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  1. Hi, i had a non refundable deposit paid for a service that ultimately did not proceed by the client, but now they have contacted my children by private message on Facebook and told them that I owe them money. Is this permitted? Thank you.
  2. Hi, Just need some guidance on this issue. Virgin Media came yesterday and laid some cable from the street drilling a hole in my front wall to put the cable through and then digging the garden to lay the cable . Now I have never ordered virgin media for any services nor am I a current virgin media customer. About 2 weeks ago I got a letter addressed to someone else but with my address on it that had a direct debit for virgin media, I got in contact with them and explained about and was told by the call centre that it would cancel due to incorrect details. I emailed the CEO explaining the situation and am awaiting his reply. Is there anything else I could be doing to get a resolution Regards Richard
  3. Virgin Media’s 4 million subscribers are set to lose 10 UKTV Channels from Sunday 22nd July. This includes Dave, Gold, Drama and W and popular shows such as Taskmaster, Red Dwarf XII and reruns of classics like Only Fools and Horses. Virgin Media customers are venting their frustrations over the loss of UKTV via Twitter, with some threatening to switch to rival television packages Sky or BT: David Bouchier, Virgin Media’s chief digital entertainment officer said: “The problem is the BBC does not grant the UKTV digital rights with its TV shows which leaves it somewhat stranded as a linear dinosaur in an on-demand modern world.” “Part of a commitment to audiences has to be allowing them to watch what they want, when they want and that also means being able to watch those programes on demand. From US studios to small program-makers, that is how it is done. The BBC puts UKTV in a very difficult position and we have been unable to come to terms and will replace the channels.” https://uk.yahoo.com/movies/virgin-media-viewers-arms-losing-10-uk-tv-channels-132054866.html Discuss ?
  4. VM are trying to charge me £40 for an unreturned router. I moved house and they sent me the packaging to return it two weeks after I moved out. The router is probably still in my old place. They are insisting that I go back, find it and send it to them or I will be charged the £40. I'm reading stories on this forum of people being chased by debt collectors and credit scores being affected. I'm scared of this. Should I just pay the £40?
  5. Hi all I was a virgin media customer for years before someone manages to hack into my connected sipura voip modem device making it dial prem rate numbers and ran up a bill of £8000 in a matter of 3 days somehow bypassing the credit limit on my account. I have sent an email and called vm to try and sort things out to no avail Vm have made us responsible for the bill blaming the third party device and saying I shouldn't have had a third party device on the line? Somehow I think that vm are not telling me everything and that it could be someone inside vm that was the person who made the calls how was my credit limit bypassed?...
  6. Good afternoon all, I'm sure you're all busy so I will keep this as short as possible. Was a VM customer for 8 odd years. Had to cancel their services last year as my Ex and I separated and I was moving to a new place. Account was in my name, so I phoned to cancel it. Phone call lasted about 10 minutes as they tried to get me to shift it to the new address etc. They explicitely said "there is no further charges to pay" on the phone. (I have it recorded as an .m4a file.) In fact, we were due a refund. A week or two later, I get a letter (at my new address!) asking me to pay a £23 cancellation charge. I wrote them a letter explaining both the phone call, and my annoyance at them chasing the additional charge when we'd been good customers for 8 years. I got another chaser a few days later, and expected the letter hadn't been processed yet, and then nothing.... After not getting any correspondance, I assumed it was done. It was £23, and I thought it would all be sorted. Last week, i'm at the bank applying for a loan, and I am denied and told to check out Experian. Three strikes from Virgin Media over the late payment of £23. The rest of the credit report is absolutely sweet. Credit score tarnished by their mistake and incompetence. Any advice on how best to rectify this, and if I should pursue any further action? All the best, D
  7. Four weeks ago, we secured a new home in an area where Virgin Media don't offer any services. This is a shame because we have enjoyed their service for the past 11 years. We let them know straight away that we would no longer require their services and they told us that they would send us three bags with cable plugs so that we could cap the cables and return the two set top boxes and router that we have. This took two weeks and when the bags turned up there was one bag big enough for the router and one cap. We let them know instantly and they said that this was a common problem and they would send the correct bags. Today they still hadn't turned up and we're moving on Friday (today is Tuesday). Their attitude is that we will just have to order the bags again so we can cap the cables and return the boxes. We have explained that we won't be here, but have been told that if we don't do this properly they will charge us £350 for the equipment. My question is that if we have given them four weeks notice, and they haven't provided the facilities to terminate our contract properly, can they charge us? I have to say that even when we used social media to contact them, they seemed to ignore the fact that we have to leave the property on a certain date and just kept giving us a link to order the bags an caps.
  8. My mum was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia, she has been with Virgin Media since 2011 starting out on a 18 month contract. Five months ago my mum came to live with me, I then went through the process of obtaining a Power of Attorney so I could deal with her housing arrangements ect. A month ago I phoned Virgin Media to cancel her TV services, they said they would need to speak to her and she would have to give them her password. After telling them I had Power of Attorney and my mum had Dementia and could not remember what she did a few hours ago let alone remember a password she was given 6 years ago they said they would have to send her the password. Luckily enough I still have the keys to her old flat as Social Care will not let me surrender the tenancy until they assess her as if I did they would look on it as me making her intentionally homeless.(whilst she waste's £600 a month on rent ect) Virgin Media said they would send a new password in a couple of days, after waiting a week I checked the flat and there was nothing from them. I phoned again weeks ago, again was promised they would send out a password. I was in the flat again last night and all there was from Virgin Media was a new bill for the coming month. I have now cancelled the Direct Debit. Who am I best to contact regarding this.
  9. I took virgin media to CICAS and they lied about the contract. They told CICAS the screen shot of the t&cs I provided was from an old contract from someone else while the screen shot they provided is from my contract (by this time they had changed my online profile and had updated my contract to show new t&cs). I did not have the original contract copy at that moment but later, after CICAS decided in their favour, I found out the email they had sent me which had the contract I signed and could prove my stance was right. The only proof they gave was fake screen shots which I can prove now was fake. CICAS would not listen to me as their decision is final. Can someone help me legally and take them to court. I do not want to spend more money on them unless I have some legal advise. They not only broke their T&Cs with me but also lied to CICAS deliberately as I had pointed out to them in a call that my online profile shows the old t&cs and after three weeks they changed those. I am sure they have done it to 100s of thousands of people and ripping them off. It's a big [problem] I can tell. Please note I am no more looking for the contract I signed as I have it in my email when they originally sent it to me.
  10. My contract with Virgin Media was terminated on the 4th May due to the fact that they broke contract by way of serious issues with my broadband which they admitted they had trouble fixing and gave me permission to leave without charge or penalty. I've received my final bill to say I am owed a refund of around £15. I was told initially it was to be refunded within 14 days of cancelled contract. Its now over 14 days and I've not receive the monies due. Any advice please.
  11. Good morning everyone, This is my first post to a forum like this and I am looking for some advice. I have signed up to a 12-month Virgin Media contract in November 2016, due to expire in November 2017. Since I signed the paperwork in the shop, I have had a number of issues and conflicting accounts according to the service agents I speak to. 1) I signed a contract in a local high street store outlet. The sales agent was the store manager. I asked explicit questions about billing and the charges, several times, to make I understood. I got confirmation of the maximum amount I could expect to be billed in any given month was the price quoted and circled on my agreement statement. I only wanted Broadband, but for some promotion at the time, it made it cheaper to take Phone and TV too: 12-month promotional discount for the package of all three services, making my overall charges cheaper than Broadband alone. Satisfied I was given clear information and adding all services I needed, ex-directory, etc (to avoid nuisance calls), at the time I took the contract, I was happy. I also asked them about their Refer a Friend scheme before I signed the contract. I was advised, I need to wait for my first bill, after a Month, and then call Customer Services, provide my details, and my friend's details, and we both get an effective discount. - Minor issue, but discrepancy number 1. I made an initial upfront payment instore for something, and left the store. When I was contacted given all the details of my contract and installation dates, etc, most of my services could be set up the next week, but one of them would take up to a Month (the broadband I think). Given the Broadband was the whole reason I needed the service, this wasn't ideal. I called up a few times and this date got moved forwards. Following the installation, the service took some time to get activated. The installation engineer even called up himself a few times to see why: changed the router, left to install another job and then returned. The service eventually worked. When I got my first bill email, it was a LOT more than the package price I was expecting to pay. I was advised in-store, the first bill is twice the monthly charge, so that was expected. In my case, my first bill was nearly 4 times the charge and then some. When I called the Customer Service number to query this, it was looked into. The excess charges were because payment had not been taken initially instore apparently, and the rest was incorrect package price details: discount had not been applied. I assured them I had paid instore, to the Manager and had a receipt to that effect. I emailed a picture of the receipt of the payment taken instore along with the agreement I signed: package details and price. The store payment was then credited to my account and the excess charges added as a 'credit'. No chance of a refund. Bearing in mind they have charged me for 3 months in Advance. I was told the excess would be credited to my account and I would not be billed until the credit had expired. Since this was my first bill, I also decided to ask about the 'Refer a Friend' to credit myself and my friend with £50. I was told that the referral should have been made at the time the agreement was taken out instore. This is in direct contradiction to what I was told by the Local Branch Manager at the time I was taking out the contract. On another occasion, I went to the store again and was told again, for referrals, you must still wait for the first bill before calling Customer Services. This has always been the case. Since the credit has expired on my account, I am now being billed again. At no time has the billing amount been as agreed or expected. My bill is expected to be around £30/month. My most recent payment was nearly £60. My next bill is nearly £80. I do not understand why I am being billed so much, with such variation. As such, I have recently written to the Executive Office and by post, to inform them I have cancelled the Direct Debit. I want to make manual payments in future, so that I know how much I am being charged. My question: Can pay the remaining difference for my next bill or do I need to pay the bill in full: I was charged £58 for a £30 bill last month. Can I pay £2 for this month, and then £30 manually every month after, or do I need to pay the £80 stated on my my Bill statement for this month? I don't understand why it is £80... Further information: my Virgin Media Direct Debit was listed as a Variable Amount. I have a phone contract. The payment type and amount for my phone are listed as 'Fixed amount, £xx.xx". Why is Virgin Media a Variable Payment amount? Should it not have been set up as a Fixed charge? I need advice because I do not want this to affect my Credit file.
  12. I and my wife have been with Virgin for over 15 years we rang them 3 weeks ago to explain that we were moving house and unfortunately they do not supply a service in the area we are moving into. .i rang them and spent almost 1 hour on the phone to a lady that had very poor limitations of the English language at the end of the conversation i had to hang up as i was wasting my time ..i was told as i was ending my contract i would have to pay £250 i tried to explain i was not cancelling my contract and i wish to stay with Virgin but was told i have to pay a cancellation fee but as i was a loyal customer they would knock £50 of my final bill.. my final bill is £200 . .i still was not happy.. i rang Virgin Media 2 days later and i was so happy i spoke to a guy called Josh He spoke perfect English on the phone call lasted around 10 minutes.. as i had never missed a payment and have been with them for over 15 years he managed to get my final payment down to £167;24 but he said he would send a note on how to appeal against the charge. .also i would get a box to return the Tevo Box if i did not return the box i would get charged another £150. .Today i got a final bill for £294;73. . my question is how can i get 3 different bills for different amounts . .. what would have happened if i had paid the lowest amount first.... .i.can afford to pay this but why the hell should i BTW the person that bought my old house uses Virgin Media now so Mr Richard Branason hasnt lost a penny
  13. Hi all My Wife was dissmised for alleged gross misconduct for chasing on social media about work all though no mention of her work name or any second names used during conversation ( she thought she was in chat mode with a friend not on live site). Went to C.A.B. got told can't do anything as she had only been at her job nine months. Today she has received her final wage slip after waiting a month they paid the 3 weeks wages and any owed holiday pay then took back the full wages for the month before. What I need to know is can we appellant the sacking and what do I do about the wages they also owe her for 300 pound worth of overtime short paid over Christmas.
  14. I've just checked my latest VM bill as I noticed it was higher than usual, the reason being I've been charged for a movie I haven't ordered! I called VM to question this & they told me the movie was ordered via the V+ box I have in the bedroom on Christmas Eve & then watched 24 hours later. I insisted the movie hadn't been order & the lady in customer services admitted it was unusual as the previous movie I had ordered was 2 year previous, but all the checks she was making showed it had been watched Christmas Day night, which is a bit strange as I'm pretty sure myself, my wife & daughter were all downstairs either on laptops/tablets or watching TV on the TIVO box! The other thing that seems strange is I'm the only one who knows the pin numbers! I've also never ordered any services on the V+ box & very rarely order movies at all. When I mentioned this she said along the lines of maybe you forgot you'd ordered it or your wife or daughter had ordered it, when I stressed it was impossible she said all her systems said I had so I wouldn't be getting a refund, basically insinuating I was lying! As I have no other way of checking the only conclusion I can come to is it's a problem with the hardware/software that's allowing it to happen & will it happen again? Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  15. Hi, I've had a listing removed from eBay - apparently it was reported by Sky Media. There is no real reason as to why the item has been removed just that 'please not (sic) that this item is not allowed on our site.' and 'for more information read the help pages or contact Sky directly.' The item in question was a Now TV Sky Cinema pass - I bought another couple of Now TV boxes before Christmas and didn't need the passes. As far as I'm aware the listing was compliant with eBay rules - item to be posted via Royal Mail, so not a 'digitally delivered item' or 'non-physical goods'. I believe Now TV is a subsidiary company of Sky - but they don't own it directly? The link to contact Sky and for more information is: https://business.sky.com/fighting-fraud/ when you look at this it only mentions Sky Sports, about illegal use of Sky Sports programming and Unauthorised foreign broadcasts - nothing to do with what I was selling. I believe when listings are removed like this it is because the company concerned are a member of eBay VeRO - 'Verified Rights Owner' programme or something. I've read in the past that companies basically abuse this, eBay remove all listings that they report which could be for a multitude of reasons. On the list of VeRO members (UK is toward the bottom of the page) I can't see Sky listed http://vero.ebay.com/ I hate such bullying by large companies - I've spent a while on live chat to eBay but they are adamant that I need to contact Sky and that 'if Sky allow me to sell the item, I can pass the communication onto them'. They won't give me a copy of the report, a specific number to call for eBay listing removals - nothing. It feels very much like a big bully boy company (Sky) dictating an item can't be sold to another large multinational (eBay) who simply bow to them - no mistakes, no appeals etc. What can I do? Has anyone had this issue before? Please help.. Thanks in advance..
  16. Good afternoon, I've had a bit of an issue with Virgin Media which started out with what I assumed would be a simple and relatively easy house move / purchase in October this year (2016). N Both addresses have the same services installed, cable, telephone line - so it was intended to be a simple move out, move in - call to activate blah blah blah. First months bill came through (all the trimmings of the first bill, migration fee etc), however 23rd of October Virgin Media tried to bill me £53.69 on my old account via the old account's Direct Debit. It bounced due to my bank account being empty at the time, ! I called up the service desk and told them that I'd received a letter (to my new address might I point out) stating that the direct debit for £53.69 had bounced and that I was required to pay £53.69 immediatly. About two / three days later my old landlord had posted some bills for my old address that arrived from virgin media through my door. I checked the bill and low-and-behold it was the bill for £53.69. Whilst on the phone to the lovely lady that migrated my services service's, I had asked to be walked through the process of which one step is that they take the remaining balance from the old contract at the old address and add it onto the new contract for the new address - which I thought was ok as it meant I'll be paid up. with the above information I had received and empowered to not let this issue go any further - I rang their customer support desk and ended up being routed through VM's (Virgin Media's) Indian call center. The gentleman I spoke to was great, he looked through the issue and told me that I wasn't required to pay them a penny and that it was simply a mis-understanding or human error which could be rectified there and then. as any bewildered and incredibly happy customer does, I simply waited for him to say "Thank you for waiting Mr. Customer, I've fixed the issue on your account - your E-Billing portal should update within 24-48 hours." to which I replied with glee: "Brilliant, but am I going to receive any future letters regarding this?" to which he tells me not to worry as the issue is all sorted and that the outstanding balance had been rectified and to ignore any future correspondance. It's now the first week of November and I'm still seeing my old (what should be inactive) account on my E-Billing portal which should have been closed off by now, I decide to check it . I begin to fret slightly due to the fact that it's still reporting that I owe £53.69. I'm slightly confused, I call through to their customer service desk and once again I am routed through their indian call center. At this point I'm more upset than I was the first time I called, due to the fact that I was promised verbally that I would not have this balance any longer. I re-explain the issue and the situation, another gentleman glances over the account and comes to the same solution as the first that it was in fact human error and that he would also fix this mysterious balance of £53.69. I wait some more, the agent comes back and tells me that it's now fixed - having less faith than the last time I called I explain the situation and ask for something more promising than a verbal statement of that "it's now fixed, don't worry - you won't receive any more letters or bills" - to which he says that he can't - so I ask for a second time, "am I going to get any more letters", he responds in kind with "No Mr.Customer, you won't receive anymore letters after today" . So I leave it there. 13th of November and I get a bill for the old (not at all in-active) account stating that I owe them £53.69. At this point I'm begining to dispair due to the fact that this will have been the third call I would make to their customer service desk, in some form of attempt to rectify the issue. I end up being routed to VM's indian call center to a third gentleman to whom I end up explaining the situation to, he agress that this is a waste of time and that the previous two agents hadn't actually rectified the issue I'm told he will rectify the issue and that he'll raise a complaint relating to the human error surrounding how my move of services was handled as it appears it wasn't handled correctly. I'm then informed that he had rectified the issue and that I should hear back from the complaint within 10 working days , he then passes on a complaint reference number (which I've lost, along with the first bill that relates to this issue) and that I can ignore any further correspondance until I hear back from the complaint - so I cancel my old direct debit through my online banking portal. I wait 11 days, no written or verbal correspondance in relation to my issue at all but by this time I'd received yet another letter headed "we are sorry to hear you are leaving", reminding me that I still owe them £53.69. I once again check my E-Billing portal to find that the old account is still there and still reporting an outstanding balance of £53.69. I call to check on the status of my complaint and end up being routed to VM's call centre in Ireland. Again the lady I spoke to was fantastic, checking the issue told me that the issue was resolved so the complaint was closed and that there was no need to inform me of such. I mention that the issue has now spanned a total of 2 months, 2 bills, a letter stating that I was leaving, several phone calls and that the E-Billing portal was still reporting that I owe £53.69 . Doing her due dilligence, she decides to check the old (and rather overdue for closing) account - which resulted that she discovered that none of the three previous agents whom I had actually spoken to have done anything about and that's the reason why I "apparently" still owed money, and why my E-Billing portal was still showing that I owe £53.69. she decides to apply a "mis-applied billing correction" adjustment (a credit) to my account of £53.69, which I can see on the E-billing portal so I'm quite happy and she informs me that it will take up to 24 - 48 hours for the online portal to update. I ask if there's anyway that I could have it in writing that I would no longer receive any further correspondance from VM relating to the moneys that has been confirmed several times that I do not owe, and she says the best she can do is put it in an email. of which I'll post below: " H....! As we discussed on the phone tonight the balance on your old account of £53.69 at ADDRESS REMOVED has been cleared off now. I apologise for all this hassle you have had with this however I can no assure you that no letter will come out for this again. Kind regards Shiona Lachlan Virgin Media -------------------------------------------------------------------- Save Paper - Do you really need to print this e-mail? Visit virginmedia.com for more information, and more fun. This email and any attachments are or may be confidential and legally privileged and are sent solely for the attention of the addressee(s). Virgin Media will never ask for account or financial information via email. If you are in receipt of a suspicious email, please report to virginmedia.com/netreport If you have received this email in error, please delete it from your system: its use, disclosure or copying is unauthorised. Statements and opinions expressed in this email may not represent those of Virgin Media. Any representations or commitments in this email are subject to contract. Registered office: Media House, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9UP Registered in England and Wales with number 2591237 " 22nd of December, I arrive home from work to find another letter from virgin media - this time it's a default notice. In a panic I ring up and get hold of a gentleman from the Irish customer service desk. Explained the issue in depth once again (plus the email that I received) and that it was starting to take the preverbial to a new level - of which he agreed, checked the account but had discovered that the previous agent from the Irish call center had actually mis-applied the "mis-applied billing correction" onto the wrong account. She in fact had credited my new account with £53.69 instead of the older account. he explains the situation and tells me that in order to actually "fix" the issue, he has to apply a credit to the old account and then debit the new account to rectify the mistake the previous agent had made - I agreed this was the best course of action and away he goes. However he sends me a screen shot of this correction, showing my account is now zeroed. He also then sends me yet another email stating the work he carried out and that I will not receive any further correspondance relating to this issue. This issue has now spanned a total of three months and I'm still in the same position as I was back in October, due to querying the outstanding balance on the E-Billing section for my old account yesterday only to discover yet another human error related issue - same issue so I'm not going to beat a dead horse any longer. Today I'm awaiting a call from a manager in the Irish call center, due to the fact this has gone on for so long and also the fact my issue has not actually been resolved in any of the last five phone calls I had made to the customer support desk over the last 3 months, including the last attempt on the 22nd of December. I'm at the point of giving up and cancelling my contract with VM not just because their E-Billing portal is an absolute joke, but because I'm currently dispairing at the fact that this has gone on for so long now and that I could be taken to court for their internal mess ups with no apprent sight of resolution. I've also been brushing up on the terms and conditions and will be demanding compensation for the stress this has put me under and the sheer amount of human error involved. If the users of this forum have any advice for me, it would be great if you can share it. You can reach me here, or by email which I think is in my profile. I'll also post updates to my situation after I've had the call with this "manager". Kindest regards,
  17. Hey guys cutting this very short for you. I was out of contract and decided to go to Sky unless i could negotiate a deal with VM. So i rang them up and everything they offered as an existing customer was way higher than Sky so i said i would think about it. I was ready to go with Sky so rang VM to disconnect. Talking with them i managed to wangle an excellent deal!! They matched the top bundle with an exchange vbox for 500gb tivo in other room for £89.73 see link below.I said that i should get a good deal similar to this as i was out of contract and they would lose me as a customer otherwise so I jumped at it and confirmed price and 12 month contract twice. ( i was stung years back. ) I got an email saying my bill was £153 + so today i ring to complain and get told that £153 was the price end of! Then after much explaining and to and fro they mysteriously found what i had told them but the 2nd tivo cost extra plus it was a 9 month contract?!?!?! I complained and they sent it to a manager who said take it or leave it. I then said i want the recording of the initial deal and they said it would take 40 days and it would be hit or miss if they even recorded it. They also said i had 4 days cool down period left which they refused to extend until i got the recording PLUS they kept insisting that i was told it was extra etc etc and that i agreed to a 9 month contract not a 12. So i said OK take the lot out!!! As you will see by the link that the VIP pack which i was given says 12 months contract. http://www.virginmedia.com/shop/bundles/vip.html OK, then i was put through to disconnect and i told my story and hey presto i could have the bundle including the extra tivo box but only for 9 months then it would go up BUT if i ring shortly before the 9 month period i will then be offered a new or extended contract virtually the same as i have at near the same price ...... i was told that they do it all the time? I managed tom record this conversation lol. The deal i got was excellent but i am adamant that i only agreed for 12 months and got verbal confirmation twice! No way would i agree to something that would end up twice as expensive for 3 months!! Is there anything i can do to get them to stick to their deal? Yes i know i can renew etc and even with a recording what happens if they have made a note and then shaft me at 9 months and not allow me to renegotiate the same package for the same price?? Can i get them to enforce the initial verbal agreement (sadly never thought to record that)? I have lost out too because i was getting a free 43" 4K tv with sky but is out of offer now : (
  18. I have mentioned before on the forum of the dangers that debtors face when they visit popular 'social media' sites and apply to join 'closed groups' that claim to offer advice to anyone who has received a letter or a visit from a bailiff. These sites profess to help debtors. Don't be fooled. In the case of this particular thread, the social media site page in question has one aim only and that is to ensure that payment is never made to a bailiff. That is their overriding aim. Debtors joining these 'closed groups' wrongly believe that what they post remains a secret. It does not. Almost all bailiff companies, debt collection agencies, mobile phone providers and banks etc are members of these groups and can recognise the debtor immediately from the documentation frequently exhibited. Yesterday was one of the most serious examples of appalling bad advice from inexperienced members of the public that ultimately led to the debtors vehicle (worth £4,000) being taken by a High Court Enforcement Agent. The poor and inaccurate advice also led to the debt increasing by well over a £1,000.
  19. I am having problems with Virgin Media taking an unauthorised payment from my bank and making me go overdrawn. When I phoned Virgin Media last week, they did not inform me of an outstanding balance for £18.34. Today, I got a letter from my bank informing me that because Virgin Media had attempted to withdraw £18.34 I would be incurring a £10 charge. I did not authorised this payment to be made and I knew nothing about this because I received no notification from Virgin Media. I have sent an email to Virgin's Chief Executive Tom Mockridge complaining of the matter and asking for them to reimburse me the £10 charge I am expecting from my bank. I am on sickness benefits with limited funds. I'm really quite angry with this from Virgin Media, I thought it was against rules to make an unauthorised direct debit transaction.
  20. Hi all, I'm about to enter into an IVA. I have several thousand pounds of debt owed on my Virgin credit card and as a customer of Virgin Media, I am concerned that they may try to recover the debt through that account somehow (e.g increasing the direct debit) Does anybody have any thoughts / experience / advice on this? Thanks in advance.
  21. Not sure where to start with this as it's a bit complicated. I recently changed banks and there was a mix up with my DD so I ended up on the phone to them to sort it out. So I was told I was eligible for an upgrade to 50Mbps, which I didn't need really but it involved getting a new router and my old one was maybe starting to fail (not sure) so I went for it anyway. They told me it would be £25.70 per month, nearly £5 less. They didn't tell me this would tie me to a new 12 month contract or that would be a connection fee. Anyway, I got the fee waived after complaining that my bill had gone up by about £1 instead of going down. They agreed to compensate me by taking £10 of my next bill so I would be paying the same at least and I accepted. Then, after not receiving the £10 credit on the subsequent bill and on the bill after that getting charged £36.something (which included a £5 charge for a failed DD payment that they agreed to waive) I called them again. This time I was less negotiable and demanded that they reduce my bill to £25.70 like I was told in the first place, or else I'll walk and after some bartering they came back and offered me £25.25 per month, and next month is to be about £12! So that's all good IF they stick to what they told me they were going to charge me! I'm not happy about being tied to another 12 months though, and I have 14 days to cancel this. The reason I'm not happy about this is because I may at any time over the next year move to an area where there is no coverage and then I will be liable to disconnection charges. My 1st question is - where do I stand with the 12 month contract thing? Can I dispute this? I've been with them for 5 years, and they also didn't tell me about this when I agreed to upgrade. If I don't sign the paperwork and send it back will I still be tied to the 12 months contract and they disconnect me? I'm not sure what my other questions are because I'm still waiting to see if they stick to their side of the deal this time. There are other providers out there offering better deals to new customers so I'm tempted to cancel this within the 14 days they say I have and sign up elsewhere. But the internet has always been pretty reliable and there's no cap on downloads.
  22. I've signed up to Virgin Media at my new address. I've gone for Broadband only, no phone line, no TV, so no possibility of calls or pay per view. My bills will of course be for services in advance. So, I'm struggling to see how there can be any aspect of "Credit" here. Yet, they've hard searched me. In fact, according to Clearscore, they have performed two hard searches, one at my new address and one at my old address (I'd think this would count as one, yet apparently Equifax/Clearscore count it as two searches). Is this normal? Can I argue the point with VM as there is no credit facility?
  23. Hi everyone I am new and need some advice I had virgin media in my property in 2010 20/11 I defaulted 2011 I think . In the end they collected their box and said that it would be used to clear the balance .. No contact from them since roll on today I get a debt collectors letter from a company called past due credit collections asking me to pay £126 by the 13/6 .. I was not even aware that I owed any money to virgin media . let alone they are passing my information on Like I said I've had no contact or demands . What do I do next ?
  24. I went on the Virgin Media website to see what I could get. I put in my address and postcode - nothing else. I found the information I needed and decided I'd think about it for a while. Within two days a Virgin media person was on my doorstep. I have a very clear no cold calling, no sales people sign. He knocked regardless. I was pretty agitated already by the arrogance and contempt for my no cold calling sign not to mention the principle of sending someone out to chase up the loosest of enquires. I assumed he would get the message as he could see us ignoring him through the living room window. He buggered off and I hoped that would be the end of it. I was mistaken, he called AGAIN tonight just as I sat down for dinner. With this I was LIVID. I opened the door and asked him why he was knocking, to which he said "Did you make an enquiry with us?". I pointed to my sign and said "Can you read" to which he replied "if you've made an enqury it's not a cold call!" What!!??? I asked him what my name was and he obviously stumbled and looked blank. "Have I invited you?" "Then you're a called caller" He made his protests and I got really furious "how dare you read that and disregard it, wilfully choosing to interrupt my evening" Things escalated and I threw several extremely strong insults his way and then told him to get off my property in 5 seconds or I would get physical. At some point I also recall telling him he could shove his fibre optic cable. I am absolutely shocked at the arrogance of this company. To come back AFTER you have read the sign and clearly been ignored. What was he expecting. Now i'm stuck. I don't want to pay BT prices and I don't want a company like Virgin in my life. Gah.
  25. I have just emailed Virgin Media the following: "Dear Mr Mockridge, I am writing to make a formal complaint on behalf of my mother, Mrs C******** *******k. I have taken this matter into my own hands as she is, frankly, no longer able to cope with it due to the distress it has caused her. She has contacted Virgin Media Customer Services to inform them that I have her authority to discuss her account with you. My mother became a Virgin Media customer upon moving into temporary rented accommodation in September 2013. I read the information on Virgin's Home Mover website, which made a future move and transferral of services seem entirely straightforward. In February of this year she bought a house 1.6 miles away from her rented property. On 5th February my mother phoned Virgin Media to inform you of her intended house move, and to arrange transferral of services. Having been a loyal customer thus far, and having intended to remain so, she was shocked and upset to be told that, as Virgin would be unable to provide any services to her new address, she would have to pay a severance fee of £173.00. In other words, she wished to retain the service, but was told that it was not available, and transferral/retention of the service was not an option. Furthermore, she would be financially penalised for this. The lack of availability of this service, however, is down to Virgin Media, not my 71 year-old mother, and this is a forced cancellation, carried out by Virgin Media, not her. Regardless of your T's & C's this is plainly unfair. On the same day, my mother wrote to Virgin Media Customer Services outlining the above complaint, disputing the severance fee, and also pointing out recent correspondence from Virgin stating that, as the price of services would be increasing from 1st February 2014, customers were entitled to cancel "without penalty". (The same correspondence states that "the process to be followed is set out in our terms and conditions at virginmedia.com/legalstuff" - my mother is not a broadband customer, and does not own or use a computer or the internet, however I was unable to find any information on "the process" at this web address). She also asked for your help and advice, and stated that the matter was causing her to feel depressed. (My mother has been treated for severe mental illness since the death of my father, and my divorce, which has caused her to lose all contact with her three grandchildren for several years). On 18th February my mother wrote again to Virgin Media Customer Services regarding her imminent house move, the forced cancellation of services, her distress, to inform you that she had cancelled her direct debit, to enclose a cheque in payment of her most recent bill dated 7th February, to state - again - that the matter was in dispute, and to request - again - "as a matter of courtesy", a response to her letter dated 5th February 2014. On 4th March, my mother moved to her new address, an ex-council house in need of new windows, re-replumbing, re-wiring, and so on. In other words, all she could afford - she subsists on a modest pension and disability allowance. On 17th March, she wrote to Virgin Customer Services for a THIRD time, regarding your bill dated 7th March for £60.92, (billing period 19th March to 18th April, i.e. commencing over a fortnight since she had left the rented property), and referring you to her previous to letters. On 9th April, she phoned Virgin Customer Services. She discovered that correspondence was still being sent to her old address, despite having informed Virgin of her change of address weeks previously, and that the services for which she was both being charged a severance fee AND being billed (despite being unable to make use of them) were still active at the old address. She was also assured that she would receive a written response to her previous three letters. I visited my mother recently. She broke down in tears whilst trying to explain the situation to me. Clearly, she was extremely anxious, distressed and upset, as was I to see her in such a state. I instructed her to forward all further correspondence from Virgin Media to me, for me to deal with, as I didn't wish her to suffer any more upset or anxiety. To date she has still received NO reply to any of her letters. She continues to receive bills for billing periods during which the service was not in use by her, AND for which she has simultaneously been charged a severance fee. She has also received your "We're sorry to hear you've decided to leave us" letter/final bill reminder (dated 30th April), followed less than 14 days later by a default notice - on an account which is in dispute! I am only relieved that, as yet, my mum is unaware of this. She is an old-fashioned lady, and has never received a default notice or indeed any blemish whatsoever on her credit record in her entire life. I respectfully request that Virgin Media waive all outstanding charges (if indeed they can even be accounted for), all subsequent enforcement action against my mum (she did put the account in dispute months ago - as I understand it, enforcement action, including a default notice cannot therefore be taken), and immediately remove all adverse data from her credit file, with all credit reference agencies. I wish to be able to inform my mum - as soon as possible - that the matter is closed, and that she can stop worrying or getting depressed about it. That is my concern and my priority, as she is an elderly, vulnerable, fragile woman. I, however, am not, and shall be referring the matter to CISAS, the Telecommunications Ombudsman, Trading Standards, the Financial Conduct Authority, and my mother's MP, should the matter not be resolved forthwith. I look forward to your prompt response." Within an hour Virgin offered to halve the cancellation fee, bringing the total cost from £223.40 to £145.46 (cancellation fee plus revised final bill). Job done, or push harder?
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