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Found 6 results

  1. Why 'o' Why do they persist ???? New comms from them goes like this. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Pre-Legal Assessment We want to understand your circumstances to 'help you' If you do not contact us we will use info on your credit file to understand my financial circumstances. This will determine what action we take. ................................................................................................................................................................................................................... That is yet another letter filed away and forgotten about. Thank you
  2. Hi Caggers, I could really use some advice please. This is a bit long winded but I don't want to leave anything out. I had a capital One CC back in 2001 with a balance of £250 outstanding. My newborn son was in Hospital for a few months and during this time I was obviously spending all my time in the hospital and not working. I tried to claim on the PPI insurance that I had with them and they told me that I wasn't covered so in a rage I told them to stick their card and sue me if they thought they were going to get another penny out of me. they defaulted me and added loads of charges (as they do). A few months later I decided that I had better try to sort it all out and contacted them and agreed monthly repayments. I made 1 payment of the agreed amount (£10) and the next month they took double the amount from my bank so I cancelled it. They were still adding monthly charges of more than I was paying s o I would have never paid it off. so I just stopped talking to them and burned all the paperwork I had. I realise how stupid that was now but I was pretty depressed at the time with a 6 month old baby in hospital in heart failure, no money and those snakes taking my petrol money so I couldn't travel to the hospital. Just to be clear this all happened between June 2001 and March 2002. I haven't spoken or written to them since and the debt has done the rounds through different DCA's until it's ended up with Lowlife with an outstanding balance of £1001.80 After finding this wonderful site I have slowly begun to build up the courage to deal with this. on the 5th December I had a pretty standard threat o gram from Hamptons Legal on behalf of Lowell which I decided to reply to with the bog standard prove it letter. Shockingly (ok it isnt a shock) Lowlife have ignored my prove it letter and sent another threat o gram saying they will be sent to Fredrickson blah blah. should I send another prove it letter or go for the SB letter? I am positive I never had a letter of assignment from lowlife or capital none Isn't that supposed to be hand delivered or sent registered? Also I am pretty sure they have nothing to back up their claim as they offered me 85% discount last year.
  3. I knew getting my paperwork sorted by reading that post by Sarnie was pushing me in the right direction and I still feel empowered. This morning have had a lovely letter from Midas entitled LITIGATION WARNING, and i DIDN'T burst into tears ! I haven't got a scanner so will have to type it in. Dear new-me re LLoyds TSB Bnk PLC Balance £3000+ Litigation Warning We are part of the Moorcroft Group and are aware that you have failed to reach a repayment agreement with Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd concerning the above account. We are now reviewing the account prior to any possible legal action by external solicitors acting on behalf of our clients. To prevent possible further action you must contact Moorcroft Debt Recovery Lts at the following address Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd po box 17 Moorcroft House, 2 Spring Gardens Stockport SK1 4AJ Tel No 0161 475 2830 Fax No 0161 477 3864 Failure to contact MDR by 08/01/10 may result in the issue of legal proceedings without further notice. Quote Ref No Yours sincerely Mr. M Dobson Litigation Manager Well back in June/July I sent of my £10 to get all statements and have never had them, had silly letters saying that i should speak to customer services, I'd made a hardship claim but they weren't interested. I'm still living on pennies ................ So dear Caggers can you guide me through this maze in baby steps cos am totally lost now. I need guidance from an angel .....
  4. Hello, Looking for some advice, issued Lowlife a CCA request on 26/0/12, they failed to comply within the 12+2 days. Sent more correspondance with the S10 DPA telling them to stop processing my details etc. .. got reply back saying that as I have already paid the account they are under no obligation to supply me any CCA and that they are rejecting my S10 DPA as they have authority to search my file as they have 2 accounts in my name. Story is had account with Littlewoods, passed to Lowlife, paid it off in 6 payments, default on credit file owned by Lowlife. Other account is for Nationwide, said that I owed them money, put default on my account, passed the acc to Lowlife. I then queried account and ammount owed Nationwide said oops sorry and Nationwide removed default. I then CCA'd lowlife for the Littlewoods acc, was given wrong info by complaints adviser about length of time to comply with request. Have received letter saying that as I don't owe anything they don't have to do anything. Surely as they have received money from me they must supply within the correct time, as if they don't and cant supply then they obtained money illegally?? Any advice gratefully received
  5. Hi to you all I am new on this site and have been very interested in reading all the advice and information that has been posted on here. I am currently going through a crisis with Lowell DCA. They have bought my debt from Very catalogue. I have been in finacial difficulties and been unable to make any payments to very and no payment plan was ever put in force. My debt has been increasing since Nov 2010, my fault entirely and I have now learnt that burrying my head in the sand has not helped matters. So now I need to act. I started the catalogue in Nov 10 and made purchases to the value of £320, over a period of months I made payments to the value of £360, these were all intermitent payments hence interest, missed payment fees, debt letters and telephone calls incurred fees to the value of £750. I have paid nothing since oct last year. Now the debt has been sold to Lowell DCA to the value of £850. I have most of my statements from Very so have been able to add up all the figures. I am on a low income and am unable to pay these fees. Please can someone advise me on how I stand with regard to reclaiming these fees, even though I havent paid any! A link to a template letter would be a help too. I dont ever remember signing a Credit Agreement either if that makes a difference?? Thank you all you clever peeeps x
  6. Hi. I have had years of hassle with Triton Credit services (via Natwest..) However in Jan this year they offered me a final settlement which I was able to pay (via borrowing from relative) This was all good, except they also got my payment from the CCCS for that month (about 200 pounds). I knew they was going to happen and called BEFORE the payment went in - I was advised it would be fine to reclaim the money after the final payment had gone in........... The CCCS have been chasing the payment for 7 months without any joy. I got so pee'd off I called and screamed at them that unless they pay me now im going to send the baliffs round to ruin their lives (and how would they like that ;);)) - I got hung up on at this point and called back a bit more calm... I was told that if I sent proof and my bank details they would refund me.... Weeks later nothing.. As my final settlement was for 2271 - not 2271 + 200 they owe me money - they have essentially stolen my goddamn money... Anyone got any suggestions of the best pay of proceeding against these absolute ****? I have to say Triton HOUND you on the phone, they keep ringing (forever) - I work night shifts and after having 1 hr sleep they FORCED me to argee to an insane payment that virtually raped my life for 6 months - for the next 3 days I continued to get rung even though I had agreed to the lunacy...
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