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Found 4 results

  1. I hope we are going to see more issues addressed for the good of the people i.e building really affordable homes for rent or buy, I can think of many other problems, than this repeat of the debating society. Disappointing. What purpose does it serve but to entertain. Still it's been going on for centuries. I think people are fed up of this kind of exchange. It's a case of talk the talk but can you walk the walk.
  2. Honestly, why i dont listen to people about Kwik Fit i dont know. Decided to book an MOT a week + in advance as it was expiring on the 9th September, i see Kwik Fit are available on Sunday at 11am, pay for it and job done. Felt quite good about myself that i sorted it out and didnt run around like a headless chicken last minute. I get a phone call this morning at 10am, 30 minutes before i am suppossed to arrive for my MOT appointment telling me, he wont be able to do my MOT as he has no testers available but he can reschedule me for the next available date which is the 12th, 3 days after my MOT expires. No sorry, no apologies. "oh well its not my problem, im not a manager, i have got the short straw of ringing everyone, ring the online booking people" Great service from the Watford branch of Kwick Fit on bushey mill lane! Thanks ever so much!:-x:-x
  3. Having just moved out of a property I have had nothing but errors and incompetency from Swalec from the start. I moved into a small 2 bedroom flat on 25th January 2013 until 25th July 2013. In July 2013 I informed Swalec that I was moving out of the property and they emailed me a bill which I immediately queried as they were saying I owed £286.56 for electric and £194.52, following my query, Swalec have sent me a rather confusing letter telling me that the Meter Serial Numbers I have sent to them don't match the numbers they have registered to the property, yet on checking they are the same as the numbers stated on my accounts. I know I have not used this amount of fuel and the actual gas bill for the winter January 25th - April 4th was only £17.83 so how can they justify charging me £194.52 for summer months April 5th - July 25th. Please can anyone help ? I feel they are ripping me off ...It doesn't make sense !!
  4. I've look in other forums about this issue, Can't seem to find anything about this issue. Could someone please advise, on this National Grid digging up roads and footpaths? Dropping Large Containers in Roads causing obstruction To traffic and pedestrians. In my area National Grid are replacing all our main gas supply pipes, with new plastic mains. Okay I do understand, that yes the work needs doing, no objection to it at all. Problem we are getting is, National Grid seem to just plonk there Large Metal Containers, In roads around there working areas, meaning close by to working place, Also there big pipes, and rolls of smaller gauge pipes, in roads they cause mayhem? For traffic and pedestrians, disabled with mobility issues hence myself. I've asked about this issue, and the answer I got is? National Grid can override any Highways and Council, To virtually, put and do what they like? Meaning if they want to completely block a road and footpath off they can do it? My Question Is this right? Because National Grid don't seem to want to play ball
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