt collection agency. I agreed to do this on the condition they repay the interest on the account which we agreed would be £40 with in 3 -5 days of me paying the money. I would be paying £40. I however asked for this to be put in writing to confirm all this, yet when the letter came it stated we may repay this back to you. I did not pay the £40 as I wrote to them saying this is not what we agreed to. By the time all this was going on they passed it over to Metropolitan collection Agency. I complained to the Financial Ombudsmen Service but they agreed with HSBC as they said I did not pay the two lots of £40. I now have a default on my credit rating which I would like to try and get removed so I can remortgage to get a better rate as the only bank I can get anything with currently is my current bank. After reading a few post on here and similar sites i wrote a letter to HSBC asking for a true signed copy of my original credit agreement with the bank. When I spoke to a lady in the bank she said she was not able to find it. The reply in the letter I got from them states there is no formal written agreement for the account. I have also asked for a copy of a final demand notice which they have sent to me. I also asked for a copy of the deed assignment due to it being passed from HSBC to Metropolitan. They claim they don't need this due to it being in house? Is this correct? Or is this the loop hole I am looking for to get the default removed from my account? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  10. Hi all, Can anyone help me about this matter please!!! Between october 2009 to March 2010 - my tax credits from HM revenue and Customs was being paid to an HSBC account. I calculate the money to be around 1500 to 2000 pounds. I phoned HSBC and they are saying my account was closed in July 2007 and they can't trace any transactions after that date. History: This account and an overdraft were passed to Metropolitan and then to 1st credit as i had trouble I had already fully paid any outstanding money in April 2009. I have phoned 1st credit and they are saying they havn't recieve any money into that account. I phoned HM revenue and Customs that they are saying the money was paid in to this HSBC account during that period. I don't know what to do now. Please Can anyone give me any ideas how to recover my lost money from HM revenue and Customs? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi there everyone, I know its late but hope someone is awake and can give me a little advice. I had a £2000 debt with HSBC, passed to Metropolitan collection services and communications began. I researched other people's advice to get written communications and take details of any phone contact. Mid September I offered £500 as a full and final settlement figure, which they accepted via a letter from them, dated 18th September giving me a deadline of 15th September!! Of course, making it impossible to pay. I called and they realised the error. They said they would have to extend the offer. I called back several days later and they confirmed the offer was extended until the 25th, so I paid the original £500 and clarified that is was a full and final settlement. They agreed, and explained that my file would be marked as partially satisfied. I paid over the phone, got the receipt number and requested a confirmation through the post. Nothing! So I called tonight, and the agent said that my balance was £1500 (after my £500) payment, that the account was under 'investigation' and that her system was shutting down at 9pm so would have to call in the morning. Am I worrying unecessarily or have they totally robbed me of £500 and used it to pay off just £500 0f that £2000 after agreeing that it was to be a full and final settlement figure? Please someone help, its going to be a looooong night!
  12. Hi there, This is my first post, so please be easy on me I have a small little problem, a CC debt of around 500 GBP (sorry, I don't have a pound sign on my laptop ). The situation is the following: I lived in the UK for about 5 years. I had a bank account and CC with HSBC, which I reguralry used, but I left the country in April 2009. On current account there was an overdraft of about 250 GBP and on my CC a debt of about 500 GBP. (I also had a Lloyds account with an overdraft of about 250 GBP, but that is ok, the online banking still works and I will pay it back, since I don't want to loose the account.) So I left the country not really caring about all those accounts, I thought I'd paid them back when I had money and a job. I am in Austria now, and since I finally found a job and will start working on Monday, I wanted to check what the situation is with the banks. ( I know it took me long to find a job, I guess I had a long holiday ). HSBC has closed my current account and canceled my CC. I still have my Savings account with 0 GBP on it. I called the bank, they said they closed the account and transferred my debt to their collection agency, Metropolitan. When I called Metropolitan, they told me that the debt was now with Moorcroft and I need to give them a call. So when I called Moorcroft, I told them what the situation was and that I am not living in the UK any more but I will be able to pay back my debt in a month or two. According to their records I have an outstanding balance of 555,11 GBP. Now my question and problem is: How do I know where this 555,11 came from, and if this is the amount I should be paying? What about that other overdraft of about 250 ? Did that just disappear? Is that possible? (I wouldn't mind ). And what is the guarantee that I don't need to pay anything more than this when I paid it? I read around the forums and found that I can request a CCA. So I called them up (Moorcroft) and asked for one. The lady started asking for my details and address and everything, but I explained to her that I don't have an address in the UK any more, and I would like this CCA to be sent to my new address in Vienna, Austria where I live now. She told me that it's not a problem, just send the letter and 1 GBP. Should I send cash in the post? Do you think it was a good idea to get a CCA? I wonder if anyone has experience when it comes to this situation? Eg. left the country, but would like to settle my debt. Any help or advise would be appreciated! I did search the forums but didn't find anything that would resebmle my situation. Thanks a lot
  13. Ok guys firstly i am a new Cagger and what a relief to find this site as it has empowered me somewhat into, at least, not feeling alone with Debt. I shall post soon regarding my actual debts and break them down in order to keep the correct thread format later. This question is regarding letters threatening Home door visits. I have read previous threads regarding resolvecall etc and how they have no rights and you can tell them to leave and i have no problem either ignoring their door rings or telling them to F**k Off but the problem is that due to circumstances i find myself staying with my parents and it IS THEIR door that is getting the hassle. (The debt was taken out here). resolvecall have already tried to visit 3 times (even leave a little card with number of visits...which i shall keep as evidence). One cheeky resolvecall guy was even spotted peering through a window. I dont like the idea of my parents being pestered (told them not to answer)but at the same time i dont want to send a strong letter that might give them cause to believe their visits are intimidating me. I will correspond "in writing" till the cows come home until i get the DEAL I WANT but how do i get the visits stopped. The latest is Metropolitan Collection who are saying "they WILL visit on xx/xx/xx...cheecky blighters even state between 8am and 9pm. Now im no genius but i know not many people can legally visit you at 9pm...duh. Guess it will be interesting to see if they call. Let the games begin ..i guess
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