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Found 4 results

  1. My son has a Mk 4 VW R32 ,( Fast Golf ) and as well as being a long term project in keeping it standard and in tip top condition ,it is also a money pit , but he loves the car . His latest project came about because of a leak from the sun roof ,. The leak caused staining and other damage to the head lining ,so having replaced seals to the sunroof , using the cars VIN number he ordered a new headlining , which was special order from the factory The replacement head lining material is not a match to the rest of the interior trim ,” A” posts “B” posts and sunroof inner panel etc , VWs answer is that there may have been a specification change to the head lining , and could not guarantee that if he ordered the rest of the interior trim it would match the finish of the headlining . Here is the crunch ,due special order , VW will not accept return , even though there is a mismatch with existing interior trim . There was NO indication on the official VW parts list the dealer used to order the headlining to indicate that there was a change in specification or material type ,so at present my son has shelled almost £400 for a useless part . Not fit for purpose ? or any other reason we can persuade VW to accept return. It is a awkward situation as my son has ( up to now ) a good relationship with the dealership , having bought many parts to keep his pride and joy looking its best .
  2. Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows anything about housing benefit and data matching?,my claim has been suspended since the 24th nov 16,for data matching purposes,they didn't inform me of this and I only know because I rang them when they didn't pay the hb,they could only tell me that it was suspended for random data matching and wouldn't be much longer. It has been almost 6 weeks,I sent a message to my rent income officer to let her know but she didn't get back to me and now today she has sent a text saying we owe £738 and she is coming next week to serve a possession notice.I rang her straight back but she had left for the day!. I rang hb again and they said there was nothing they could do and sometimes it can take 2 months and they cant override it or do anything else useful!. Does anyone know if we can make a complaint about this?,I am going to go cap in hand to my Dad and ask him to lend me the money for the rent until its sorted and backdated,but there are many people who will have no way of covering their rent if this happens to them!. Hb said they don't inform you that your claim has been suspended and will only tell you if they need any details from you which I find disgraceful to be honest,people could lose their homes over things like this.It makes you desperately worried and we have no control over it. Any advice would be much appreciated,thankyou.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this (apologies if not, this is my first post) but I'm being driven crazy by my insurance company and a claim that I have for a flood in my kitchen. I made the claim back in the October (on my housedhold insurance) and they accepted the claim within days of me making it (I had a burst pipe in the wall). As part of the repairs to my Kitchen a number of old wall tiles and floor tiles have had to be removed (which has happened). The problem is that the loss adjustors (I think they are called LAS) are saying that they will only replace the broken tiles (not all of them) and only with ones that are a 'close match'. The problem is that the tiles are really old (i think they might be Victorian - they have old designs on them) and it's impossible to match them so they are insisting on putting in tiles that are a different colour. I've tried talking to LAS but they say it's a Tesco decision and Tesco say it is an LAS decision so I spend hours on the phone going from one to the other. I've had a builder look at the damage and he has quoted around £1,500 to replace all the tiles, which I can't afford. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a handfull of tiles, but it's quite a lot and in different places around the kitchen. I'm tempted to post reviews on various review sites but it will only make me feel better (it won't change anything). I'm not sure what else to do at this stage. I can't really afford to go to court but I don't want Tesco to get away with replacing old tiles in my kitchen with ones that look out of place. Has anybody managed to persuade an insurance company that matching tiles need to match (and not look similar) or any advice on what to do next.
  4. I spent a long time online and then instore researching what tumble dryer to buy. I personally like buying from John Lewis as their after care is so good customer service wise. I went in to John Lewis yesterday and asked for advice about tumble dryers and a nice man explained how condensor dryers worked, how they are emptied, and the filter care etc. and in the end I chose one I'd like most online too, it was priced £3 less than my budget so was pushing my limit but I liked the model. It was out of stock however as it is their most popular model according to the man so he printed me out the info on it so I could keep an eye out online and order it from home when it came back in stock which he said would not be long. This morning I wake up and check online and low and behold they have tons in stock (well more than 10 is what it always says!) but the price has leapt up another £53 in one go taking it way over my budget. I google the model and find hundreds of stores selling it cheaper, in fact John Lewis is now by far the dearest place selling it. I print out the Currys website page as they are selling it at the price quoted in John Lewis yesterday and phone John Lewis assuming they will price match as I thought that's what they did. Of course another bonus about John Lewis is for all large appliances they offer a free second year guarantee, and for all TV's they offer five years guarantee. Another reason to buy there. I'm then told they only price match if everything being offered is exactly the same, so they would only offer a price match on this tumble dryer if it came with two years guarantee as it does at John Lewis. As far as I am aware, John Lewis is the only retailer to offer a free second year guarantee on all large appliances, so it's not going to be possible to find exactly the same deal for any large appliance, so does this extra second year guarantee render the price promise worthless really as they have given themselves a free pass to charge what they like for their appliances?
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