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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm hoping for advice, please: We're going for a mortgage. I've just done an Experian search and discovered a problem, namely a CCJ issued on 03/08/17 at Northampton County Court. They say it was from Lowell whom have a solicitor called Cohen/Cramer. I know absolutely nothing whatsoever of this CCJ. I've tried endlessly all morning to speak to the CCBS but the phone just never gets answered. I assume they're tremendously busy. I would very much appreciate help/advice/guidance please. I have a case number off the £4 Government advice website thing, that tells me absolutely sod all that Experian didn't, but they were free. Idiocy. Number I'm calling is 0300 123 1056. The reason I know it's Lowell is I rang an 01604 number which turned out to be the Court but for Northampton residents only and the helpful guy there looked at his computer and said that was whom it was from, but he knows nothing else and to call the useless, pointless, inane, time wasting, and costly to me, business centre number. The Experian entry says, incidentally, that the CCJ was at my current/correct address...
  2. Hi, Just received letters and county court claimform from Lovell Financial / Bryan Carter / Northampton Court all in one go. All mail was sent to a previous property (which I still own) but unfortunately don't live there anymore. Mail is currently being held by local sorting office. Usually collect mail every 4 - 6 weeks. On last collection there were letters from Frederickson International dated 17 Mar 2014 on behalf of Lowell Financial, one from Bryan Carter dated 27 March 2014, one from Lowell Financial dated 28 March 2014 plus a court summons dated 14 April 2014. they are saying they purchased a debt from HBOS in July 2013 and unless I responded to initial letter they were going to take me to court. I am sure it relates to an old account which incurred a lot of overdraft charges and interest and subsequently spiralled out of control. Not sure of the date they registered as defaulted (Aware of Statute Barred rule). Really need advice on what initially to do with county court summons. I don't want a CCJ against my property, only now starting to get back on my feet. As the summons has gone to an address I don't live at and am formally registered elsewhere, how do I notify the court without letting on my new address. What will happen if its sent back NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS. Will Bryan Carter continue if they know I still own the property? Should I respond to the first letter saying I've only just received it? Help!!!!! Limited time to do anything. Many thanks for any advice.
  3. Hi All , I have just received a statutory demand from Lovell via BW legal stating that they have bought a debt from Lloyd bank . I have always denied owing this amount to Lloyds(£3000) and asked them to take me to court to argue it . this so called debt incurred as they decided to cancel my overdraft . I came to an agreement to reduce the overdraft by £50 per month initially and was managing fine , then they changed the rate of repayment to £100 per month which I could not manage and assigned some ludicrous amounts in overdraft excess fees to my account and debited these even if it meant I would be over the limit but did not hesitate to reject direct debit for mortgage or utilities (I was at the time receiving family and child tax credit.) i have been reading the forum and need some help with the following points . What is caa and who do I send it to ? does anyone know if the Lloyds compliance department is still in Chatham and is it the best address to send the SAR.? finally , I will need general help on how to proceed as I am well out of my depth Many thanks for your understanding Remi
  4. Hi all, just to let you all know that if you stick at it and dont be scared of them and most of all if you know you're right you can beat them I've had a long running battle with Lovells and eventually just invited them to take me to court where I would be happy to answer any outstanding debt related questions, guess what, I got a very nice letter back from the compliant saying that I owed nothing! wonder if it had anything to do with telling them that they hadnt supplied original signed contract over 3yrs ago!!! and that I had no intention of paying anything unless we went through a court of law. If you show these arrogant people that we cannot be bullied then we can win (if this is the correct term), all in all just be strong and come here for moral support,its nice to know your not alone.
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