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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all. I am hoping for a bit of advice please. I received a very worrying letter from Walker Love today advising that I owe their client £396 (the original creditor was Next Directory...but I believe this is now owned by Lowell). The default took place in 2014 and at the time I was suffering from chronic illness that meant I fell behind with payments. You know the story...it ended in the default. I never denied my debt.. .I emailed and called offering payment several times and was dismissed. ..I was told that their agents would be in touch. Several months lat
  2. Hi, I received a letter today stating that BC Solicitors have started court proceedings on an account that is about 8 years old now. I made a tiny payment in December 2013 when I was being hounded, but my job went part-time and I couldn't afford to pay more. Is there anything I can do to prevent going to court, or do I just have to pay them? I only earn £450 a month, so I have literally no spare money to pay them with! Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone. Two years ago, I ordered a refurbished iPad from Three Mobile, at a cost of £25 a month. After a few months, I lost my job, and I missed two or three payments. I gave the ipad to my mother who attempted to change the account over to her name, and set up a direct debit, but she was told that the account number she gave didn't exist, despite it being the same one from my bank statements. I moved away from home and heard nothing from Three for months, until last December when they'd transferred my £42 debt to a company who's name I can't remember.
  4. Hi can anyone advise my next step please. Had a letter from Bryan carter solicitors saying they were acting for Lowwel financial limited for an outstanding debt I sent Bryan carter a cca last week, I had a reply from them and they sent the cca and postal order back saying I must send the cca and request it direct to Lowell financial? Is this correct do I need to resend this or are they playing games? Thanks mw
  5. Hi, my partner received a letter from Bryan Carter llp today stating he has been instructed to write regarding an outstanding debt. Its being chased by lowell financial ltd, passed on to Fredrickson itl. It is owing to HSBC for an overdraft of £1006.18. We have checked her credit report and nothing related to this is showing as the account should have been defaulted around 2004. There has been no acknowledgement of this debt for at lest 8 years so my guess that is should be statute barred. What is the best course of action with this joker as his le
  6. Hello all, I was pointed this way by a few concerned friends when I showed them a letter I had received yesterday from Hamptons Legal, (on the back it said it was from Lowell) regarding a debt from a catalog (Littlewoods-Shop Direct) totalling £600+ from about a year or so ago. Now at that time I was in Scotland, but due to domestic issues with my partner we split and I moved back down to my family in Hampshire around the start of April this year. In the madness which ensued, and the fact my partner was paying this off (He stopped since and failed to inform me) I thought
  7. Here's the letter, from here obviously... It's for a Kays catalogue debt - we recieved the last of threatening letters before further action so decided it's time to contact them. Just wondering whether it would be s.77 or s.78 that I write....? Dear Sir/Madam Re:− Account/Reference This letter is a formalrequest pursuant to s.77/78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you toprovide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the aboveaccount, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide. I expect you to complyfully and p
  8. I have been having some trouble with a past debt from 3 mobile, I have looked through lots of threads to find out what to do, however most of the advice has gone over my head. The original debt was with 3 mobile 5/6 years ago for a cancelled contract and was sorted with Moorcroft (who I believe are 3's in-house comapny?) This was paid off however some time later I was contacted by red/lowell saying I owed a greater amount of money and they wanted paying. I refused to accept that owed anything, asked them to prove it (which they didn't) and proceeded to ignore the e
  9. Hi all, I have for some months (possibly a few years I haven't kept count) been receiving letters from Lowlife portfolio about my "outstanding"(nice of them to compliment me on it I thought lol) debt of some £771.87 to Capital One which they seem to have purchased. The card only had £200 limit, I think I only used it a couple of times and paid it for 6 months until I got fed up with the ridiculous interest they were charging and decided they had had far more money from me than the original £200 and stopped paying. After a few months Cap one wrote to me saying my account was in default blah b
  10. Hello, Recently I've been trying to obtain a copy of my signed credit agreement from Lowell on behalf of Shop Direct, just a little backstory; I recently became unemployed so no longer can afford to pay off some of accounts with Shop Direct all in one go, so have been going the CCA Route so that I can give myself some more time to pay back the debts. I have 2 other accounts that were opened at the same time and I've been successful in Lowell / Shop Direct not being able to provided me with a Signed CCA so they are now unenforceable and have to accept any re-payments of an amount I cho
  11. Hello all, Brand new here but need some further advice. Basically Red/Lowells have wrote to me ((I know you've heard it all before)) but I thought I'd go it alone in writing to them and taking them on. Basically Lowells wrote to me initially for a Barclaycard Debt dating back to 2003 for £690. I ignored it at first but then another letter came from Red Debt Collection Services demanding the amount. From reading your threads etc I wrote to them RECORDED DELIVERY on the 15th December 2010 with the following: I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any other company or organisation
  12. i am currently recieving letters from them trying to chase a debt they have apparently purchased, but there is no way on hell i can start paying for at least 6 months as i am currently paying off other debts as fastas i can which leaves me with very little cash left to play with, let alone settle other debts, i'm just wondering where i stand with this an if there is any chance they can do anything as i havn't acknowledged the debt or contacted them in any way, any information on this would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hello.... Im a little confused and need a little help. On 03/11/09 I had a default on my account from Vanquis of £407. I have now recently checked it and it has gone!! Obviously this is a good thing.. But I now have a letter from Lowell Portfolio Ltd stating that they have bought the debt from Vanquis and now want the money. Is this why the default has been removed? Are they able to put another default on my account even though one has already been on there for the same debt? Any advice would be great. =o)
  14. Hi All, I am in need of some help ASAP, basically I had a phone contract with o2 2 years ago which I terminated early and was charged for. I refused to pay based on the fact that the reason it was cancelled was due to the fact that they changed my tariff and would not change it back to the original one that I signed up for... anyways 2 years later I began to get letter after letter from the "lovely" people at lowell financial, this was also topped off with many calls to the point where I started to make payments even though told them that I did not have enough money coming in to make the
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