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Found 99 results

  1. I would be grateful if anyone can help me with this please. I joined RAC breakdown cover in December. I have not used the service at all and hope to never need it, but it is there just in case. Other than the initial confirmation email and card arriving by post, that was that. Until 3 weeks ago when I started getting several emails from RAC and others in connection with the RAC, ie FeFoo who were doing a survey on behalf of the RAC. I never gave RAC permission to annoy me with emails and certainly never consented to them giving my email address to 3rd parties such as FeFoo. I contacted RAC initially by completing their online complaints for, An autoresponder said they would reply within 5 working days. They did not. I did the same again and again they did not respond, so I called them to register my complaint about my complaint. I received an email from RAC last week in which they apologised for not responding before and they offered me £15 compensation as an apology for the non-response. However, they told me in the same email that when I joined I did not opt out of emails. Firstly, I certainly did as I am one of those people that refused to give shops my email for this exact reason. Secondly, I thought the law had been changed in that you now have to ‘opt in’ and the default is not to be opted in instead of the old way of opting you in unless you remove the opt in selection – as used to be the case with the likes of Adobe Flash player that used to pause enough time to get you to click ‘accept’ then autofill the additional junk software you did not want, that has now been changed to NOT autofill. Can anyone please clarify if I am right on this? RAC should not be opting me in unless I specifically say that I want to be by ME selecting an opt-in box, rather than me having to look for and select selecting an opt-out box. Ironically, they said in the same e-mail that I had now been removed and would receive no more junk, then sent me more junk the very next day! Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Looking for help with claim against Royal Mail in small claims. They admitted to losing my 'signed for' package, but then failed to reply further or compensate me. Four months afterwards, I issued Small Claims writ and they sent me standard letter and standard cheque for compensation two weeks later. They have put through their defence which from reading other threads is the same they always use, ie: 1. No contract was entered into between parties for the delivery of the parcel (they mention Harold Stephen & Co V's RM 1978 as reference). 2. The defendant has immunity to a claim in tort in respect of the transmission or delivery of post. Saying they cannot be sued in contract or tort. I know of one case on here that they lost in the County Court. However County Court proceedings are not recorded as far as I know. What I am looking for is any evidence of similar proceedings, a letter explaining the court's reasoning or similar. If anyone had anything they could redact and post I would be very grateful.
  3. I posted a mobile phone I sold to someone using Royal Mail's {RM} Guaranteed next day delivery before 1pm service. This service also includes insurance for up to £500 for loss or damage to items using this service. The item was posted in the UK from my local Post Office in Cheshire to Northampton so classed by RM as mainland mail. The recipient collected the item from their local RM sorting office and when opened there it was found to have damage by way of a cracked screen. The recipient advised me of the damage in writing within 30 minutes of collecting the item and at my request he posted it back to me in a package in its original packaging then I refunded him the cost of the phone. I then submitted a claim for compensation (£106 to repair the screen) to RM under the terms of the insurance sold to me (up to £500 loss or damage) with the guaranteed next day delivery service. On submitting the claim I fully complied with all of RM's requests for information, proof of posting, photographs of the item both pre and post damage, eBay listing number, Paypal Transactions etc . The first reply from RM was a letter of 24/11/15 saying they were sorry to hear of my problem, but they did not confirm or deny they had damaged it. They went onto say the damage was most likely due to my negligence for not packaging the item correctly and in turn they would not be offering compensation on this basis. They also returned my item with this correspondence. I escalated the matter and asked them to review the case and told them the item had been packaged correctly using reasonable care and that the suggestion I was negligent was unhelpful and insulting. I asserted it had been damaged by RM's employees or possibly by their mechanical sorting equipment and refuted any negligence by me. Once again RM wrote back in a letter of 3/12/15 saying they had looked into the matter but felt the original decision was correct and that no compensation would be offered as I had been negligent by not packaging the item correctly. They advised if I was still not happy with this decision then I could escalate it to their "Escalated customer Resolution team". Once again I wrote to RM and explained to their Escalated Resolution Team that I required them to pay for the damage to item, pointing out I refuted that I was in any way negligent and that I had taken reasonable care in packaging the item prior to posting. I also advised them that I was very insulted/offended by their suggestion that I had been negligent. I advised them that if they did not pay for the damage I may have to consider legal action by way of the Small Claims Court. The Escalated Resolution Team responded on 8/12/15 by saying that they had reviewed the case and that after reading correspondence the original decision was correct. The individual went onto say: "I have reviewed the details of your claim and I am afraid I have concluded that it was handled correctly and the previous response appropriate. If I can clarify, to look into the outcome of your complaint I have carried out a further inspection of the packaging of the damaged item and original packaging. Having completed these investigations, I am satisfied there is no evidence of any damage to the external packaging consistent with the damage caused to the content. Having reached this regrettable conclusion, as your item could not have been damaged during its journey with Royal Mail we are not responsible for the repair or cost of your item". It is interesting to note that there was no proper review carried out by the Escalated Team as the mobile phone and packaging could not have been inspected as it was returned to me by them on 24/11/15. I am also very angry as ultimately if they are stating the damage was not done by them; there is a suggestion that the item was damage already there prior to posting which is implying I submitted a fraudulent claim. I have no reason to disbelieve that when the phone was received by the individual at RM's sorting office it was damaged as RM's tracking system shows when he collected it and the email message from him advising of the damage demonstrate he contacted me within 30 mins of collection, so allowing for time for him to travel home and write to me etc seems fair enough and as aside I have no reason to question his character. I wrote back to RM in a letter before action advising them I was very annoyed by the content of their message and giving them 14 days to pay for the damage or the matter would escalate to Small Claims Court. Once again RM wrote back saying their position was unchanged in respect of their decision. I have raised a claim via MCOL and I have asked for the £106 for repairs to the screen. I refuted I was negligent and cited RM as having acted both disingenuously in the handling of my claim and also my annoyance as the implication that I have acted in some fraudulent manner. RM's legal team have lodged a defence which in my is perhaps simply an attempt to muddy the water and over complicate the issue by arguing various immunities: 1. No contract was entered into between the parties 2. RM has immunity to a claim in tort in respect of such delivery of post 3. RM may only be liable to pay compensation if the conditions of the scheme known as the Royal Mail UK Postal Scheme (UK Post Scheme) are satisfied. 4. The claimant did not comply with RM's packaging guidelines therefore compensation is not available. 5. Even if the RM is liable under the UK Post Scheme, liability is limited under the scheme and the defendant, RM, is not liable for consequential loss. 6. Further argument of no contract existing quoting Harold & Stephen Co Lts V RM {1978} 1 AII ER 939 7. Immunity in tort: Citing Ofcom designation of RM as a "Universal Service Provider" USP* within the meaning of Sect 65(1) of the Postal Services Act 2011 and Ofcom's designation being made under Schedule 9, para 3(1) of the PSA 2011. 8. Citing RM as a Postal Operator under Sect 27(3) of the PSA 2011 and a scheme under Sect 89 of the PSA 2011. 9. As RM is a USP* & a Postal Operator there is no right to a claim of tort as sections 89 & 90 of the PSA 2000 applies. 10. Guaranteed Next Day Delivery is a scheme under the UK Post Scheme notified to Ofcom under Sect 89A of the PSA 2000. 11. Under the arrangements of the UK Post Scheme, in the absence of no arrangements under the UK Post Scheme no compensation is payable even if RM are deemed negligent. 12. They do admit compensation can be made under Sect 91 of the PSA 2000 provided all the terms of the scheme are complied with. [this makes all the waffle above seem rather irrelevant?] 13.They make further references to packaging guidelines and their service users obligations under this aspect of their T&C's. 14. The claimants packet did not meet with the requirements of the packaging guidelines therefore RM is not liable. Sorry if this all seems rather long winded, but i feel if there is advice given to me it should be done with people being made aware of the full facts to date. My simplistic view is that at 12 above there is a right to sue; the other stuff is added by their legal team in my view to dissuade claimants from progressing further. I did package the item in a bubble wrap envelope and then further wrapped the item in a protective foam sleeve. RM's guideline is simply to cover in 1cm of cushioning - something which I have done; so why they are not paying out beggars belief. *In respect of all of the other waffle, is it not fair to argue that the average person walking into a Post office to post such an item using such a premium service simply could not be expected to either research, review and understand the legal complexities of all the aforementioned either online or on hard paper at a PO counter before posting? Would these terms not be an issue under the Unfair Contracts Act? Further the Post Office accepted the item in its packaging. * Is it not the case that RM is also a retailer as I was sold insurance with this premium service? If so, are they not subject to any of the obligations Under the New Consumer Rights Act 2015? [introduced on 1/10/2015]
  4. I have had an ongoing problem with Royal Mail now for over 1 year, which has led me through all of their complaints procedures, then onto POSTR's and finally small claims. I made a small claim application against Royal Mail in April and have just received a copy of their 'defense' through the post. I'll attempt to summarize a VERY long story below. In April of last year I posted a parcel to Belguim via RM's International signed for service and took out extra insurance up to the value of £500.00. The parcel never arrived. The parcel was a toy/replica pistol and even though it was marked as a replica and boxed inside the original packaging the parcel was confiscated at the airport and sent for 'testing' to the N.I police service via RM's depot. When I was eventually informed of this (some months later) I called N.I Police who confirmed that the parcel was never handed over to them (they record all items received from Royal Mail for testing and give them a reference number). I made a claim for compensation but was refused. At first RM argued that the item was a 'weapon' and was on their list of 'prohibited goods'. I successfully argued that this was not the case, and so RM changed its argument and told me that it had a right to refuse any item that they considered might be harmful or dangerous to their customers or employee's. I commented that the item had been sent for testing but had been lost before it could be ascertained whether it was dangerous or harmless, however this point is never acknowledged. POSTr's response basically said that it could not respond to allegations of theft as it did not fall within the scope of the scheme?! I hadn't accused RM of stealing the parcel , just losing it!! It also said that although it accepted the parcel was not a banned item it observed that RM had the right to refuse any item that it felt was a danger to it's staff or the public. They offered me £10 compensation for my trouble. I filled in a small claims application in April and received their defense last week (summary below). 1. The defendant reserves the right to refuse and item that in its opinion may be harmful or dangerous. Liability for such items is not accepted. 2. No contract was entered into between parties for the delivery of the parcel (they mention Harold Stephen & Co V's RM 1978 as reference) 3. The defendant has immunity to a claim in tort in respect of the transmission or delivery of post. 4. The defendant may only be liable to pay compensation to the claimant if the conditions of a scheme known as the overseas letter post scheme are satisfied. 5. The defendant is not liable for consequential loss 6. The claimant has not particularised the sum being claimed ( the small claims application form didn't allow a breakdown of the sum being claimed other than 'court fees'??) Basically I'm not sure whether or not to continue with the claim. It appears from reading this forum and others that RM can do whatever it likes and is immune from the usual laws and responsibilities. Any and all advice welcome.
  5. Hi all For 18 months, Royal Mail has failed to deliver around 70% of my mail. In addition, my bank has written at least 4 times to say Royal Mail staff are returning my mail to sender claiming they cannot access my address and / or I have moved. Both are malicious lies. I have made at least 10 complaints and they simply deny their staff are doing it - but have not asked to see the letters from my bank. I reported it to Action Fraud who say there is nothing they can do - last letter from Action Fraud did not even reach me, like much of my mail. For the past year, the delivery officer has been harassing me on the street in retaliation for making complaints. I reported him to the Met police but don't yet have enough for a prosecution to stick: it's his word against mine so I am filming him every time he harasses me, which as you can imagine is only fuelling his aggression (i am a small female so it's pretty intimidating). The fall out from non del of mail has been considerable, missed hospital appointments, thrown off my medical consultants' lists for non attendance, mortgage problems, bank refusing to send documents to me because of the security risk, etc. I want to take Royal Mail to court but am aware of their indemnity clause. I cannot sue under Goods and Services because I have no contract: the contract is with the sender. None of the senders are prepared to get involved. On what premise could I sue them for interfering with my mail? The police say it is a civil matter even though it is technically a criminal offence as i understand it. I may have screwed up by sending them a letter before action in which i quoted the Goods and Services Act; I now realise I cannot use that premise. I would be immensely grateful for advice: essentially - on what premise can I sue for tampering with my mail?
  6. Hi All, At the start of June I ordered some tools from an online seller (Uni-Thread LTD) which were shipped via Royal Mail with an un-recorded next day service. After about 3 weeks* I called the seller to find out what had happened and after some investigation RM tracking said the parcel had been delivered - no signature or any further details. *The reason for the 3 week delay is I didn't get a confirmation email or invoice from the seller, so assumed there had been some error and it had failed to go through. It's only when looking back through my accounts that I saw the money had actually left my account. I've searched all my neighbours who would normally take in parcels and found nothing. The seller is offering a 25% discount if I order again, which I do *sort of* appreciate but am still unhappy about having to pay for these parts twice. What are my rights in this instance? I should mention this was a purchase for tools that my business made, not a personal purchase.
  7. I have been told that letters sent into the DWP without a clear heading like ESA Mandatory Reconsideration Request will be deemed to be 'white mail' and so will not be looked at by anyone until the writer telephones to find out what is happening about their letter. I ask because my ESA MR request dated and sent on 25th Nov 2017 has only just, yesterday 13th Feb 2018 arrived at the correct department! I did telephone about it on 7th Dec and was told it can take a few weeks before you will hear from them. Over 11 weeks to get there! It will now take 7-10 days for them to make their decision. As we all know that it is only when you tell them that you will be appealing the decision that your ESA (at a lower rate) will be paid. So is this a new ploy by the DWP to delay payment of ESA?
  8. BFPOs included in the MOD enduring families free mail service READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/bfpos-included-in-the-mod-enduring-families-free-mail-service
  9. I brought a PC from a well known high end pc retailer dec 15 and started using it , within a month it had to be returned because they had done the Overclock too severely so I said make it stock speeds . this time they had to replace the cpu and motherboard , Fast forward to last year and the m2 SDD failed and to save time they asked me to remove it and return it to them for testing and it was found to failed so it was replaced . And finally to last week I found that the case was very hot when under load above the cpu airflow looked inside and found all case fans were not turning . After having a argument about who was paying for the postage I had it packed up and sent back to them for repair . Yesterday they said yes they have fixed it so are just doing the burn it ( leave it over night for temp reading etc) . I queries that that was the problem. or no other damage was done due to failure of the fans and they said no just a connecting had come lose due to being close to the fans vibration . I said what about the thermal throttling (This is where the cpu/ Graphics card slows down their clock speed to prevent damage , they said they did not come across ir . subsequently I get a email from them from their quality control saying it had failed Yup you guess it high cpu temp when under load , In the space of 18 months I have had to return this system twice and return a sub part can I do anything about it or do I just have to accept I got the Friday afternoon build. I must point out I usually build my own systems but this time I thought I would ge ta decent company to build it for me this time. I have 18 months left on the warranty on the system and I am concerned about the amount of times its being returned
  10. read the full story : - http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-4665706/Now-finally-banish-charity-junk-mail.html
  11. Hi folks - first post, as I'm somewhat annoyed/concerned that an issue I thought had been dealt with has reared it's ugly head today. Long story short, I used a parcel booking service to pay to ship a cardboard bike box overseas in October '16. This was all fine in terms of goods arriving, until I received an e-mail 11 days later stating my parcel had been measured by the courier as bigger than the stated dimensions and therefore I had underpaid by approx £50 for the volumetric weight. The service I paid for cost £30 so as you can imagine I was less than impressed! I was so convinced it was attempted fraud I reported them to Action Fraud and cancelled my bank card, as the small print of their T&Cs state they will attempt to recover the amount they consider outstanding after a short period. Their justification for the additional charge was nonsense after I disputed the additional cost, and even their own website disagrees with the way they attempted to justify it. I also liaised with the parcel carrier directly, but aside from intervening to try and get the booking service to see sense it just went round in circles. I asked for information that was never supplied, but eventually sent them the pictures of the parcel which I'd taken prior to shipping, with a tape measure in shot, in early December which they wanted to use to generate a refund to them from the courier before they would wipe out the invoice. All went quiet until early Jan when another copy of the invoice arrived by e-mail, which I quickly responded to. At this point I was told the opportunity to appeal with the courier was past and to pay up. I queried whether the photos I'd sent had been passed to the courier but received no response. I chased this again a few weeks later asking if no news was good news and if my previous e-mail had been received - again, no response. I assumed until today they'd either got the courier to refund and hadn't bothered to communicate with me, or they'd just lost interest. My last comms to them was end of Jan '17. Today, by e-mail, I received the following from an e-mail account called Admin Judges which I've anonymised a bit: I found this site by searching for the company name, but the references are quite old. I presume that rather than acting for the company concerned they have simply bought some packaged debt and are chancing their arm at minimal cost to themselves and see what they get back. I've had no letter in the post, but I imagine the costs and threats will escalate over time? I can afford to pay it - that's not the issue - but I begrudge the slimy way they've attempted to get extra money out of me - seems a common tactic for the firm concerned. Sorry for the long post and thank you to those that have read this far - what advice from well informed regulars on how best to deal? Many thanks
  12. Hiya Asking for some advice on behalf of a friend. On Tuesday 23rd May he upgraded (previously with O2, contract expires shortly) and took out a new EE mobile contract which included a new phone (Samsung S8 plus), on Thursday 25th May the phone is delivered. However upon taking receipt of the parcel, signing for it and the courier disappearing he noticed the package had appeared to been re-sealed with sellotape. he proceed to open the package and found the phone box partially ripped, after opening the box the phone was missing however all the accessories included with this new phone still remained. Now he has contacted UK Mail and EE who have said they will investigate but want all the packaging and contents returned. EE have blacklisted the handset on UK Networks, and it has been reported to the police with a crime reference number issued. He has returned all the packaging and contents as requested, photos of the packaging and contents have been taken also. He is concerned that has a new contract with the phone he does not have as it was stolen. EE and UK Mail are unwilling to do anything else until its been thoroughly investigated. He has asked to cancel the contract also under the cooling off period but that has been declined as a theft has occurred. Now where does my friend stand? Is there anything he can do? Regards Matt
  13. Hi-a company has essentially not paid £300 of mine. I recently sent a final demand letter via tracked post and i can see that it was not sign for at the other end, it is actually being sent back to me. They are also not responding to emails although they were responding before. Can someone please tell me how i would go about suing the company. thanks!
  14. READ MORE & DOWNLOAD GUIDE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/intouch-mail-service-for-uk-armed-forces-personnel-service-guide
  15. Improved mail service ensures loved ones can stay in touch READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/improved-mail-service-ensures-loved-ones-can-stay-in-touch
  16. Wondering if anyone else has had problems with non delivery of mail by this outfit. I have landed in trouble because I didn't respond to letters sent me by two financial firms, one based in Birmingham and the other in Manchester. I failed to respond because I never received their letters in the first instance, and my wife is in a similar position with one of these companies. The common denominator is that both firms use UK Mail for all post, and most of the letters were sent in early February. Had to spend 4.5 hrs today trying to sort the mess out, not to mention several phone calls, most of which were via these confounded automated phone systems.
  17. This problem with the Royal Mail has been going on since October last year. I ordered a TV digital receiver from on-line and I received notifications 2 days later that it had been delivered to my address. Got home there was no parcel i contacted the delivery office and they said i should contact Royal mail Customer service. To cut a long story short, all these attempts failed. i was now forced to go through their complaints process which ended up with the Postal Redress Service (POSTRS) claiming i do not have a claim. what bothers me is that the postman changed his story 3 times. Firstly he claimed he posted the parcel to the address, secondly, he gave it to someone at the address and thirdly, he claimed to have posted the parcel through my letter box which i disputed because it was too large to go through the latter box. Despite these evidences of gross negligence on the part of royal mail. they continue to quote an immunity clause Act of 2000, which in effect absorbs them of any responsibility. The sender of this parcel has got all the proof of postage and delivery, so i am left hanging in the balance and out of pocket. I can only describe the royal mails attitude towards this matter as appalling and disgraceful. They just behave as a law onto themselves and believe they are too big an organization to be taken on by an individual. I am beginning to suspect a case of theft by the postman, because when i confronted my regular postman about the item, he said he was actually on holiday that week in question. The Royal Mail used an agency staff who stole my parcel and updated his system to make it appear as if he had actually delivered it. Please any advice on the next step. Thanks
  18. Hi All Would anybody be able to find me the contact details for the CEO of UK Mail? I am beyond anger with these people. Three times in a row I have scheduled a collection of some bits I sold on ebay, they don't turn up, don't apologise, don't give any reason and don't give a rats ... I pay through the roof for it to be next day, and they don't arrive. The people on ebay then have a fit at me, and it reflects in the feedback. If I had enough money I would sue them for damage to my account
  19. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/guides/article-3798933/Don-t-let-debt-ruling-knew-ruin-life-year-900-000-county-court-judgments-handed-s-fight-them.html Please make them stop....can see a lot of people throwing 255.00 quid at these. It's a shame as the old address issue needs to be out there, had the reporter \ editor done some proper research, this could have really got it out there. Maybe needs moving elsewhere.....
  20. Not sure if this is in the right forum but please move if not. Today, and not for the first time, I have received from Royal Mail a grey card for unpaid postage on mail addressed to me. They want £2. As I am sick of coughing up on line for unpaid postage only to find that it is rubbish, this time I intend to go to the sorting office to pick up the mail. My question is: Do I have a right to see the letter first before paying my £2 as I don't want to pay out for any more rubbish? I am expecting mail from the Court, but cannot see how they would not frank their mail so do not want to ignore the card, but neither do I want to continue to pay for rubbish junk.
  21. I apologise if this is all over the show as im still extremely upset and its all still fresh. I basically posted a product which I sold to someone worth £200, I posted this product (to Manchester) yesterday late afternoon and it has come to light this morning that this is a fraudulent act as all emails sent to me from Paypal were indeed fake emails and the buyer is a fake buyer, I came to light of this when I called Paypal this morning with concerns of seller protection after reading lots of fraud stories about sellers/buyers on Paypal. They told me the emails were fake, etc. The transaction for the payment was also fake. Now I assume this parcel wouldn't have gotten too far with it being late afternoon yesterday and it being Sunday today, this has been posted Special Delivery Guranteed, recorded and signed for. I immediately call Royal Mail after getting off the phone to Paypal, and Royal Mail said i needed to get in contact with the police and log it as a fraudulent act, I was directed to action fraud online but phone lines are closed on weekends and the website to get in contact with police if it was fresh and lines were closed, so i did, they took down information from me and have booked me in to see someone at the police station tomorrow morning, since booking this the police station have called me back twice double checking information and taking down the "buyers" home address, where the product is being delivered to. I phoned Royal Mail again to see if they can do ANYTHING, I made them fully aware I am in contact with the police, i have a crime number and im seeing them tomorrow, I told them that i didnt want to come and get the parcel cause i understand they just cant, but to maybe at least hold on to it for 24 hours, they tell me over and over they cant do anything. Police contact me after this phone call to see if i tried anything with Royal Mail, i tell them they cant do anything. Now I understand rules, policies and all that which is why i didnt ask to come and get the parcel or to change delivery, But they are aware there is fraudulent activity is going on so i was a bit annoyed they couldnt keep hold of this for a day or something, Im wondering that if the police can not stop this and the "buyer" has gotten away with this if theres any kind of compensation I can claim on Royal Mail, especially since i made Royal Mail make some kind of note on their system that this is going on, which the lady said she made a note though it wont improve my situation. I did try to post a link from Royal Mails website stating some things around fraud but because of post count it wont allow me to post links but it states: Insure high-value goods If you are sending something valuable, use Special Delivery Guaranteed™, which will give you up to £2,500 compensation. Seller protection schemes will protect you against a fraudulent claim if you get a signature on delivery. (Sorry for the essay) Any help is appreciated, so upset with myself for not detecting or smelling this a mile off.
  22. Got a bit of an annoying issue with Royal Mail. Will try and keep this as brief as possible. I sent a parcel to friends in Germany containing some baby clothing for which I paid just over four pound to go as a small parcel (airmail). The parcel never arrived and six weeks after sending it out it came back to me, in a clear plastic bag from Royal Mail, my parcel was more or less obliterated, the shipping bag I used was totally shredded with the contents falling out. The address was no longer visible as that part of the mailing bag was totally ripped away. Only my return address was still legible, so it was returned to me by what the enclosed apology letter says was Royal Mail’s lost mail centre. The contents although partly visible / fallen out were still undamaged, just a bit blackened from whatever caused the bag to be destroyed. (A machine ?) I managed to clean the contents (clothing ) but had to pay again to re-send them. I decided to make a claim against Royal Mail for the wasted postage costs for the first attempt to send the parcel. I submitted evidence of the destroyed packing and my proof of posting slip. Royal Mail then requested from me proof of value of the contents as otherwise apparently they couldn’t process my claim. I wrote back to them stating that I managed to salvage the contents and I didn’t have any receipts for the clothing as it wasn’t new and even if it had been I would not have kept the receipts. I couldn’t have anticipated that Royal Mail would destroy the parcel and then asking to see receipts for the contents to be honest. I told them I only wanted a refund for the wasted postage costs as they failed to deliver the parcel to Germany, which is what I paid for. They wrote to me today refusing any compensation / refund, because (I quote) “a postage refund is only available in the event of loss. In the event of damage to an item, we will look to compensate for the damaged iten, but still no potage refund is available.” They apologised for the inconvenience and that was it. I am not happy about this and would still like to pursue this as they charged me for a service they failed to carry out. What are my next options if any ?
  23. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/feb/19/royal-mail-raises-stamp-prices
  24. Has anyone else got videos playing all the time with yahoo mail? Every time recently there is a video playing and I can not get rid of it, very annoying, it started recently. Has anyone got any idea how to get rid of them? Thank you Sandy xx
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