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Found 9 results

  1. I received an update to my Morrisons Match and More loyalty card this morning. Simply breathtaking! Essentially, the card that Morrisons introduced roughly a year ago to combat the hemorrhaging of customers to Lidl and Aldi by matching prices and rewarding shortfalls with points, no longer does this. Instead, loyal customers will receive 5 points for every £1 spent and a £5 voucher for every 5000 points earned. This equates to a .5% discount or £5 for every £1000 spent! Put another way I would have had to have spent £30,000 to acquire the £150 worth of vouchers I have 'earned' over the last year, under the old system. I think switching supermarkets might save me more than 0.5%! Is is skeptical to assume that Morrisons have calculated that they have successfully distracted most possible defecting shoppers for long enough to now not worry? Lets hope they're wrong,eh?
  2. Hello, Thank you for all the advice here, good place to find help from good people - so I'm hoping I can bother you for some tips please This past friday (17/07), I bought a used but low mileage vehicle from a seemingly reputable dealership. I work for a UK company but contract for a Swiss company and so spend most of my time in another country. I arranged the finance remotely (I could only get finance with a UK company due to UK employer) and there were only really four vehicles on the market at the time that were of interest to me. Aware that I (oddly) have slightly more protection buying by phone/internet these days and given the dealership's reputation, I was happy to go ahead and buy the car based upon the description, chat with sales regarding condition of vehicle etc and that I would pay deposit / finance etc based upon the car being as per description. Possible mistake, I know, simply due to my working conditions I did not have the time to take on lengthy searches/checks/etc... all basic mechanical and history checks were done of course, the car has been covered by main dealer warranty to date without any issues or advisories etc and the mileage is low and general condition of the car is very good for a car that is 5.75 years old (24k miles). To put it simply, I am still quite happy with the condition of the vehicle... but after my first drive at night, it has come to my attention that some things that were on the advertisement of the vehicle are not actually on the vehicle. One, I'm not really bothered about, the other two are significant to me, including one being a selling point of the vehicle for me over some others that were available on the market at the time. The car is supposed to be equipped with cornering headlights, after tonights driving I am sure they are not and having found this, it prompted me to double check the other options on the car to find a couple of other things missing. The car is a late 2009 Porsche Boxster S and I have discovered that the following items, that were detailed clearly and plainly in the description (which I still have a copy of) are not actually options on the vehicle: - Cornering headlights - Heated steering wheel - Sports Chassis Sports Chassis is the one I am most disappointed by, an medium expensive suspension option and a significant selling point for this specific vehicle... had I known that this was not fitted to the vehicle, I would not have purchased the vehicle & would have looked for one with PASM [electronically adjustable suspension] instead... there were three Boxster S cars I was investigating and this was the only one with Sports Chassis option, the other two being PASM... making this my first choice. For the heated steering wheel, admittedly I am not too bothered about this one and to their defense, this option is specified on the build sheet - however it appears as though the heated wheel has been replaced with the sport design wheel which offers a different type of gear shift paddles post-original build... I knew it came with the sport design wheel, but only after discovering the lack of heated wheel did I find out that this specific wheel does not have the heated option and it will have been installed aftermarket. Cornering headlights I would have liked and it's not simply that they are not functioning... they are not installed on the car. I have not yet confronted the dealership about this discrepancy. I wanted to ask for advice on here first before talking with them. I am, genuinely, happy with the majority of the car... the engine and rest of the car are in pristine condition and it's a hoot to drive. I'm not sure of my ideal outcome from this, I quite like the car so would prefer not to reject it, only the mis-advertisement that would have led me to a different (although who knows, potentially worse despite options) purchase are offputting. It would be nice for them to fix this and fit at least the headlights and sports chassis suspension options. It would just be nice for them to honour what they advertised to be sold. Noted: As especially this sport chassis option was so important to me, why did I not thoroughly check this when I collected the car? I did give it a test drive before finalising the paperwork (even though payment in full had been received by the dealership at that time)... unfortunately I had only driven cars equipped with PASM adaptive suspension prior to this vehicle and so the relatively stiff suspension compared to that, lead me to believe there was nothing missing. Cornering headlights (or lack thereof) only truly became apparent at night. Any tips on where I stand please? What can I do? Or do I just suck it up as a lesson learned and check more vigorously next time? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. Please help advice me. The permit expired on the 3rd , I received a PCN on the 11th. I never got a reminder as it is anew sheme in my area in Haringey, it was said to have been put in for spurs and help us resident prevent pp parking in our roads during match days. I do not remember seeing any clear directives in the consultation process or the 1st permit isued to me about ensuring I renew and telling or giving me guidance that I have to renew and if I don't what the consequences are. I appealed he 1st ticket and it was declined and I then got a notice to owner and the fee had doubled now £130. I do not know what to do, can some one please help and advice me on how to dispute this. This is a free permit for resident that is suddenly going to cost me £130.00 potentially. I have till Thursday the 9th when my 28 days run out for challenging the notice to owner. I am really upset about this. This is just another way of Haringey council ripping off its Residents. I found a judgement on Barnet being found in the wrong by a judge for not sending reminders out to their residents and Barnet had to cancel all PCN and refund charges where people had paid. but I couldn't find the case law and I am not also sure if this will help my challenge. Please advise. Many thanks
  4. Getting married soon and ordered a personalised cake topper. When it came it was not really the same style as the photo example. Specifically, the "Mr" and "Mrs" are not at different levels and the first letter of our surname is not overly large as in the example (see below) The example pictured is as so: The one we got looks like this (click for bigger): [ATTACH=CONFIG]54567[/ATTACH] Emailed the seller the asking if she could make one with the above features, reply was: Thank you for getting in touch, I apologise for the long delay in getting back to you. We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with your order. I have had a look at the photograph you have sent to us, and can see that the way the & has been placed is due to the letters included in your name. Because of the L we are unable to have the exact same design as Mr and Mrs Smith. We are always happy to send a proof before processing an order if this is requested. Unfortunately we are unable to send a replacement free of charge as this item is not faulty or damaged. However we would be happy to include 25% discount on a new order. I replied with: I understand that each design will be different due to the different letters in various surnames and it is unfortunate that ours didn't allow for the usual style to be applied. What really attracted us to your design was that it had multiple levels of words (The "Mr" high up, stylish large "&" followed by a lower level "Mrs". The surname also had a large Capital which balances out/matches the large "&" sign). I'm sure you can understand why we are slightly disappointed with the end result, as it has very few of the advertised example's features. If it is not possible, as you have said, to create a topper with a similar concept to the example using our surname; then can I regretfully request a refund. I don't like to ask, and I am more than happy to cover the original postage costs. She said: Thank you for getting back to me, unfortunately as this item is a personalised item we are unable to offer a refund or exchange. However as a gesture of goodwill I can either refund you 25% of the order or we can offer a 25% discount on a new order with another design. So, It is a personalised item, but it doesn't really match the example. Am I entitled to my money back? or is the 25% off actually more than generous? I'm just interested more than anything, as to whether she's right or not.
  5. Hello This is probably to late to ask but i only just noticed. I bought a Blu-ray DVD player nearly one and half years ago from Amazon. At the time of buying player i read the online item description. It had what i wanted, in this case MP3 compatible plus other formats. I have just gone to play a MP3 file/disc on player it will not play MP3. Product manual shows other audio formats listed but not MP3. I never thought to look at manual or play MP3 on player at the time as it stated in the online description it was MP3 compatible and i had a MP3/CD player Hi-Fi separate anyway. I take it, i have left it to long to do anything about it? Thanks
  6. Hi all. I purchased a coffee machine from Debenhams online for a birthday present. I have now given the gift to the intended person. A few days later I then discovered the description just doesn't match the item as sold. I have the page saved on my mobile as proof of what was being sold at the time. The image shown at the time does match, but what Debenhams have described just doesn't exist, they have completely messed up the description and more than 50% of the features are missing. I feel very deceived and misled. I did send an email to them asking them for a 50% refund however they have said they cant do that and have offered me to send the item back and have a 10% off future purchase. I find this unacceptable, I cant take it back off my friend and 10% off next purchase is disgusting considering it is not my fault. They are trying to wash their hands of it cheaply. What rights do I have as I'm not very happy. Thank you.
  7. Hi, first post for me, so apologies if I mess something up. I went to wickes in Ealing today to have this Messina tap (sorry can't post links) Product code 410705 on wickes.co.uk website price matched with this toolstation tap Product code 50262 on toolstation.com website The lady at the till said she was calling the store manager. A older lady appeared and said that she was the manager. I tell her about the price match, she looks at the toolstation catalogue and starts laughing at me. I ask what's so funny and she says that they don't price match with postal catalogue. She explains in a patronising tone, like talking to a mentally ill person, that toolstation don't have shops and warehouses, so they don't price match. I point out that at the back of the catalogue she can find the addresses of all the stores, including the one a mile away from where she is standing. She looks at the back of the catalogue and drops silent for a minute or so. Then she looks at their tap (in the box in front of her) and the toolstation catalogue. She says that the two are different. I ask to point out the difference and she says that one is wickes and the other is not. LOL on my part and the entire queue in the store. I explain that of course the toolstation tap is not wickes, but is an "equivalent" product as required by their terms and conditions which I am showing to her on their catalogue. Another long look at the catalogue and the boxed tap. She says that the price is different. Another big laugh. I explain that there would be no need for a price match if the price was the same. She then gets on the phone with toolstation. She writes down all the technical info and puts the phone down. She says: "I got you!" and explaines that the wickes tap requires 0.5 bar pressure or above, while the toolstation tap requires 0.5 bar minimum working pressure. By this point my eyes have rolled so many times that I feel them at the back of my head. I explain to her that the two concepts are the same, but she says that because the description is not identical they cannot price match it. I point out that the goods descriptions might be copyrighted and therefore not identical, but they have the same meaning. She says no. At this point I ask to speak to someone above her and she says that she will get the manager. "You said you were the manager" I say, and she says that she is only a cashier and she is not trained on technical stuff. She runs away. 10 minutes later she comes back and says that the manager said no, no way we are price matching that. The price is too different so the taps must be different. As the manager cannot be bothered to come to the front desk (probably having a nap), I call the head office. A woman called Deena hears (but not listens to) my reasons and calls the store. She speaks to the older woman for a couple of minutes and then the phone is passed to me. This Deena says that the taps are completely different in design, material, specification and they don't even look similar, so they will not price match and that is it. I leave the store with my list which would have made them a couple of hundred pounds. I go to toolstation and the chap in there tells me that the tap is the same one they sell in wickes, just in a different box as they are all sourced through travis perkins group (I didn't know this). If they have a price promise, they should honour it, not try to find any excuse to not apply their own terms and conditions. I have always been appalled at the extremely poor attitude of wickes workers compared with all other diy stores, but this is the worst I have seen and for once it affected me as I had to get in heavy traffic to get to toolstation. Dirty uniforms, shabby looks, unwashed hair, patronising and careless attitude, one person at the till and 6 outside smoking (BTW I saw this today) etc. etc. it's all too familiar with wickes. I will take my business elsewhere, but they don't care if they lose 4-5 grand a year (I'm a handyman). What do you think about this price promise? Should it be reported to trading standard or am I being unreasonable and the two taps are really completely different? Thanks for the replies
  8. Just a bit of fun:-D Click on link. You will be guided to input your height and weight and be matched to a competitor. I did mine and I was matched to two male football players and a lady archer:madgrin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19050139
  9. When I recieved my p60 it showed that I had earned £450 more than my basic salary. I dont earn any bonus so I questioned my employer about this. I was told that 2011/2012 was a 53 week year, this still doesn't make any sense to me as I earn much less than £450 per week so how can this be right? I get paid the last friday in the month so sometimes its 4 weeks pay a month and occasionally 5 weeks pay but still only 12 monthly payments in the year. Confused!
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