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Found 5 results

  1. I am beyond mortified. I am in the middle of a very turbulent time in my life, my depression is all over the place . Today I had period pain, I went to Sainsburys to get some medication. The pharmacy was closed. I hovered in the section for ages before I STUPIDLY decided to take the medication off the shelf of the closed pharmacy. I then panicked and left the store. I wasn't stopped, but they would definitely have me on camera taking the medication from the closed pharmacy. I don't know if it is clear I still had it in my possession when I left, but they may also be able to see my car registration. I am freaking out. I want to go back into the store and return the items and profusely apologise for this out of character behaviour, but I also know this could give them a reason to press charges... Someone please give me some advice, I am a wreck. The pills cost about £2.60 if it means anything...
  2. I've been moaned at for doing this twice in the last several months. I take various medication. I have some I take everyday and some I take when needed. With the latter, that could mean ordering every month or every 2-3 months. I went to order 2 things Monday. I explained last week that I'm away when I run out. And the other, I've not had for a while and need now. I've not been given the one I need now despite it being something I could run out of pretty quickly. It can also be a pain to get hold of. They've promised to give it to me tomorrow maybe. Can they just refuse just because I'm supposedly over ordering, even though it's something that I take whenever? I get given 6 at a time and can take up 4 in 24 hours.
  3. I thought I'd share here as I've lost a just amount of weight since my Doctors have stepped up my medication. Just a heads up for anyone else who happens to be on any of the following: 1) Methylphenidate (normal release) 2) Concerta (XL) Extended Release 3) Dexamfetamine 4) Lisdexampheramine I won't go into detail as to how they all work, but they've been stages in my life and when you don't keep a VERY close eye on yourself you'll waste away to something scrawny. not because you can't eat, it's mainly because you forget to eat or when you do remember to you just don't feel like it. From the coaching I'm going through, I've learned to keep a strict "food agenda".. Yip a diary on my phone reminding me with loud and annoying alarms to eat. After seeing some of pics of me from 2 years ago, iw as horrified as i thought I looked really ill! Hope this helps! Cheers, A
  4. Does anyone know the full list of medications that the new law will apply to. I know that the stronger pain killers, and anti anxiety medications are included but there are a great number of both over the counter and prescription medication which can effect driving ability. I have already stopped driving because i feel unsafe. My wife is on a number of medications that warn of possible effects. How will this law be implemented because the effects of the same drug vary greatly from person to person.
  5. I was just wondering how things would affect me now I've been moved on a more powerful medication after 21 years of treatment. Although the last medication I was on 'Concerta XL' was a controlled substance, it wasn't as strictly controlled as the new one I'm on 'Dexadrine'. The latter is literally an amphetamine which really makes it hard for me to travel abroad as 99% of countries won't let me travel to them whilst medicated. Despite this new 'wonder medication' making my working life ALOT better, how would this affect my DLA/PIP claim? Reason I ask is because I hear lots of shocking things about ATOS and I'm concerned that when I get called in for a review that they'll see that I appear OK whilst still living with ADHD on such meds is a BIG turnoff for employers. Furthermore I still exhibit symptoms of ADHD sich as extremely bad memory, disorganisation etc.... Because of these symptoms, I literally run my entire life out of: -4 diaries -Pager/Reminder System -Myriad of postit notes around the house -Myriad of lists, todo lists and 'where things go or have been put' lists. My concern is that ATOS will do a superficial examination and not know the 'behind the scenes' life of ADHD. Furthermore, seeing as there's only 5 departments in the NHS qualified to deal with Adult ADHD, would ATOS even be allowed to asses me accurately not being one of these NICE accredited specialists? Cheers, A
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