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Found 4 results

  1. I took my car took to the garage to get the master cylinder replaced on the clutch and when I got phoned to say that may car was ready I was surprised to see the clutch pedal low down like near the floor. And when I went back in to speak to the service manager I got told that Vauxhall only wanted to replace the clutch pipe and elbow..i asked why wasn't the master cylinder not replaced as that's what I got told was wrong with the car..he says Vauxhall wanted to see how that worked first.. so I drove away from the garage as never says anything about if it was safe to drive..so anyways 10 mins when on motorway and when I tried to select a gear when slowing down I couldn't select another gear and having to keep lifting the pedal of the floor with my feet and whilst trying to engage a gear with great difficulty
  2. I stupidly sent £300 to Olsson Capital. this was to trade in Cyber currency. My security on my master card had to be contacted to authorize the £300 payment. I stupidly did not take their advice, and I said yes carry on with the payment. then the next morning when i checked my account with Olsson Capital, I noticed they have taken a further £750, £1000. because I have authorized this one payment of £300, it has given Olsson Capital the opportunity to then take another lump of money. What can I do to get refund ? Am I cover by insurance ? Do I need report it to police.
  3. I have an Openreach engineer booked for tomorrow and BT are adamant their tests show it's an internal problem so I will be charged. The line is dead, no phone and no broadband. At first I was told to go through the checks for faulty equipment - fair enough. Currently there is one of their filters plugged into the test socket on an Openreach installed master socket and the only thing attached to that is a BT hub. Now they're saying if it's the master socket I'll have to pay because it's inside the house and I own it. Is this right, if so I'd rather pay the local ex BT guy £40 than BT £130. Do I own it? Am I responsible for it?
  4. Hi all Got a letter yesterday from Crapbot stating they had traced me to my current address in about 1996 Barclay's gave me a 5k loan they defaulted me in 1998 Cabot started chasing back in 2000 I was younger back then and didn't know my rights I paid them till 2002 then told them to do One in no uncertain terms spin forward 14 years they are trying to state I owe them 5300 I am fully aware this debt is well and truly statute barred is there any point in inviting letter tennis with these morons by sending them a CCA letter which probably no longer exists? Funnily enough I bank with Barclay's have done for the last five years without any problems. I personally think Crapbot must be losing the plot chasing debt this old what do you guys think?
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